Rd 13 Well, another scorcher Thursday and milder day on Saturday Thank Heavens. I take my hat off to all the players this year as it’s been FCUK--g (-French Connection) Hot. Speaking of Hot we have a Hot, Hot, Hot round ahead. Game of the round in 4 v 2. Swan v Saints in a must win for both sides and G.O.T.RD 2.0 in 6 v 1 Magpies v Dolphins if the Magpies lose they will find it hard to make finals unless they go on a HOT Streak (no pun intended). For the other sides we have 8 v 10 in a must win for both sides Lions v Mavericks. Mavs to get off bottom and for the Lions they need to try and stay in touch to get out of relegation. The only plus for both of these two sides is both the Wolves and the View have tough games this week. 5 v 8 and 7 v 3. Doggies v Wolves and The View v Blues. Every point this week counts, if you can’t get the 4 points for the win then you need to walk away with something, hopefully at least 2 points. Every rink win, every tied rink will hopefully be the difference in making finals or getting demoted. Teams must fight to the bitter end, as at the moment very little separates most sides.


T Natalotto, D Wood, R Hutchinson, G Rowlinson
R Revell, P Hilsz, R Furci, R Dunstan
D Park, P Natalotto, W Harris, R Johnson
P Kelly, J Morss, K Engelen, M Eckett
INS: No changes

M Pasalich, K Price, F Mottolini, R Herbert
F Di Giuseppe, A Pasalich, R Littlecott, M Swift
G Smith, W Davidson, B Boyd, J Minchin
L Farrell, C Fleay, M Carmichael, L Bell
INS: M Pasalich, A Pasalich, R Herbert, W Davidson, C Fleay
OUTS: R Clark, D Griffiths, I Bryden, G Fullwood, M Woodward

Game of the Round (G.O.T.RD) 4 v 2 Swan and the Saints. This should be a cracking game the Saints are starting to gather momentum and playing good bowls, The rink match ups are going to be Vital for the Saints and Pasalich, Fleay and Davidson should be back in this week strengthen the saints back to full. I don’t believe the Saints hold any fear going to Swan. My heart says Saints, but my head says stay with the home side. One of the Saints needs to contain Natalotto and Park has been on a roll lately since Xmas. Swan beat the Saints in the corresponding round and both sides will have great match ups. I am going to stay with the home side in a close one
Swan 6-2


W Coffey, J West, J McGrath, G Turner
T McGillvray, P Hunter, K Humfrey, F Faigenbaum
M Sharp, M Lemos, B Morrison, J Matthews
S Shaw, B McGrechan, T Needs, G Robertson
INS: No changes

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5 v 8 Doggies v Wolves. Doggies beat the Wolves in the corresponding game on the synthetic. The rinks have changed since this last game for the Wolves. The Doggies need to win this week otherwise they are on that tipping point in edging themselves out of the running for finals. They can’t afford to only walk away with a couple points they need a W next to their name. Rink match ups are going to be vital this week for both sides. Doggies 16 are solid across the four lines. The Doggies Magic, Golden Boy and Beans are playing well and should match up against Marovic and Martinovich. Vitale has been a little hit miss for the Wolves and if one of the Doggies gets a hold of him then the Wolves can kiss the day goodbye. This is going to not be as close than Rd 4, even though the Wolves have caused upsets on Grass just ask the Magpies. The Doggies have something to prove this week after the Saints clipped them last game and are always hard to beat at home. Doggies all the way this week.
Yokine 7-1


B Willesee, W Langdon, M Leed, G Papadopoulos
B Heta, D Cosgrove, S Whitfield, M Hansen
G Nelson, C Bell, B Leed, F Williamson
C McKenna, B Watts, M Marinko, M Fredericks
INS: M Marinko, M Leed
OUTS: J Gilchrist, S Deering

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7 v 3 The View at home against the Blues. This is going to be an interesting game as the View got smoked on the synthetic in the corresponding game in Rd 4 but play well at home rather than @ NB. But I think the Blues are hungry and are going to edge out the View in an upset. This is going to be a close game and the View are a hard side to beat at home. I haven’t seen the sides yet but the 16 on both sides are very strong and will depend on match ups for the View. 3 of the 4 Blue’s skips are above all of the View’s skips and all 4 View skips have won only 4 games out of 11. Mitten is the worst skip for the Blues with 4 wins also and if one of the View can get a hold of him, they may be in with a shot. This is going to be a tough game and the View need points to stay out of relegation zone.
North Beach 6-2


W Wyatt, B Ledingham, B McNamara, S Wright
J Borkowski, R Loran, C Boyle, I Sparrowhawk
G Hinge, A Henneker, A Hornby, J Ferguson
L Hill, G Smith, M Golding, D Herbert
INS: G Smith, B Ledingham
OUTS: J Sheppard, A Dixon

Wayne Neilson, J Hunter, T Vlahos, T Vellios
S Rixom, C Leggett, M Cheesman, J Vlahos
B Leggett, P Daley, D Urquhart, T Dangerfield
J Buchanan, Wes Neilson, M Korycin, S Niven
INS: J Vlahos, D Urquhart
OUTS: J Groves, P Kain

6 v 1. Magpies v Dolphins. Dolphins come off a workman like performance. A couple of front end changes for the Dolphins. but the Magpies seem to be playing good bowls at the minute and Wyatt should kept his position as skip which I think is a positive move for the Magpies. It will definitely be who lines up against who as both sides have rinks that can change games. Most sides have struggled against the Dolphins and they have been in excellent form. I don’t see the Magpies Stopping the Dolphins. Each rink must focus on getting the most out of each game as they can. Match ups will be important for the Magpies, but the dolphins will enjoy playing at the Birds nest greens. This is a must win for the magpies if they want to stay in touch with finals. The Dolphins beat the magpies by 9 shots last time and I think they will win by a similar amount.
Joondalup 6-2


M Wright, I Robertson, B Patterson, S Colegate
G Cash, M Garrett, B Naughton, J Parker
A Britton, R Cummings, C Brown, A Keegan
G Ekholm, L Fasolo, K Stoner, C Miller
INS: M Garrett
OUTS: J Durward

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8 v 10 and both sides are desperate for points. Last game the Mavericks were comprehensively beaten 8- Zip and slumped to bottom of the ladder. If at the start of the year and you said that we would be 2/3 the way through the season, I would have never picked the position of either of these 2 sides. I would definitely say they are much better than their current position. If either of these sides don’t get their mojo and soon then they can kiss their season and hopes for Division 1 Goodbye. The Lions come off a hard-fought win against the Wolves and need to do it again. I think this week and based on performances over the last month I will have to go the Lions. The Mavs haven’t had a win since Rd 8 but the Lions performances against sides has been better than the Mavs. Most rinks have been bowling well but they are just not putting wins together on a regular basis. The Lions need to keep ticking the points over and keeping any losses to a minimum. They are well position with better % than the mavericks and the Wolves but that means nothing if they don’t get points
Bassendean 6-2