I think we're back to tipping the Home track bullies for this Round where we've picked all 5 Home sides to win this weekend. Stranger things have happened & there has been some right upsets recently but it is pretty hard to make a case for most away sides but the pressure is building & some sides are getting nervous, so who knows.
The top 4 is really between 5 sides now & nobody can touch the top 2 in reality. There’s a fair battle for that 4th spot & I think this week we’ll see movement in that section as both Roos & Roosters have tough games. The bottom section has blown open recently with Quinns & Wizards throwing the cat amongst the pigeons & now Swans & the River Rats are in panic stations when only a few weeks back they were assured of safety. Lots to play for across all 5 games this Round.
There’s a lot of chat that this Round could be the last one we play & I tend to agree in principle on availability & safety concerns. We really hope people do the right thing this weekend & don’t play if they were a nominated close contact or have any symptoms & all home sides should ensure that everyone scans in properly at the door to ensure full traceability & not use the loop hole of not registering because they are not entering inside the club. Yes it’s a massive round for most sides but it’s not worth not doing the right thing by others so folks let’s not do or support irresponsible behaviour that could have huge consequences to others. Stay safe everyone.


J Krstic, T Lynch, P Hutchinson, N Kirkup
S Alden, R Ellis, L McKay, M Watson
R Kenyon, M Whitely, J Holman, B Tie
S Davies, L Pike, D Killisch Von Horn, J Carrigan
OUT: No change

A Anderson, C Jasper, B Stewart, M Sharrett
A Walton, P Crow, P Webb, D Greig
R Rogers, B Collins, W Elliott, B Kiely
R Bone, D Dunstan, B Saul, J Konig
IN: C Jasper, A Walton
OUT: L Martin, I Linford

Massive game for the home side as they haven't won a game in 4 Rounds & need to go 3-0 just to maintain a Finals spot. Great chance this around against a side really struggling for form but let’s not forget the Swans did beat the Lions in the corresponding fixture earlier in the season. Unfortunately since then the Swans have fought hard but just found 1 or 2 blow out rinks hard to cover & now losing this Round could easily have them in a tough demotion spot which would be a shame considering how well they were travelling in the first half of the season.
Basso would love that 2nd spot but they’d need maximum points here to make a run for that but also conscious that if both Roos & Roosters win & they don’t then Finals might drift away into the distance after they were looking a shoe-in only a few weeks back. This should be a standard win for the home side unless the Swans can rattle them early.
Bassendean 1 7 - 1


J Berecz, M Hinchcliffe, P Geenacker, L Johnson
S O'Neill, B Crawford, A Barker, M Humphrey
L Oldham, H Ward, C Bartle, C Taboni
S Smith, R Cantrill, T Burrows, S Cavanagh
OUT: No changes

B Dinnison, D Blight, G Foti-Cuzzola, R Sheppard
E O'Sullivan, T Alden, S Bermingham, C Barnes
N Strachan, N Hall, R D'Souza, K Durward
M Cook, G Stokes, R Maynard, D Snelgar
IN: No change

The home side are literally on fire & have a massive chance here to get a rare 8pts & catapult themselves well beyond the reach of dreaded playoffs. They’ve had some harder games this year but this will surely be their hardest easiest game of the season as they haven’t been favourites for many games this season so they need to jump on the chance here.
Basso are close to 1 Blue & they might have 1 last big game left in them before they leave but it’s hard to see it being this one up on Quinns tricky surface but it’ll suit them better than Warnbro or Cockburn so they’ll have a chance.
If Quinns win this & the season gets called early they’ll surely be a super spreader moment back at the club with the porter flowing freely & they have a chance of pulling off the miracle of miracles so we’ll be eagerly checking in on this score.
Quinns Rocks 7 - 1


J Marevic, I Mateljak, B Vidovich, D Ravlich
W Tepania, D Bandy, L Onley Jnr, J Kop
M Simunovic, M Musulin, D Gurr, G Reale
M Abonnel, J Ricci, B Blagaich, B Dropulic
IN: No changes

F Carbone, C Hickinbotham, T Close, A Hodge
B Holland, G Lynch, M Rickard, R McKay
G Nicol, S Harris, N Tulett, P Deas
R Foy, E Gahan, P Gale, D Bradbury
IN: M Rickard
OUT: M Byrne

GAME OF THE ROUND: Huge game for both sides here, especially if this is the last game of the season. The Roosters need a win here to even get into Finals & Gosnells only need to get 1pt more than Mt Lawley to head straight into PL is they call it after this week...hugely exciting game & certainly expected to live up to Game of the Round status.
The Roosters have been superb at home, topping the 100 shot ton 3 times already this season & only lost that close encounter to the Mounters or they would be unbeaten at home. Both sides are somewhat home track bullies so it'll be difficult for the Kookaburra's to pull off a miracle result here since they've only won 2 away games all season but if there's any game to do it, its this Round with so much on the line. Gosnells are 3 on the trot & have only lost 1 of the last 7 which shows a superb purple patch so they are playing great bowls at the moment.
The Roosters dropped a easier game last week after just getting back into the winners circle recently so they'll need to also go 3-0 from here just to make Finals & hope someone else slips up.
Tough game for Gosnells but if they win this they could go straight up if next week doesn’t go ahead & even if they season finishing to R18 & they win this I still think they’ll take top spot as their last couple of games are easier than the top side. Great game for any spectator in the area, get down to this one.
Cockburn 6 - 2


R Lang, R Halse, T Churcher, G Maesepp
J Carter, A Petchell, P Chappell, J Symons
W Harvey, R Vind, G Collier, H Slowiak
C Edson, M Barrett, G Eades, N Edson
IN: No changes

B Kalinowsky, K Bancroft, C Foster, P Hartnett
L Strange, D Pattullo, A Shone, D Wagstaff
Dr G Jackson, W Baker, I Gibson, D Kitson
K Cousens, T Dellar, D Sudden, B O'Neill
IN: B O'Neill
OUT: S Christie

It’s the usual bottom half of the ladder clash where there’s nothing but everything to play for. The River Rats absolutely need this win or Quinns will be gone & can’t really be caught leaving the River Rats in the playoffs after coming down from PL last year.
If the Wizards win here & win big they’ll join Rossmoyne on points & give themselves a chance of survival which weeks ago looked impossible. Yes their away form is questionable but neither sides are putting many teams to the sword so I think this one maybe a close affair if Warnbro can bring their current form.
The home side should be too strong but even 1-2pts would be welcomed by the Wizards as they would be aware that Sorrento might not get many in their game. A big win for the home side is essential as that tussle with Quinns for safety will go right down to the last game, whenever that is.
Rossmoyne 6 - 2


A Einfeld, P Sinden, A Graham, M Bessant
A Jones, L Kelly, T Ingram, C Green
C Bessant, J Bessant, G Herriot, K Scott
D Rhodes, M Erceg, J Cottier, P Callison
IN: M Erceg
OUT: M Masel

C Bucholz, L Bryson, B Nelson, R Burns
N Costello, D Turra, N Palmer, H Whitman
C Parr, D Anderson, S Denny, B Bucowski
K Toster, B McMurdo, M Nievelstein, G Jack
IN: B Bucowski, M Nievelstein
OUT: J Tailor, B Jefferies

The Mounters have a chance at home to put some distance on 2nd spot & they’ll need to take it as they don’t want to leave that door ajar while trying to tackle Basso on the last day chasing a big win.
The Roos would love a win here & are travelling extremely well & one of the hottest teams in the comp. Yes their away form isn’t fantastic but they’ve got some good results away so they're not without a chance. With the Roosters a strong chance of jumping them on the table if they lose they’ll be keen in getting at least 2pts to keep them within 1-2pts of Cockburn. If the Roos maintain their existing form they’ll be very close here but they’ll need that 1 breakaway rink & that’s hard to see against a well balanced home side.
Mt Lawley are a tough side to beat at home & have put many sides to the sword at home so they should be in a strong position to put this one away before the nerves kick in later on. The reality for the Mounters is Gosnells are very unlikely to jump them in the table this round but they’ll still need to have that 1 full game ahead so their last game in R18 isn’t a deal breaker. If the season gets called without playing R17 & R18 the Mounters are sure to go up but they’ll need to beat the Roos here & probably should be 15-20shots.
Mt Lawley 7 - 1