One third of the season now completed, and I am still no closer to being able to pick the top three sides in this topsy turvy Division.
A couple of massive upsets to the away teams of the South Perth Millers and the Manning Eagles, respectively beating the Cockburn Roosters and the Leeming Lions. Perhaps an even bigger upset though out at Thornlie where the home side were beaten by the previously winless Spearwood.
Seven teams at the top, separated by eleven shots only, with Kalamunda, Thornlie and Spearwood showing they are capable of winning on their day. Two cliffhangers, decided by one shot only, what a round.

Leeming 62 (1) v Manning 1 84 (7)
 Karl Vandersluys 12 v Alan Pryce  24
 James Newton 12 v Michael Carey  26
 Norman Shannon 13 v Graham O'Brien  19
 Gary Ford 25 v Shane Adams  15

The rinks skipped by Pryce, Carey and O’Brien all had good wins over Vandersluys, Newton and Shannon respectively. With Vandersluys getting thrashed by twelve shots and Newton fourteen. Very rarely that these two strong rinks lose, let alone together. The Eagles 🦅 grabbing seven points into the bargain, and showing that they are in with a chance for a top three berth. The Lions would be licking their wounds indeed, and on the hunt for their next “ kill “ .
Fremantle 74 (5) v Kalamunda 73 (3)
 Tony Krajancic 17 v Dwayne Wooltorton  19
 Barry Coote 25 v Arthur Bartlett  17
 Shaun McCormack 15 v William Brandsma  18
 Peter Wachmer 17 v Wayne Olive  19

The Mariners finally winning a tight contest at last, scraping across the line by a solitary shot over the brave Cougars. Even though the home side won, they would be slightly disappointed with five points only from this close contest. The rink of skip Barry Coote, Mark Lindsay, Mark Gill and Andrew Hocken were the stars for the Mariners, winning by eight shots, enough to carry the aggregate. The other rinks had a combined total of seven shots difference at the finish, some good battles obviously.
A long way back up the hills, but three points might have helped the journey a little.
Thornlie 71 (2) v Spearwood 75 (6)
 Jim Stean 24 v Denis Tomasich  18
 Gary Beckwith 8 v Ken Nadilo 23
 Michael Yates 28 v Ivan Unkovich  10
 Paul Pohe 11 v Ivan Perica  24

A great six points to the previously winless visitors from Spearwood, getting their first aggregate this year, and away from home, 👍. Ivan Perica and veteran Ken Nadilo both winning their rinks, the Nadilo four by a very good fifteen shots. Not often that Ivan Unkovich lowers his colours to anyone, but he certainly did on Saturday. Michael( Rowdy) Yates in his debut game for the Ravens winning by a massive eighteen shots, a good pick up for the home side, who were missing Glynn Vaughan I see.
Hilton Park 85 (6) v Rockingham 68 (2)
 Travis Simpson 24 v Bruce Edwards  10
 Robert Foy 26 v Mark Devenny  13
 Robert Hunter 19 v Steve Hutchinson  24
 Craig Standley 16 v Robert Costello  21

The Hawks getting the job done at the finish of a good contest I heard. The visiting Rams putting up another good fight to eventually lose the aggregate by seventeen shots. Match winners for the home side being Travis Simpson, Father and Son Newton and Rob Fortini, they comfortably beat the solid Edwards rink by some fourteen shots. Robert Foy and his rink maki g sure the aggregate was safe, beating Mark Devenney by thirteen shots. The Rams able to take two points away with them, after a solid effort.
Cockburn 78 (2) v South Perth 79 (6)
 Michael Simunovic 24 v Steve Kelly  17
 Josip (joe) Marevic 15 v Bill Roelofs  27
 William Tepania 19 v Vincent Santostefano  14
 Kenneth Wylie 20 v Michael McRae  21

A real thriller at Beeliar, where the Millers got the bigger share of the dough with a fighting one shot aggregate win over the Roosters. A real surprise, as most teams struggle up at the home of the Roosters on their undercover and tricky surface. The match winning rink for the visitors was John and Tony Percival, Denis Bandy and skip Billy Roelofs. They beat big Joe Marevic by a healthy twelve shots. The other rink winner for the Millers was the strong rink of Mick McRae, Maxine Petrich, Greg Reagan and the enigmatic Merv Hughes. Tepania and Simunovic getting a couple of points for the disappointed Roosters.
South Perth642012508472107.6328
Hilton Park63301247748099.3824
T Krajancic51052Fremantle
G Ford51040Leeming
W Tepania51038Cockburn
G O'Brien51035Manning
M Simunovich51035Cockburn
M Carey51034Manning
B Roelefs42028South Perth
J Marevic42018Cockburn
P Pohe42013Thornlie
B Edwards4205Rockingham
M McRae4205South Perth
B Brandsma420-3Kalamunda
S Hutchinson420-18Rockingham
I Perica31016Spearwood
R Foy31015Hilton Park
R Costello32031Rockingham
C Standley33015Hilton Park
A Pryce3302Manning
A Bartlett330-4Kalamunda
J Newton330-5Leeming
I Unkovich330-19Spearwood
D Bacich20113Fremantle
K McKay20010Hilton Park
M Gill221-5Fremantle
T Simpson22010Hilton Park
K Vandersluys2311Leeming
G Vaughan2305Thornlie
M Devenny2302Rockingham
S Kelly24020South Perth
R Hunter240-11Hilton Park
V Santostefano240-17South Perth
W Olive240-19Kalamunda
K Wylie240-20Cockburn
S Adams240-27Manning
D Wooltorton240-41Kalamunda
M Yates10018Thornlie
N Shannon1108Leeming
J Stean110-1Thornlie
B Coote1204Fremantle
S McCormack130-3Fremantle
N Silich130-6Spearwood
K Nadilo140-13Spearwood
G Beckwith150-38Thornlie
J Lethlean010-3Rockingham
M Peters010-11Rockingham
G Dodd010-12Hilton Park
T Mathein010-17Spearwood
D Newton010-30Hilton Park
D Innes020-19Thornlie
D Tomasich020-20Spearwood
N Sokol020-21Spearwood
N Holden020-22Thornlie
A Anderson031-36Leeming
P Wachmer030-32Fremantle