Well what a big round for some Away teams, as they grabbed some critical points & caused some unexpected upsets. Wanneroo & Warnbro continue to pull away with Mosman Park finding some great form & chasing them hard. Safety Bay drift back to the pack where 4th to 7th spot has a 2pt spread which makes that illusive 4th Finals spot up for grabs to at least 4 different teams.
Kardinya are signalling the alarm bells, Warwick need something massive soon or the drain circling will become very real & Osborne Park will be pushing for a late run after Xmas but they are still looking in all sorts of troubles anchored to the bottom. Overall there are some pretty big results every week with all teams taking points off each other so I would imagine the top 3 will pull away shortly & won't be caught while the rest struggle for positions. To highlight the randomness of the results each week, we had another 2 games go over 100 shots. That's 4 for the season after R6 whereas we only had 4 for the whole season last year in 1 White. Osborne Park were the only side over the last few years to drop over 100 shots & survive the dreaded drop so that's some consolation for Basso but that's now 2 for the Magpies so it's hard to see them recover but plenty of games left.

Warnbro 111 (8) v Warwick 54 (0)
 Kieran Cousens 39 v Brian Ledingham  13
 Sean Mawdsley 28 v Graeme Smith  16
 William Baker 24 v Jon Borkowski  11
 Lindsay Strange 20 v Lindsay Hill  14

The Wizards were looking to respond after R5 & didn't they in style. They tore the Magpies apart from the first few ends & the game was over halfway through as Warnbro piled on the scores end after end.
Cousens lead by example against Ledingham in a pivotal game that ended up being a blowout with Cousens rink scoring nearly 40 shots & winning by a massive 26 shots. Mawdsley was equal to his task against Smith as they cruised to a 12 shot margin. Baker added to the scoreline by pushing past Borkowski by 13 shots & Strange got Hill by 6 shots to make it a dominant performance & a huge 8pts on the board.
Thats the biggest score of the year & I doubt it will be matched for the remainder of the season. If the stats are with Warwick then they are in huge trouble as that's the 2nd trip down the Kwinana coming home with over 100 shots scored against them. Warnbro have done wonders for the percentage & are only 2.5pts off top spot so Wanneroo know they are breathing down their necks.
Result: Warnbro 8 - 0
Prediction: Warnbro 7 - 1

Kardinya 81 (2) v Quinns Rocks 83 (6)
 Stephen Vinci 26 v John Berecz  23
 Norm Ball 18 v Rohan Cantrill  24
 Ross Knapp 11 v Christopher Parr  26
 Wayne Bezant 26 v Martin Hinchcliffe  10

The Kats are really struggling without the significant home ground advantage this year as they struggle to stop Away teams scoring freely. Kardinya have let the away sides score 83, 84, 89 over the 3 home games but can't keep the pace as they have now lost all 3 Home games which is huge added pressure to an already tough start to the season. Its Quinns first away win for the season & very hard fought so they'll head home pretty happy with their day's effort.
Vinci started off well for the Kats & won by 3 shots over Berecz & Bezant took Hinchcliffe by a big 16 shots, so everything was looking great for the Kats early on but unfortunately that's where the scoring dried up as Cantrill won by 6 shots over Ball & Parr put the icing on the cake for Quinns with a 15 shot win over Knapp to give Quinns a huge away win & good push up the ladder. If Quinns can hold that midtable spot come R10 I will be very impressed as they have some tough games ahead. The Kats now have 2 of the next 3 Away so they'll need 2 from 3 or they'll be heading into the break in real trouble.
Result: Quinns Rocks 7 - 1
Prediction: Kardinya 6 - 2

Osborne Park 82 (1) v Wanneroo 92 (7)
 John Carter 22 v David Triffitt  17
 Mark Pasalich 21 v Kingsley Toster  29
 Colin Fleay 21 v Darren Turra  22
 Michael Dewson 18 v Hugh Ward  24

Hard to see the Saints going back to back with the wins against Wanneroo but they put on a hell of an effort against the top side, maybe the tide is turning for the Saints. Although they have had 4 of 6 playing at home so any bounce back is going to be done the hard way. Wanneroo came for the big win & getting 7pts anyway is a great away performance for the inform side of the competition. Carter did get the Saints on the board early with a good win over Triffitt by 5. Toster continued the good form & took Pasalich by 8 shots. I would wonder when DiGiuseppe will be pushed up into the backend as he finds his form again this season. Turra had a right ding-dong against a tough skipper in Fleay as he won by the minimum in a very tight game with some great bowls by both sides. Ward put the icing on the top for the Roo's with a strong 6 shot win over Dewson.
A lot to take away from both sides as the Roo's start to hit a very nice cruising speed & the Saints now understand they are only 2-3 shots off the best side over the 4 rinks.
Result: Wanneroo 7 - 1
Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

Gosnells 104 (7) v Bassendean 75 (1)
 Grant Nicol 27 v Rodney Revell  22
 Brett Holland 31 v Michael Erceg  15
 Frank Carbone 30 v Travis Lynch  18
 Eoghan Gahan 16 v Eugene O'Sullivan  20

Basso will be well & truly sick of the Away games at this stage & even though they have picked up 2 from 4 on the road it's pretty unlucky for them to have such a horrific fixture list over the first 6 games. The Lions have now played 4 of the last 6 games Away, so sitting midtable isn't the worst spot to be in as very few sides have encountered such a difficult draw except for Mossies, so both sides will be looking forward to the flip side after Xmas with a run of Home games.
Gosnells by comparison have experienced the exact opposite, where they have played 4 Home games & only 2 on the road so they'll need the points early in the season as that away run after the break will be tough. They did maximise their advantage in this game as they punished the Lions across 2 main rinks where Carbone took Lynch by a good 12 shots & Holland made little work of Erceg by winning by 16 shots. Nicol won by 5 over Rocket & O'Sullivan grabbed the minor & somewhat valuable 1pt with a 4 shot win over Gahan.
There's probably 1 or 2 rinks needing a few wins for Basso but since they are evenly spread across the 4 rinks there's no dominant rink to & that probably is starting to show in the scoring as they haven't got over 85 over 6 Rounds & are only averaging 75 shots per game. This should increase slightly with the upcoming home games but they'll need to pick up on the scoring to give themselves a chance of nabbing some close away games.
The Kookaburra's needed that win to get them 3 from 6 & the positives to take away as they are only a few pts off Finals so plenty to focus on.
Result: Gosnells 7 - 1
Prediction: Gosnells 6 - 2

Safety Bay 81 (1.5) v Mosman Park 83 (6.5)
 Christopher Owen 15 v Louie Beurteaux  20
 Chris Carruthers 21 v Stephen Jocelyn  23
 Grant Taylor 21 v Cameron Hoffman  21
 Ron Hall 24 v Dale Marsland  19

Huge win here for the Mossies where they nabbed the big W from a top side in a nail biter of a game & probably game of the Round. They now jump The Bay in the ladder & sit a perfect 3rd. Hard to see how they might of managed 2nd given the tough games they have encountered but they'll know well how big this game was. The Mossies have had a shocking draw for the first 6 games with 4 of them Away. They grabbed 2 from 4 there & put 2-2 when playing at home so 4 from 6 is a great start & plenty to look forward to after the break with a few Home games on the trot.
Beurteaux started well & won by 5 shots over Owen. Jocelyn added to their great form by grabbing Carruthers by 2 shots to give the Mossies a real chance of the upset. Hoffman & Taylor couldn't be separated for the whole day but Hall pushed past Marsland by 5 but it wasn't enough for The Bay as they just lost out by 2 shots in a terrific game of bowls.
Result: Mosman Park 6.5 - 1.5
Prediction: Safety Bay 6 - 2

Mosman Park642014492452108.8530
Safety Bay623115511453112.825
Quinns Rocks63301144048191.4823
Osborne Park61506.541352378.9710.5
D Turra50040Wanneroo
R Hall50023Safety Bay
S Mawdsley51039Warnbro
L Strange51028Warnbro
S Edmonds41030Mosman Park
K Toster42019Wanneroo
G Nicol42015Gosnells
J Berecz42011Quinns Rocks
B Ledingham4207Warwick
C Parr4205Quinns Rocks
S Jocelyn30026Mosman Park
D Marsland32119Mosman Park
C Carruthers33030Safety Bay
F Carbone33012Gosnells
B Holland33012Gosnells
W Bezant33011Kardinya
N Ball33010Kardinya
E O'Sullivan3305Bassendean
H Ward330-1Wanneroo
M Erceg330-6Bassendean
S Vinci330-9Kardinya
C Owen330-11Safety Bay
R Revell330-12Bassendean
D Pattullo21013Warnbro
G Taylor2216Safety Bay
M Pasalich220-8Osborne Park
D Triffitt2311Wanneroo
T Lynch231-4Bassendean
C Hoffman231-7Mosman Park
L Hill231-14Warwick
R Cantrill231-21Quinns Rocks
C Stokes230-13Kardinya
K Cousens24031Warnbro
M Dewson240-11Osborne Park
J Carter240-23Osborne Park
J Borkowski240-30Warwick
A Holmes10010Safety Bay
L Beurteaux1005Mosman Park
E Widermanski1003Wanneroo
W Baker120-7Warnbro
G Hinge140-34Warwick
M Hinchcliffe150-36Quinns Rocks
E Gahan150-36Gosnells
A Freeman0010Safety Bay
C Fleay010-1Osborne Park
G Smith010-12Warwick
R Knapp010-15Kardinya
L Bell020-12Osborne Park
P Allen020-13Osborne Park
M Cranswick030-33Mosman Park
R Stockton030-42Osborne Park