Other than Warwick, this was a round dominated by the Home sides as most took advantage of the home surface to put some big Wins on the board & grab critical points for the ladder. It's a tough season to call this year as only 7pts separates 3rd to 8th so the next few weeks will be hard fought for all sides before more meaningful gaps appear which are always hard to pull back after the break.

Warwick 68 (2) v Kardinya 79 (6)
 Geoffrey Hinge 13 v Craig Stokes  22
 Lindsay Hill 21 v Stephen Vinci  11
 Brian Ledingham 20 v Wayne Bezant  16
 Jon Borkowski 14 v Norm Ball  30

The Cats needed something special to pull them from the flames of relegation trouble & they delivered by 11 shots in the end. The Magpies will be licking the wounds this week as they prep for a Warnbro side away, whom just dropped their first game & chance of top spot, so it'll be a tough week ahead for Warwick.
Stokes was great against Hinges side as they managed to push out the scoring by 9 shots in the end.Hill did continue their solid form by nudging Vinci by 10 shots & Ledingham was great again, winning by 4 shots against Bezant. However, Ball again responded with a huge 16shot win against Borkowski which is no mean feat & I'm unsure if Borkowski side has lost by 16 shots at home in many years. Well done to Ball's side, unsure if they have defense filter as they seem to play for the big scores which can work out through some big loses but the wins are huge & gives the rest a buffer to carry the Agg.
Kats are up to 7th with plenty more to do but Warwick are now in trouble. Between here & Xmas will define their season.
Result: Kardinya 6 - 2
Prediction: Warwick 6 - 2

Wanneroo 76 (7) v Warnbro 63 (1)
 Darren Turra 16 v Kieran Cousens  14
 David Triffitt 24 v Sean Mawdsley  14
 Kingsley Toster 21 v Dennis Pattullo  14
 Hugh Ward 15 v Lindsay Strange  21

Game of the Round or what?! Yes the Roos are only 3.5pts ahead of the Wizards but it's massive in the scheme of things as it puts it down to a 2 horse race for at least another 4-5 rounds as the Roos are 2 (average Aggs) games ahead of 3rd spot which is bunching up with 3 sides.
Turra returned in fine form to knock over Cousens by 2 shots in a very close encounter. Triffitt was the highlight for the Roos as they grabbed 10 shots on Mawdsley to setup a big finish. Toster piled on the pressure for Pattullo as they won by 7 shots to give the Roos a huge home win over a very good side. Strange did manage to grab a valuable point for Warnbro as they won by 6 over Ward which wasn't an easy win.
The Roos will be delighted with this result & it gives them a huge platform to launch a real crack at PL. The Wizards are lost very little in this tight contest & they'll be right back on track next week keeping Wanneroo under pressure for that top spot.
Result: Wanneroo 7 - 1
Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

Quinns Rocks 78 (6) v Safety Bay 73 (2)
 John Berecz 24 v Chris Carruthers  14
 Martin Hinchcliffe 19 v Christopher Owen  20
 Rohan Cantrill 16 v Ron Hall  21
 Christopher Parr 19 v Grant Taylor  18

I did think this would be a close hard fought contest & it went down to the wire. The Quinn's needed this result to get them some breathing space & sneak up to mid table but there's only 1.5pts between them & 8th so they'll need a few more over the coming weeks.
The Bay have now let Wanneroo create a brief gap & are barely holding onto 3rd spot as on 1pt separates 3rd, 4th & 5th. The Bay have a nice percentage but only winning 2 from 5 & still holding 3rd spot is probably indicative have topsy these first 5 rounds have been.
The Bay do have Mossies next week so let's see what happens the table after that battle for 3rd spot. Other than the Saints, Quinn's are one of the lowest scoring sides so they'll need to keep taking their chances to look for that blowout rink to give them a good look at putting the Agg away earlier in games.
Result: Quinns Rocks 6 - 2
Prediction: Safety Bay 6 - 2

Mosman Park 72 (7) v Bassendean 70 (1)
 Cameron Hoffman 20 v Travis Lynch  18
 Scott Edmonds 11 v Michael Erceg  24
 Dale Marsland 14 v Eugene O'Sullivan  12
 Stephen Jocelyn 27 v Rodney Revell  16

The Mossies fell over the finish line in dramatic fashion here against a strong fighting Basso side who came to win. The Lions did have their chances late on but just couldn't get the conversions.
Hoffman took Lynch by 2 shots, while Erceg roared back for the Lions by cruising to a 13 shot win against Edmonds which setup a grand finale. Marsland grabbed a valuable 2 shot win over O'Sullivan to give the Mossies a look at pulling some scores back but it all came down to Jocelyn & Rocket where Jocelyn just dominated Rocket's side at the key intervals to win by 11 shots & give the Mossies a 2 shot Agg win, which was very well needed.
The Lions played well enough to win so they'll take plenty out of this away performance but the what if's will be there during the week as a big W would have them a clear 3rd with a little gap to 5th.
Result: Mosman Park 7 - 1
Prediction: Mosman Park 6 - 2

Osborne Park 81 (6) v Gosnells 69 (2)
 John Carter 10 v Grant Nicol  23
 Mark Pasalich 22 v Brett Holland  10
 Lionel Bell 26 v Frank Carbone  27
 Michael Dewson 23 v Eoghan Gahan  9

Yes the Saints had some nice names retuning to their side & they needed a big performance to get their season up & running, and they delivered big time when needed. Gosnells mightn't think much of their performance but the Saints are too good to think they could go much more games without breaking their duck.
The kookaburras probably thought this division was cruisey after 2-0 after 2 rounds but 3 levellers since then leaves them 2-5 & in need of a bounce back.
Nicol felt at home on the surface as he cruised to a big 13 shot win against Carter. However, Pasalich jumped right back with Giuseppe up front for him by taking Holland by a dozen. Bell had a high scoring dinger against Carbone where Frank's side edged the last end to win by the minimum with 53 shots scored across both sides. Step up Dewson against Gallan as the Saints side kept the Gosnells rink to single digits, winning by 14 shots & cemented the Saints first major for the season.
Plenty for both sides to work on over the coming few rounds so it's a big few weeks ahead.
Result: Osborne Park 6 - 2
Prediction: Gosnells 6 - 2

Safety Bay522113.5430370116.2223.5
Mosman Park532011.5409371110.2423.5
Quinns Rocks5230935740089.2517.5
Osborne Park51405.533143176.89
D Turra40039Wanneroo
R Hall40018Safety Bay
B Ledingham41033Warwick
S Edmonds41030Mosman Park
S Mawdsley41027Warnbro
L Strange41022Warnbro
J Berecz41014Quinns Rocks
D Marsland31124Mosman Park
C Carruthers32032Safety Bay
N Ball32016Kardinya
K Toster32011Wanneroo
G Nicol32010Gosnells
M Erceg32010Bassendean
C Owen320-6Safety Bay
R Revell320-7Bassendean
C Parr320-10Quinns Rocks
S Jocelyn20024Mosman Park
D Pattullo21013Warnbro
M Pasalich2100Osborne Park
T Lynch2218Bassendean
D Triffitt2216Wanneroo
L Hill221-8Warwick
G Taylor2206Safety Bay
E O'Sullivan2301Bassendean
F Carbone2300Gosnells
B Holland230-4Gosnells
W Bezant230-5Kardinya
M Dewson230-5Osborne Park
H Ward230-7Wanneroo
C Hoffman230-7Mosman Park
S Vinci230-12Kardinya
C Stokes230-13Kardinya
J Borkowski230-17Warwick
A Holmes10010Safety Bay
E Widermanski1003Wanneroo
R Cantrill131-27Quinns Rocks
K Cousens1405Warnbro
M Hinchcliffe140-20Quinns Rocks
J Carter140-28Osborne Park
E Gahan140-32Gosnells
G Hinge140-34Warwick
A Freeman0010Safety Bay
L Bell020-12Osborne Park
P Allen020-13Osborne Park
W Baker020-20Warnbro
M Cranswick030-33Mosman Park
R Stockton030-42Osborne Park