A very wise decision by Bowls WA to completely abandon Pennants for last Saturday, on an extremely hot day, well done.
No doubt that a lot of bowlers would have preferred there Saturday afternoon of bowls, but sanity prevailed.
This week sees only one stand out game, that between, Kardinya1 and the Manning Eagles to be played at the Kattery. All of the other games except the clash at Hilton between the Hawks and the Ravens look cut and dried to me.
In this ever increasing ago of Covid, look after yourselves, first and foremost.


I Barrie, W Bezant, W Lee, M Monteiro
G Fewings, N Ball, A McCullagh, H Vriezen
D Wood, R McNamara, G Knight, J Edgar
C Vinci, R Knapp, K Stower, J Terrell
INS: W Lee, C Vinci
OUTS: D Flintoff, P Smith

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This game sees the Kats with a great opportunity to catch up some points on the ladder leaders, there opposition, the eagles.
The Kats appear to be nearly at full strength, with this game to be played on their tricky home synthetic. The Eagles meanwhile are missing Hughes, Piggott and Pryce , three important players of some note. I believe the synthetic surface at the Kattery will prove too difficult for the normally sharp talons of the Eagles. Great players on both sides, but the Kats at home for me.
Kardinya1 7-1


J Newton, G Burgess, P Hickey, S Dobie
G Ford, J Bowden, A Andersson, T Higham
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
P Dobie, B Eather, W Blake, R Bellis
INS: No changes

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The Lions will be also able to advance there cause when they take on the depleted Mariners on a synthetic green which is very exposed to the wind. The home side play this green extremely well and dare I say it again, they have the same personnel basically from the start of the year to the finish. I can’t see the Mariners taking a point off the Lions, but they are fighters for sure. They are fifth and sixth on the ladder at the moment, but come Saturday evening they will be at least one aggregate apart.
Leeming 8-0


C Standley, B Smith, R MacKay, G Saint
Daniel Newton, T Simpson, M Glynn, S Ivory
R Butler, G Dodd, S Farrell, R Fortini
T Maxwell, Dave Newton, J Jobey, P Harber
INS: R Mackay, Daniel Newton
OUTS: J Mitchell, S Cargill

J Stean, D Innes, J Walker, P De Meuse
P Pohe, R Carruthers, P Riggio, A Williams
E Gollan, C Penaluna, D Cooper, J Mitchell
M Separovich, G Vaughan, J Thorn, D Jones
INS: No changes

This game between the ninth placed Hawks and the seventh placed Ravens just may be the closest game of the day, even an upset methinks. Young Dan Newton playing again is a big bonus for the Hawks, while the Ravens look pretty settled. In fact the Hawks sixteen, has been fairly constant lately. Will it help?
I just think it might, but no doubt the Vaughan, Separovich combination will have something to say about that.
Hilton 6-2


G Trevaskis, C Smeeton, I Quayle, V Hughes
I Cornthwaite, R Cooper, P Townsend, M Clancy
D Wooltorton, M Potente, B Farrant, M Thomas
B Brandsma, R Pringle, T Price, R Chalmers
INS: C Smeeton, T Price
OUTS: A Bartlett, C Archer

R Campbell, G Sterpini, R Middleton, P Hiatt
David Byrne, M Hatch, W Ford, J Hall
Daniel Byrne, G Morey, J Hamilton, D Lindsay
A Byrne, K Jefferis, D Malkin, J West
INS: W Ford, D Malkin
OUTS: M Hughes, J Andrew

An easy aggregate win in store for the Cougars, when they host the bottom of the table boys from the leafy western suburbs. It is a long way up the windy hill for the visitors, but it will be even longer on the journey home. I see Bartlett is missing this week, but he has a handy replacement in Greg Trevaskis.
The Cougars will be far too strong at home.
Kalamunda 8-0


J Carter, B Roelefs, T Percival, J Percival
M Petrich, R Havercroft, K Pride, L Moretti
M McRae, P Holmes, G Reagan, C Alberti
S Kelly, F Anderson, B Heldt, G Bovell
INS: B Roelefs
OUTS: V Santostefano

R Jones, K McNamara, D Adams, P Smith
S Vassallo, G Sweetman, L Phillips, J Hampson
R Hunter, S Back, B Regan, S Garner
D Regan, P Larard, M Ayres, T Regan
INS: D Adams, L Phillips, P Smith
OUTS: S Maule, J Anderson, J Carlino

The Millers may well be on top of the ladder come Saturday evening after they have had an easy win at home.
The Kats2 side, just don’t have the playing personnel to choose from unfortunately as they are really the third picked side at Kardinya.
Carter, McCrae, Petrich and Kelly skip sides that are pretty strong, although Santostefano is out I notice. Robbie Hunter and Steve Back may take a point home with them I think.
South Perth 7-1