"> Such a fascinating year, South Perth extend their lead at the top as they remain undefeated, Bassendean extend their gap at the bottom as they remain winless. In a season where the sides seem so close, it's not dire straits yet for Bassendean but they would want to start stringing some games together thats for sure. And while south Perth are 11.5 clear of 2nd, there is also only a 11.5 point gap between 2nd and 9th, with Bassendean a further 10 points back. What a season

Cambridge 81 (2) v Kardinya 82 (6)
 Clive Adams 14 v David Rankin  26
 Lance Strahan 10 v Steven Novak  25
 Blake Nairn 32 v Marc Abonnel  10
 Cameron Harris 25 v Slavko Perica  21

A real topsy turvy game here, Blake Nairn the big winner by 22, but was offset by the almost as equally big winning 15 shot win by Steve Novak. The difference was that Cameron Harris was unable to offset the gap with his 4 shot win, the big guns battling it out for the winner of the day and it went to Dave Rankin by 12 over Clive Adams, Adams' first loss for the year. Overall it was only a 1 point game, a real nail biting finish!
Kardinya now sit 5th, Cambridge 7th but it is all so condense that ladder positioning at the moment is meaningless with so many gams to play and so many likely scenarios.
Manning 88 (1) v Rossmoyne 90 (7)
 Anthony Williams 17 v Raymond Halse  20
 Shane Knott 27 v John Carter  20
 Lewis Grigg 18 v Allan Petchell  20
 Lee Such 26 v Eddie Gollan  30

Huge upset here and don't Rossmoyne keep showing up and not laying down. They sit 6th on the table albeit only by 5 from relegation zone, but ask them at the start of the year how many wins they would like, to have 3 of them after only 6 rounds played means they can probably re-assess their goals now. Aim for finals, why not!
Manning again showing that they have a strong side on paper but good teams on paper mean bugger all, they sit 8th and while not cut your throat stuff yet, but a little tinkle of a warning bell in the background.
Bassendean 75 (1) v Doubleview 82 (7)
 Simon Alden 23 v Charles Slavich  10
 Beau Manton 18 v Ryan Moyle  26
 Dan Nicholls 17 v John Slavich  22
 Stein Davies 17 v Stewart Gosstray  24

Doubleview packed too many gun punches in our game, John Slavich and Ryan Moyle the key differences in those particular rinks. It looked like Stewart Gosstray always had the measure on his rink, equally my rink able to hold off Charlie Slavich after an 8-0 start, so really it was the class of J Slavich and Moyle which won the day for their club.
Doubleview sit 3rd and pinch a mini gap to 5th of 5 points while Basso winless bring up the rear. At what point of the season do major changes occur? It will be interesting to see when that trigger gets pulled for the Lions.
South Perth 93 (8) v Osborne Park 61 (0)
 Scott Walker 22 v Ryan Brown  19
 Justin Opie 29 v Neville Stevens  11
 Ross Bresland 22 v Gary Caffell  13
 Glenn Pauling 20 v Cody Packer  18

I was confident of a South Perth win but gee whiz, 8-0 is sizeable. Big wins to Justin Opie and Ross Bresland meant aggregate never in danger and key wins by Scott Walker and Glenn Pauling sealed the result. Pauling with 6 wins sees him on top of the skippers table holding off Moyle courtesy of his draw in Round 1.
South Perth doing everything right early in the year, but they have had only 1 game on grass so far so the test for them will be to win on grass, thats where the grand final is played. Osborne Park will be smarting and they drop back to 4th with 2 losses in a row. A chance to get back in the winners stall this week.
Sorrento 74 (5.5) v North Beach 72 (2.5)
 Daniel Brown 17 v Mark Douthie  13
 Christopher Lander 18 v Paul Walker  19
 Shane Ernest Rixom 23 v Brad Gillingham  23
 Kyle McIlroy 16 v Geoffrey Devenish  17

A knifes egde game here in extremely windy conditions at Sorrento, both of these clubs probably the most used to wind and North Beach pushed the home side every step of the way but Sorrento held on, the biggest margin was only 4 shots to Daniel Brown and as the only winning rink for Sorrento it was enough to give them the overall win. North Beach had Paul Walker and Geoff Devenish taste single shot wins, with a high scoring draw from Brad Gillingham and Shane Rixom. Gillingham involved in another high scoring game means he has been involved in the most shots in his games this year, 263 and his shots for of 113 actually sees him sit 22nd on the skippers, exactly half way, but with 0 wins.
The win sees Sorrento consolidate 2nd spot while North Beach sit 9th, but not out of it by any stretch.
South Perth660019527402131.0941
Osborne Pk642011.5484477101.4727.5
North Beach62401044948492.7718
G Pauling60056South Perth
R Moyle50132Doubleview
C Packer51051Osborne Pk
C Adams51045Cambridge
R Bresland51043South Perth
S Walker5108South Perth
P Walker41133North Beach
J Slavich41126Doubleview
D Brown41032Sorrento
K McIlroy42024Sorrento
D Rankin42011Kardinya
E Gollan420-11Rossmoyne
L Such32111Manning
B Nairn32110Cambridge
S Rixom3212Sorrento
S Knott3210Manning
M Douthie321-6North Beach
S Novak33019Kardinya
J Opie33018South Perth
S Alden330-4Bassendean
R Brown330-5Osborne Pk
M Abonnel330-8Kardinya
C Harris330-9Cambridge
L Grigg220-1Manning
N Stevens231-12Osborne Pk
R Lang230-3Rossmoyne
S Perica240-4Kardinya
C Lander240-4Sorrento
J Carter240-8Rossmoyne
S Davies240-13Bassendean
A Williams240-13Manning
A Petchell240-22Rossmoyne
S Gosstray240-30Doubleview
R Halse1003Rossmoyne
G Devenish141-25North Beach
L Strahan141-26Cambridge
B Manton140-33Bassendean
C Slavich150-26Doubleview
G Caffell150-27Osborne Pk
S Fewster010-7Bassendean
S Loftus010-12Sorrento
A Heal020-20Manning
B Gillingham051-37North Beach
D Nicholls060-58Bassendean