Here we are, Round 18 and for a few teams a vital round whilst for others an opportunity to finish the season on a high note.
The top 4 appears set, although where they finish in the top 4 is still up in the air, and whilst mathematically 5th and 6th are still a chance to play finals the odds would appear slim.
This week we see the battle for top spot and a home final down to 3 teams, whilst another battle takes place at the other end of the ladder to avoid relegation.
I can't remember a season where we goninto the last round with so much uncertainty and with so much still to play for.


B Eagles, R Cunningham, P Bradshaw, G Taylor
D Nicholls, A Elmer, P Morgan, S Mortimer
C Lander, P Flack, G Bayne, G Murray
R Butler, P Knight, B Lucas, M Douglass
INS: M Douglass, P Bradshaw, G Bayne, G Murray
OUTS: L Martin, I Linford, B Kiely, M Burton

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The equation is simple for both these sides if they wish to play finals.
Collect all 8 points and hope that Manning score zero.
Sorrento have certainly been hit hard after Christmas after showing so much in the first half of the season and they no doubt would want to finish on a winning note.
Osborne Park conversely started the season slowly and have tried to build momentum in the second half. Unfortunately for both these sides it appears that they will just come up short and will have to look forward to next season.
Unlikely either side here will get the full 8 points, but I think Osborne Park have shown better form of late and will get the win.
Osborne Park 6-2


R Bresland, S Walker, M Biglin, O Dawson
G Pauling, T Alberti, P Davies, D Angell
D Brown, L Such, T Antonio, J Galipo
J Opie, T Kinnane, B Manton, N Griffin
INS: O Dawson
OUTS: J Wardrop

B Henley, C Vinci, S Vinci, M Holt
S Novak, D Flintoff, T Leahy, C Booth
T Krajancic, C Stokes, T Cocodis, D Golem
D Rankin, D Comrie, L Phillips, S West
INS: No changes

Big game here for both sides at opposite ends of the ladder.
South Perth will be looking for a big win here to have a chance at the top 2 and perhaps top spot. They have certainly been the form side of the second half of the season and will have no doubt they can get the job done.
Kardinya will be giving it all that they have in the hopes of avoiding demotion. Currently sitting 3 points clear of 9th. Win and they are safe, whilst a loss with valuable points and they are then relying on other results.
For me South Perth at home will be too strong, however I think the result will be close with Kardinaya having so much to play for.
South Perth 6-2


J Barry, J Adams, D Adams, W Tan
M Cranswick, C Hoffman, A Gryta, M Robertson
D Marsland, S Swanson, P Fair, R Kershaw
A Southern, T Cranswick, S Anning, M Van Bemmel
INS: D Adams, P Fair
OUTS: T Southern, A Daley

M Sweeney, M Sear, G Crosthwaite, G Yabuka
C Margin, G Devenish, R Aitken, J Clayton
P Walker, M Douthie, G Watson, L Mola
B Gillingham, J McGinlay, S Richards, R Dempsey
INS: R Aitken, G Watson
OUTS: T Yates, R Kuziela

Mosman Park, like Kardinya need to win and win only to get themselves out of 9th spot.
They have been competitive much of the season and will no doubt be a lot better than they were last week back on their home track.
For North Beach, an up and down year where at times they have looked a finals worthy side, and at other times struggling to find form. The mid season shut down of the club certainly didn't help and I am sure they will want to finish their season on a high.
For me Mosman Park with so much to play for will get the win but will it be enough to save relegation, I guess come 5pm Saturday we will know.
Mosman Park 6-2


C Owen, S McBriar, P Daynes, A Ballard
R Hall, G Hodges, R Kennedy, J Hanafee
C Carruthers, S Hide, G Ogg, S Foran
G Smith, G Taylor, J Thorington, L Piper
INS: No changes

W Hyatt, D Downey, A Taylor, M Walker
T Mitchell, B Butler, B Hogg, M Kemp
S Knott, N Jones, M Ellis, J Angel
L Grigg, P Ker, P Bowden, S O'Brien
INS: A Taylor, P Bowden
OUTS: D Trewhella, S Patterson

A huge learning experience from Safety Bay this season and I hope that experience helps them when they return to 1 white next season. I am sure they will be better for it and it won't be long until they return to PL.
Manning appear safe to play finals, although they will want to make sure by scoring the 2 points that they need to be certain. They have certainly played some good bowls the past couple of weeks and I expect here they will get the win and go into finals with confidence.
Manning 7-1


C Adams, R Bolton, W Manning, P Potts
B Nairn, D Opie, N Bolton, D Leeson
E Johannes, N Lewis, S Rushforth, A Garlick
C Harris, S Mawdsley, C Wooldridge, A Foster
INS: No changes

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Game of the day and alot on the line for both these sides. A win for either side will guarantee a top 2 finish and the double chance.
For Cambridge a win here will see them secure top spot and home finals, whilst a loss could potentially see them drop to third.
Doubleview have a similar scenario. An 8 point win will see them take top spot, 6 points will guarantee top 2 finish, while a loss could also see them drop to third.
A huge game with so much on the line, and a toss of the coin for the win. I think Doubleview will be disappointed they let last week get away from them and will come out firing this week to grab the aggregate. Will it be enough to finish top, we will find out come Saturday evening.
Doubleview 6-2

All in all an intriguing set of fixtures and I am sure at the end of the day there will be jubilation and disappointment, however we can all be thankful, that with all that has happened the past 6 months, that we got to finish the season.