So here we are, Round 18! It felt a little stop/start all season & we had missed a round with the heat & had all types of hurdles to jump throughout the season, so congrats to all on playing 2022 in a COVID safe manner & ensuring that not only you but all players enjoyed a relatively safe season & long may it continue in such uncertain times.
There is a slight feeling of anti-climax about this weeks features as most of the matches are dead rubbers. The top 4 look locked away & same for the bottom 4 so there's nothing left for the middle sides to be doing other than starting on the beer early Sat afternoon. So again congrats to Mt Lawley on their promotion but all eyes are already on next week for the Finals matchups, where 2nd, 3rd & 4th teams all have legitimate chances of getting that coveted 2nd ticket to the big dance. It will be genuinely hard to split the sides as Gosnells & Cockburn are somewhat home track bullies with both sides only winning 2 away games all season. Basso only won 3 but it's really only 2 as one of their 'away' wins was at home to Basso 2. So neither of the 3 sides are playing great away so it's going to be very difficult to pick a winner so Finals should be very tight games.
We might try to provide an update for Finals but more than likely this may be our last commentary for the year. After R18, everyone really knows where they finished & what happened & those who had their journey turn the wrong way will wish to just check out & call it a season & we respect that. So I would like to thank you all for turning in this season & thank you for all your correspondence & feedback throughout the year. We did work very hard on pulling together the weird & wonderful stats & commentary throughout the season which sometimes went both ways but rest assured it was always meant in good heart & I hope you enjoyed at least some weeks, ......usually whenever you were winning....joking. Well done all 1 White on a fabulously entertaining season, every team had an amazing little story at 1 point throughout the season & did their clubs very proud.
Finally, I would like to thank, maybe both from myself & you the regular readers, one man who makes all this work week after week, who puts in massive hours without looking for reward to ensure us as the WA bowling community have a connection to the wider game & that's Simon Alden. Without pointing out the obvious, Simon creates an open platform for people to have fun, have a laugh, inform the community, pay respects but overall allows people stay in touch with the game they love, whether playing or otherwise. If you see him around, give him a shout out (or beer), as it takes a HUGE amount more work than people think. Well done Simon & thank you.
Best of luck to all players & teams this weekend, enjoy R18, stay safe & enjoy your well deserved break.Thanks for tuning in folks, I hope you enjoyed the season as much as we did.


R Lang, R Halse, T Churcher, G Maesepp
J Carter, A Petchell, P Chappell, J Symons
W Harvey, R Vind, G Collier, H Slowiak
C Edson, M Barrett, G Eades, N Edson
IN: No changes

K Toster, S Denny, M Nievelstein, G Jack
C Parr, D Anderson, B McMurdo, B Bucowski
D Triffitt, L Bryson, B Nelson, R Burns
N Costello, D Turra, N Palmer, H Whitman
IN: No changes

Big game here for both sides as the River Rats need this one to guarantee safety & play 1 White again next season. The Roo's need a big Agg here to jump Cockburn & grab that last Finals spot in 4th. Hard game to call as Rossmoyne haven't been super convincing at home but then the Roo's have only won 3 on the road, so probably best to go with the Home side to edge the Roo's & both live to fight another day in 1 White & call the season on Sat & build for next season.
Rossmoyne 6 - 2


A Einfeld, P Sinden, A Graham, M Bessant
A Jones, L Kelly, T Ingram, C Green
C Bessant, J Bessant, G Herriot, K Scott
M Masel, D Rhodes, J Cottier, D Zampatti
IN: M Erceg, P Callison
OUT: L Kelly, D Zampatti

J Krstic, T Lynch, P Hutchinson, N Kirkup
S Alden, R Ellis, L McKay, M Watson
R Kenyon, M Whitely, J Holman, B Tie
S Davies, L Pike, D Killisch Von Horn, J Carrigan
IN: S Bermingham, E Brannen, D Snelgar
OUT: S Alden, P Hutchinson, L Pike

GAME OF THE ROUND: This game could have been an absolute blockbuster & was heading that way until the Lions fell away over the last 2 months. They do have a big chance of securing a Finals spot & it would be next to impossible for them to miss out. Probably equally impossible for them to make 2nd spot either, so to add to the carnival spirit around Mt Lawley they'll have nothing to play for here for both sides. You might think that with nothing to play for both sides might drop a few key players to the next side to make a difference so it will be interesting to see what 16 lineup. Both sides will probably be pretty proud of how their season went as both had their own challenges but they're about exactly where they wanted to be. This game will still be a high quality game of bowls between the ex-PL side against the new PL kids on the block so it's probably worth watching even if there's not a lot on the line for either side. The beers could be flowing early in this one so & I'm sure Mt Lawley will be rocking for long into the night after their PL promotion.
Mt Lawley 6 - 2


B Dinnison, D Blight, G Foti-Cuzzola, R Sheppard
E O'Sullivan, S Bermingham, S Colegate, C Barnes
N Strachan, N Hall, D Snelgar, K Durward
T Alden, G Stokes, R Maynard, T Little
IN: S Bermingham, D Snelgar, R Maynard
OUT: R D'Souza, V Del Prete, I Robertson

F Carbone, C Hickinbotham, T Close, M Byrne
B Holland, G Lynch, A Hodge, M Rickard
G Nicol, S Harris, G Anderson, P Deas
R Foy, E Gahan, P Gale, D Bradbury
IN: P Gale
OUT: R McKay

The home side have a chance, albeit a small one but they'll need a few guys to drop down from the top side & get the rest to play blinders to get over a quality side like Gosnells. If the Lions win they could very well make playoffs & in playoffs they are probably as good as any 2nd or 3rd 1 Blue side so they'll have a solid chance of survival. The Kookaburra's have nothing to play for but won't mind the practice on nice grass ahead of Finals. They are guaranteed 2nd spot & will play the Mounters next week so they'll be keen to keep their performance ticking over. Hard to see the away side lose this but since they have nothing to play for, Basso could have a real look at this one late on.
Gosnells 6 - 2


J Berecz, M Hinchcliffe, P Geenacker, L Johnson
S O'Neill, B Crawford, A Barker, M Humphrey
L Oldham, H Ward, C Bartle, C Taboni
R Cantrill, D Rogers, T Burrows, P Wernicke
IN: D Rogers, P Wernicke
OUT: S Smith, T Hines

B Kalinowsky, K Bancroft, C Foster, P Hartnett
L Strange, D Pattullo, A Shone, D Wagstaff
Dr G Jackson, W Baker, I Gibson, D Kitson
K Cousens, T Dellar, D Sudden, B O'Neill
IN: L Strange
OUT: T Goodman

Quinns would like max points here & see what happens with Rossmoyne, however, the reality is that they'll be playing next week against a 2nd or 3rd 1 Blue side. You would think with the last 2 months performances playing a 1 blue side won't be a concern for them whatsoever but after their miracle run the wind has just come out of the sails the last few weeks as it would be impossible to keep up their hectic pace. They got themselves out of massive trouble just to get to the playoff's so they should be proud. Warnbro's story is quite close to that of Quinns in that their recovery has been amazing the last few weeks but again they have given themselves a chance to survive with 2.5pts ahead of 9th spot. If Basso loses then the Wizards get to the playoff's which gives them a 2nd chance of survival. Both sides should be safe to play playoff's & both probably have a solid chance of playing 1 White again next season.
Quinns Rocks 7 - 1


J Marevic, I Mateljak, B Vidovich, V Dropulic
W Tepania, D Bandy, L Onley Jnr, A Edwards
M Simunovic, M Musulin, D Gurr, J Kop
M Abonnel, J Ricci, B Blagaich, B Dropulic
IN: D Gurr
OUT: D Ravlich

I Linford, C Jasper, A Anderson, M Sharrett
A Walton, P Crow, D Dunstan, D Greig
R Rogers, B Collins, W Elliott, B Kiely
L Martin, R Bone, W Gray, P Webb
IN: L Martin, I Linford, B Kiely
OUT: C Grisbrook, J Konig, B Stewart

The Roosters need the obvious Agg here to push away from the Roo's or hope the Roo's lose. All they need is the same score or better than the Roo's & the early season roughy for making a splash in Finals get to see out their potential next week to see if they are good enough for the PL. The Roosters have lost 1 game at home & that was probably their first home loss in probably 20 games so it's very hard to see them drop another one to a side who have only won 2 away all seasons & the Cockburn track is trickier than their basso & quinns wins.
Don't discount the Swans even if it's unlikely because if they don't win they play 1 Blue so they'll be fighting for every end. The Swans should make a very good 1 Blue outfit next season & it would be very possible we'll see them back to 1 White in 2024. They just had a handful of close games go against them but overall they were close. Cockburn should win this one & it'll be very interesting to see how they front-up next week against Basso in Finals.
Cockburn 8 - 0