Well the first round has now been completed, with the Roosters sitting comfortably atop the ladder, some eight points in front of the second placed Eagles team. Would you believe that there is only seven and one half points separating the second placed team and the eighth placed team in Kalamunda. That is a very tight ladder and it promises to be a very keenly fought second round indeed.

Cockburn 92 (7) v Fremantle 71 (1)
 William Tepania 19 v Shaun McCormack  15
 Michael Simunovic 26 v Peter Wachmer  14
 Josip (joe) Marevic 16 v Tony Krajancic  25
 Kenneth Wylie 31 v Barry Coote  17

The Roosters showed the visiting Mariners a clean pair of heels on Saturday, picking up the aggregate extremely easily and gaining seven points into the bargain. The rink of Skip Ken Wylie, Jim Ricci, Mike Zusman and brilliant lead Doug Topine thrashed the Coote four by some fourteen shots, and this win set up the aggregate nicely. Wins to Willie Tepania and Mike Simunovic put some further icing on the cake for the Roosters. The usual win for the Mariners was gained by that of the Tony Krajancic skipped four, who i believe are well set up by young Josh Trigwell.
Rockingham 91 (7) v Leeming 85 (1)
 Kim Tremlett 23 v James Newton  21
 Bruce Edwards 23 v Norman Shannon  19
 Mark Devenny 24 v Karl Vandersluys  23
 Robert Costello 21 v Gary Ford  22

In a nail biting finish the Rams over ran the Lions to win the aggregate by six shots, but they banked a valuable seven points into the bank. All rinks were extremely close and hard fought, with the highest winning margin being four points only. That was gained by Bruce Edwards, Mal Peters, Graeme Roberts and Bruce Edwards who beat Norm Shannon’s rink by that slim margin, which was enough to carry the aggregate. Tremlett and Devenny snatched late wins to seal the fate of the visiting Lions, who went home pretty hungry. Gary Ford, who is having a fine season snared the visitors only point.
Kalamunda 98 (8) v Spearwood 54 (0)
 Arthur Bartlett 28 v Denis Tomasich  8
 William Brandsma 27 v Ken Nadilo  13
 Alexander Burt 21 v Ivan Perica  19
 Dwayne Wooltorton 22 v Ivan Unkovich  14

Not so much the win, but the size of the win that the Cougars had over the visiting Spearwood group, was the surprise for all the tipsters. Forty four shots and eight points was a fantastic afternoons work for the home side. Bartlett, Townsend, Farrant and brilliant lead Vince Hughes demolished the rink of Denis Tomasich by a massive twenty four shots and this proved too much for the visitors to overcome. Billy Brandsma, who is playing superb bowls himself also had a very good win, beating the Spearwood stalwart in Ken Nadilo. Burt and Wooltorton also had wins for the Cougars, who are proving hard to beat at home. Spearwood with a mountain of work to avoid automatic relegation.
South Perth 93 (6) v Thornlie 66 (2)
 Michael McRae 16 v Murray White  22
 Vincent Santostefano 22 v Michael Yates  16
 Steve Kelly 17 v Glyn Vaughan  19
 Denis Bandy 38 v Mark Separovich  9

A massive win on the Bandy rink proved the difference in this game at the home of the Millers.
This was Dennis Bandy’s first game as skip this year and he justified the faith shown in him by the selectors by having a massive 29 shot win over Separovich. Bandy was ably supported by John Percival, the demoted Farley Anderson and brilliant third in Dean Calvo. The other winner for the home side was Santostefano, who comfortably beat the Yates foursome. Glynn Vaughan and new skip White salvaged a couple of valuable points for the Ravens. The Millers would be very happy with this comfortable win, while the Ravens have some work to do to avoid demotion territory.
Manning 1 63 (1.5) v Hilton Park 85 (6.5)
 David McIlhenney 21 v Craig Standley  20
 Michael Carey 14 v Travis Simpson  27
 Graham O'Brien 14 v Kevin McKay  24
 Murray Piggott 14 v Robert Foy  14

The Hawks showed much more on the ground skill than the Eagles to win this clash quite comfortably at the finish. The very strong Simpson rink, also comprising Daniel and David Newton, as well as reliable lead Rob Fortini, showed a clean lot of feathers to the normally reliable Carey rink. Winning by 13 shots at the finish. Dad and son duo of Hugh and Kevin McKay, helped admirably by McMahon and Farrell accounted for the strong O’Brien rink by a solid 10 shots to help seal the aggregate win. The McIlhenney rink was the only winner for the Eagles, who still sit second on the ladder.
Hilton Park954017.570570699.8637.5
South Perth954017735702104.737
T Krajancic81081Fremantle
M Simunovich81059Cockburn
G Ford72045Leeming
G O'Brien63042Manning
W Tepania63034Cockburn
A Bartlett63028Kalamunda
B Brandsma63012Kalamunda
B Edwards6301Rockingham
T Simpson52040Hilton Park
I Perica52023Spearwood
M Carey53116Manning
R Costello53043Rockingham
P Pohe53014Thornlie
J Newton54027Leeming
J Marevic54020Cockburn
V Santostefano54017South Perth
M McRae540-14South Perth
D Wooltorton540-17Kalamunda
R Foy42111Hilton Park
S Hutchinson431-34Rockingham
K Vandersluys44110Leeming
K Wylie44110Cockburn
G Vaughan4409Thornlie
M Devenny4404Rockingham
B Roelefs4400South Perth
M Yates31019Thornlie
K McKay3108Hilton Park
A Pryce3302Manning
I Unkovich350-40Spearwood
C Standley360-3Hilton Park
D Bacich20113Fremantle
D McIlhenney2105Manning
M Gill221-5Fremantle
R Hunter240-11Hilton Park
S Adams240-27Manning
S McCormack2501Fremantle
W Olive250-29Kalamunda
S Kelly2701South Perth
D Bandy10029South Perth
M White1006Thornlie
K Tremlett1002Rockingham
A Burt110-1Kalamunda
J Stean121-7Thornlie
N Shannon140-24Leeming
N Silich140-27Spearwood
D Tomasich140-43Spearwood
B Coote150-29Fremantle
G Beckwith150-38Thornlie
P Wachmer150-42Fremantle
K Nadilo161-29Spearwood
M Piggott012-8Manning
J Lethlean010-3Rockingham
H McKay010-4Hilton Park
M Peters010-11Rockingham
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
T Mathein010-17Spearwood
M Separovich010-29Thornlie
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
D Innes020-19Thornlie
N Sokol020-21Spearwood
N Holden020-22Thornlie
A Anderson031-36Leeming