Well Welcome to round 18. I apologise for not doing the preview/review last week I had to do a mercy dash to QLD and to be honest it wasn’t a priority. Little challenges sometimes put things in perspective for you. But let’s not diatribe on my personal woes. We have an absolute amazing Round to finish on. There are only 2 things that we know that is not going to change tomorrow at 5pm. Dolphins you are legends and had an awesome season. Finish off strong no Rd 18 blimps, and all the best in White next year you deserve it. And the Boys from the View, against Div 2 playoffs rain, hail or shine in 7th. Everything else is up for grabs which means there is 8 teams out 10 still live. BLOODY AMAZING!!!!!!
Mathematically there are a shitload of possible scenarios so I am going to roll with who I believe will win in the preview.


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D Park, J Morss, W Harris, R Johnson
D Wood, P Hilsz, R Furci, R Dunstan
T Natalotto, R Revell, D Rowlinson, G Rowlinson
P Kelly, K Engelen, B Rowe, M Eckett
INS: D Rowlinson, R Revell
OUTS: P Natalotto, R Hutchinson

This is a game that Swannies must win to play finals. But buyer be wary. A team with nothing to lose plays very, very freely and at home they are going to be hard to beat This will be a good finals preparation for Swan. The View that is and don’t be shocked if my selection is wrong. I am going Swan to win and make finals.
Swan 6-2


M Robinson, L Spinks, P Brewer, I Goldsmith
V Orchard, P Fettes, B Driscoll, D Mayers
W Mitchell, M Perich, K Rouse, C Hamilton
L Sanders, T Dawson, J Engelen, W Hinchcliffe
INS: P Brewer
OUTS: P Leyland

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No questions asked the Dolphins to strong, but Morley still have a lot to play for, but they are 2.5 points behind the Wolves. If they don’t win and beat the top side, they are playing 2nd Div next season. The Mavs have been playing better but all a little to late. If I was the Dolphins, I would not like to lose in the last round it would put a little sour taste for the end of the season. Dolphins cruze to victory
Joondalup 7-1


M Wright, I Robertson, A Simons, A Kondratjuk
G Cash, B Naughton, J Parker, B Davis
A Britton, R Cummings, A Keegan, C Brown
L Fasolo, E Brannen, K Stoner, C Miller
INS: E Brannen, I Robertson
OUTS: L Wood, G Ekholm

W Coffey, J West, J McGrath, G Turner
T McGillvray, P Hunter, K Humfrey, F Faigenbaum
M Sharp, M Lemos, B Morrison, J Matthews
S Shaw, B McGrechan, T Needs, G Robertson
INS: No changes

This is a game where another team needs 8-0 to play finals. Doggies need a full count to leapfrog the teams a head to make finals. Is it possible Yes? Will it happen I don’t think so? The Lions have been good at home most of the year and will push the Doggies. If Basso can win they will jump Mavs and Wolves and make playoffs. For them to do that they will have to play the best game of their season. Will they do that. No, they will try extremely hard but just fall short and the Doggies will like the grass greens out at Basso. Lions’ relegation and no finals for the Doggies
Yokine 6-2


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W Wyatt, B Ledingham, J Ferguson, S Wright
J Borkowski, R Loran, C Boyle, I Sparrowhawk
G Hinge, G Smith, A Henneker, B McNamara
L Hill, M Golding, D Herbert, A Dixon
INS: No changes

Game of the round and what a bloody beauty to finish the season on 3 v 4 and away teams have played well at the home of the Saints. Both teams have big game players and are going to shine. They will be exciting match up all across the park, but someone has to contain Pasalich. That rink has been playing well and is going to be hard to beat. I am going to go the home side in a close one. But I am quietly confident that the winner of this game will play finals. Both of these sides have much better percentages so Both Blues and Doggies have to get extra points to get the prize. The only scenario that one of these sides don’t play finals is a 5-3 win or 4-4 which I don’t think will have or the Blues totally slaughter the wolves 8-0 and thrash them by 70 points.
Osborne Park 6-2


P Augustson, R Hunter, B Abrahamson, D Anderson
L Mitten, J Post, R Munday, T Bannon
J Bartorillo, E Retallack, G Booker, S Stevenson
A Howe, G Watson, M McConnell, G Gregson
INS: No changes

M Marovic, Z Bahtic, J Astone, D Pekovich
I Katich, N Friedman, N Yaksich, J Farcic
M Vitale, Brett Vuleta, Brian Vuleta, B Vujcich
J Martinovich, M Martinovich, S Nanos, J Del Borrello
INS: Z Bahtic
OUTS: N Babich

The wolves won’t be scared of the synthetic at the Beach house. But the Blues have been in pretty good form and their home record speaks for itself. Blues will win but wolves still need points. Blues need all 8 points to secure a finals berth, and this is a real possibility. They will give themselves all opportunity and they will go for the throat of the Wolves. The other sides will be wanting Wolves to take points as well
North Beach 7-1