Round Eight has seen what has become the number of “ usual “ surprises this pennant year. For me, the biggest upset was that game played at Hilton where the home side was well and truly beaten by the Cockburn Roosters. Probably the other big surprise was played out at Thornlie, where once again the visiting team prevailed, this time the Kalamunda Cougars got the bigger share of the bikkies. Leeming bouncing back to form with a resounding win over South Perth. The other two games producing predicable wins to the Mariners and the Eagles.
Spearwood 55 (1.5) v Manning 1 75 (6.5)
 Denis Tomasich 12 v David McIlhenney  19
 Ken Nadilo 15 v Michael Carey  15
 Nikola Silich 7 v Graham O'Brien  28
 Ivan Perica 21 v Murray Piggott  13

The visiting Eagles outfit predictably beating the demoralised Spearwood outfit by some twenty shots. They flew home to Manning, taking six and a half valuable points with them, a good afternoons work. The big winner for the visitors was the rink of Graham O’Brien who thrashed the Silich four containing Unkovich as third. Winning by twenty one shots, was a great achievement, away from home. McIlhenney grabbing the other win, beating Tomasich by some seven shots. The only winner for the home side was the rink skipped by Ivan Perica, who beat the Piggott four by eight shots.
Thornlie 72 (1) v Kalamunda 80 (7)
 Paul Pohe 17 v Arthur Bartlett  19
 Glyn Vaughan 18 v William Brandsma  21
 Michael Yates 20 v Alexander Burt  17
 Jim Stean 17 v Dwayne Wooltorton  23

The Ravens would be bitterly disappointed by this loss to the visiting Cougars, who took seven valuable points up to the hills with them. The Bartlett, Brandsma and Wooltorton rinks all winning to play their part in this surprise win. Michael Yates proving his value to snatch a point for the home side. This was a morale boosting win for the Cougars, and it will give them confidence going into next weeks home game against the cellar dwellers in Spearwood.
Hilton Park 62 (1) v Cockburn 92 (7)
 Travis Simpson 23 v William Tepania  19
 Robert Foy 18 v Michael Simunovic  24
 Kevin McKay 12 v Josip (joe) Marevic  24
 Craig Standley 9 v Kenneth Wylie  25

A fantastic win to the visiting Roosters, who certainly have a lot to crow about at the moment. A thirty shot aggregate win and seven points into the bargain, keeps them on top of the ladder. The Hawks have proven that constant rink changes to suit some players, doesn’t build team morale. The only rink winner for the home side was that of Travis Simpsons four, probably one of the best in this division. Simunovic, Marevic and Wylie all having good wins for the visitors, especially the Ken Wylie rink, which also includes Doug Topine, Mike Zusman and Jim Ricci. The Roosters would be “ cock a hoop “ at the moment and looming forward to next weeks game against the Mariners.
Fremantle 84 (6) v Rockingham 75 (2)
 Tony Krajancic 30 v Steve Hutchinson  14
 Barry Coote 15 v Robert Costello  24
 Shaun McCormack 22 v Bruce Edwards  13
 Peter Wachmer 17 v Mark Devenny  24

The Mariners were struggling early on I have been informed, but showed a lot of spirit to come home strongly and win the aggregate. Six points a satisfactory afternoons work for the home side I guess. The veteran Rob Costello nearly helped the Rams provide an upset, winning by nine shots over the Coote four. Young Shaun McCormack, ably supported by the wily Jimmy Stewart, Brian Wright and Brian Sumich having a very good nine shot win over the strong Edwards rink. Tony Krajancic and his team having another very good win for the Mariners.
Leeming 92 (7) v South Perth 64 (1)
 Gary Ford 26 v Michael McRae  12
 Norman Shannon 9 v Vincent Santostefano  27
 Karl Vandersluys 23 v Steve Kelly  15
 James Newton 34 v Bill Roelofs  10

The Lions really bouncing back to form over the disappointing Millers, taking a twenty eight point aggregate win and seven points to put in the bank. The big winner for the home side was the rink skipped by Jim Newton, Geoff Burgess, Alan Anderson and steady lead in Paul Hickey. They thrashed the normally reliable Roelofs four by some twenty four shots, therin lies the story of the day. The other big winner for the Lions was the four skipped by Gary Ford, who is having a good season. Santostefano, with brilliant third Adrian Durrent having a comprehensive win over Norm Shannon and his boys, picking up the Millers solitary point.
South Perth844015642636100.9431
Hilton Park84401562064396.4231
T Krajancic71072Fremantle
M Simunovich71047Cockburn
G O'Brien62052Manning
G Ford62044Leeming
I Perica51025Spearwood
M Carey52129Manning
R Costello52044Rockingham
W Tepania53030Cockburn
J Marevic53029Cockburn
J Newton53029Leeming
P Pohe53014Thornlie
A Bartlett5308Kalamunda
B Brandsma530-2Kalamunda
B Edwards530-3Rockingham
M McRae530-8South Perth
T Simpson42027Hilton Park
R Foy42011Hilton Park
K Vandersluys43111Leeming
S Hutchinson431-34Rockingham
V Santostefano44011South Perth
B Roelefs4400South Perth
D Wooltorton440-25Kalamunda
M Yates30025Thornlie
A Pryce3302Manning
K Wylie341-4Cockburn
G Vaughan3407Thornlie
M Devenny3403Rockingham
I Unkovich340-32Spearwood
C Standley350-2Hilton Park
D Bacich20113Fremantle
K McKay210-2Hilton Park
M Gill221-5Fremantle
S McCormack2405Fremantle
R Hunter240-11Hilton Park
S Adams240-27Manning
W Olive250-29Kalamunda
S Kelly2603South Perth
D McIlhenney1104Manning
J Stean121-7Thornlie
N Shannon130-20Leeming
D Tomasich130-23Spearwood
B Coote140-15Fremantle
N Silich140-27Spearwood
P Wachmer140-30Fremantle
K Nadilo151-15Spearwood
G Beckwith150-38Thornlie
M Piggott011-8Manning
J Lethlean010-3Rockingham
A Burt010-3Kalamunda
H McKay010-4Hilton Park
M Peters010-11Rockingham
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
T Mathein010-17Spearwood
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
D Innes020-19Thornlie
N Sokol020-21Spearwood
N Holden020-22Thornlie
A Anderson031-36Leeming