Wow between all the stops & starts if feels like we're really struggled to get momentum for the season but here we are right at the pointy end already. Only 4 games left & the reality is not a lot will change in the last 2 games so the next 2 Rounds are massive for all sides.
This Round is probably one of the toughest Rounds to call at such a pinnacle time of the year. Expect upsets this Round as we really struggled to call most games but the structure of the ladder is such that all results, good or bad, will have a profound effect on final placing.
Just a side note on COVID. Please stay safe folks. Realistically this is WAs last weekend of ‘freedom’ at least until season ending. A lot of things will change, teams will change, selections will change, some teams will get lucky & others unlucky. I have run a COVID predictor on what happens after this round & with changes you have to think home sides will gain the advantage but who knows if we get another North Beach, which is very likely.


B Dinnison, D Blight, G Foti-Cuzzola, R Sheppard
E O'Sullivan, S Bermingham, D Snelgar, C Barnes
N Strachan, N Hall, R D'Souza, K Durward
M Cook, T Alden, R Maynard, G Stokes
IN: D Snelgar, G Stokes
OUT: J Holman, P Hutchinson

R Lang, R Halse, T Churcher, G Maesepp
J Carter, A Petchell, J Symons, P Chappell
W Harvey, R Vind, G Collier, H Slowiak
C Edson, M Barrett, G Eades, N Edson
IN: J Symons
OUT: P Chappell

Massive game for both sides. If the River Rats win they are almost assured they'll not go straight down to 1 Blue South & with 7pts they'll probably get themselves back to safety, such is the tight margins. If Basso win they'll pull the River Rats back towards them & it'll be a right dog fight until R18 to see who goes down.
Initially I must say after the Mt Lawley win, I was going with the Lions at home but unsure if they can back up that performance, although they went back to back R7 & R8 so I wouldn't be surprised whatsoever to see them grabbing the spoils here if they play like R13 again. I must say I'm struggling to find justifications for the River Rats away as they only won once away all season against the Swans but alot of the other games were reasonable close. What I do like is that they ran Basso top side close last time & there was only 10 shots between the sides in the end, so similar performance will get them over the line here. If they come thinking this will be easy like others recently they'll surely get rolled. Rossmoyne probably need this a little more than Basso but can't see more than 14 shots in the result.
Rossmoyne 6 - 2


K Toster, B Bucowski, G Jack, B Jefferies
N Costello, D Turra, N Palmer, H Whitman
C Parr, M Nievelstein, S Denny, B McMurdo
C Bucholz, L Bryson, B Nelson, R Burns
OUT: No changes

J Krstic, T Lynch, P Hutchinson, N Kirkup
S Alden, R Ellis, L McKay, M Watson
R Kenyon, M Whitely, J Holman, B Tie
S Davies, L Pike, D Killisch Von Horn, J Carrigan
IN: D Snelgar, G Stokes
OUT: J Holman, P Hutchinson

The Roo's have only lost 1 from the last 6, which is terribly impressive & has them right back up the ladder. After the mighty Quinns they are the next hottest team in 1 White so it's very hard to discount that form.
Basso have reasonable pressure building on them because if they lose this they go 0-3 at literally thee most important time of the year. Not picking up points over the last few Rounds has dealt their PL ambitions a massive blow & heading to Wanneroo this Round won’t make this journey any easy. If they are good enough they’ll edge the Roos in a game that certainly won’t be a blow out but they’ll need to find some form across all 4 rinks. The Roos are probably favourites for this game as they have everything going their way & it’s really that Quinns game that’s tending to swing the decision to the away side but another very tight game ahead.


F Carbone, C Hickinbotham, T Close, A Hodge
B Holland, G Lynch, P Deas, R McKay
G Nicol, S Harris, N Tulett, M Byrne
R Foy, E Gahan, P Gale, D Bradbury
IN: No changes

C Bessant, P Sinden, J Bessant, K Scott
A Einfeld, D Rhodes, A Graham, M Bessant
A Jones, L Kelly, G Herriot, C Green
M Masel, J Cottier, T Ingram, P Callison
IN: A Graham
OUT: J Fielding

GAME OF THE ROUND: what a block buster we have here & last weeks result at Basso only builds & adds pressure for both sides. We have the Kookaburra’s stealthily creeping towards the top but after last week the secret is out, they’re here to win. However, there’s a big difference on casually peaking into the top 1 or 2 and actually staying there. And that’s what’s the Mounters have done & let’s be honest, done from the start of the season. They burst out & went like the clappers, yes they have fallen into a little hole recently but it’s irrelevant really as they are still picking up points & others generally aren’t catching them.
What makes Gosnells different is they have collected a fair amount more points than Mt Lawley recently so they’ll be fancying themselves this Round, especially at home. Gosnells are a different team at home but they’ll need a massive performance here to get over the line. Mounters have to do what no other side has done all season & beat the Kookaburra’s at home. They did it against Basso, Cockburn & most others & you’d think they’ll continue their fantastic away form. If Gosnells win this, it’s firecracker time for 1 White, this thing is butterflied open like a cray at Christmas. Could this be more exciting, game on?!!
Mt Lawley 6 - 2


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J Berecz, M Hinchcliffe, P Geenacker, L Johnson
S O'Neill, B Crawford, A Barker, M Humphrey
L Oldham, H Ward, C Bartle, C Taboni
S Smith, R Cantrill, T Burrows, S Cavanagh
IN: No changes

A few weeks ago we had the Swans winning this one quite easily & I'm unsure if it's their 2 from the last 6 that's putting us off or the fact that they are playing a team that need the firies to hose them down after each game at the moment?! Either way we have shifted predictions & we are now totally all on board the Q.Rocks Train. The Swans could build a wall around Sorrento on Saturday & the way Quinns are playing at the moment they would just walk through it like a Footy Banner.
I was going to go into the stats on why Quinns or Swans might win but with Quinns momentum at the moment all bets are off. Sorry Swans but this one looks like Quinns even though the Swans are playing solid at home.
Quinns Rocks 6 - 2


B Kalinowsky, K Bancroft, C Foster, P Hartnett
L Strange, D Pattullo, A Shone, D Wagstaff
Dr G Jackson, W Baker, I Gibson, D Kitson
K Cousens, T Dellar, S Christie, D Sudden
IN: D Kitson, S Christie
OUT: B O'Neill, A DeBrouwer

J Marevic, I Mateljak, B Vidovich, D Ravlich
W Tepania, D Bandy, L Onley Jnr, J Kop
M Simunovic, M Musulin, D Gurr, G Reale
M Abonnel, J Ricci, B Blagaich, B Dropulic
IN: L Onley jnr
OUT: B McMillan

The Wizards have come back to earth a little after their massive home win in R13 & weren't beaten badly in R14 against the top side so they might fancy their chances here against another good side but they are playing at home. Warnbro have won 4 Home games this season & lost 3 so it's not without reason that they can pull this one off.
The Roosters are running 2 in a row after a horror run before the heat round & need this win big time if they have ambitions for Finals. Due to the bad mid-season run, where their sprinklers were more predictable than their performances, they probably need to go 4 on the trot from here & they have the easier run to do that. The reality is they'll not expect themselves to chase Finals or maybe more, if they can't put away a 1 Blue side.
Cockburn 7 - 1