Yokine caused the upset of the round beating Sorrento at home, grabbing the 7 points along the way. Huge win for the club. The young guns deliver away from home, Mt Lawley do what they do best. Morley took care of Swan at home and Mundaring score a great win at home against North Beach. Three sides have broken away from the pack and have themselves in a great position to go for the promotion to white that is on offer the pack behind them only 1 game separates so much between them all although the gap will widen next week for some should they not win.

Manning 2 74 (1) v Joondalup 81 (7)
 Greg Ginbey 20 v Wesley Neilson  16
 Brett Adams 17 v Ben Leggett  22
 Phil Gillespie 18 v Jimmy Buchanan  23
 Murray Piggott 19 v Patrick Daley  20

Great game this one – 7 points to Joondalup courtesy of the Leggett, Buchanan and Daley rinks whilst the Nielson rink was only beaten by 4 shots in the end it could have quite easily been 8 points. A close match in the end with only 7 shots separating the two sides. A good confidence boost for Joondalup who are now starting to get some reward for their earlier efforts.
Tip – Joondalup 6-2
Result - Joondalup 7-1
Sorrento 69 (1) v Yokine 90 (7)
 Ian Linford 12 v Trevor McGillivray  21
 Rick Munt 23 v Wayne Coffey  19
 Ronald Rogers 18 v Bradley Morrison  28
 Lance Martin 16 v Anthony Kay  22

Doggies take a bow wow! Sorrento were flying along had just hot the top of the ladder then where bitten hard by a supreme effort by Yokine. Not only did Yokine win they won by some 21 shots so not sure what happened in this match but some great wins by the seasoned skippers of Yokine in Trevor McGillivray 9 shot winner, Bradley Morrison 10 shots up, and the ever-green Antony Kay 6 shots up. Some very good wins there and the Doggies would have celebrated this one very hard.
Tip – Sorrento 7-1
Result - Yokine 7-1
Mt Lawley 87 (7) v Doubleview 66 (1)
 Andrew Jones 18 v Edward Johnson  17
 Corey Bessant 29 v Bradley Pearce  10
 Anthony Einfeld 22 v Ronald Haring  24
 Mark Masel 18 v Brandon Heta  15

Mt Lawley just a little to strong for The View and the common denotator in most Mt Lawley wins is that one rink always gets off the leach and makes the opposing side pay for it. This time it was the Corey Bessant rink that beat a very consistent Brad Pearce which hurt the view as this rink had been one of their stronger ones. Enfield found himself in another narrow loss with Ron Haring getting the views sole point. Mt Lawley continue on their way and Doubleview will regroup and get on with their season knowing that they will not be the only ones to lose on Mt Lawleys new synthetic’s.
Tip – Mt Lawley 8-0
Result Mt Lawley 7-1
Morley 79 (7) v Swan 71 (1)
 Mark Callcott 21 v Ian Cornthwaite  18
 Wayne Mitchell 18 v Daniel Wood  14
 Lindsay Sanders 19 v Alan Southern  17
 Les Spinks 21 v Tony Natalotto  22

Morley got their win as suspected and it was another close game as we thought it would be – Morley getting the aggregate by 8 shots with a even effort across all rinks ,2,3,4, shot winners thanks to the rinks of Sanders. Calcott and Mitchell. Tony Natalotto continues to win games and is Swans leading Skipper and grabbed an important point for Swan.
Tip – Morley 5-3
Result -Morley 7-1
Mundaring 81 (6) v North Beach 72 (2)
 John Doncon 32 v Lee Mitten  16
 Lindsay Pickles 15 v John Bartorillo  18
 Rex Cox 10 v Richard Aitken  22
 Geoffrey Bear 24 v John Carlsen  16

Mundaring open their winning account against a red-hot North Beach side. Very good win by Mundaring, it’s very hard to get form line on North Beach away from home and this was a game I thought they may win but not be. John Doncon finally had a well deserves win over Mitten by some 16 shots and he was supported by The Bear who beat Carlsen by 8 shots to secure the aggregate for Mundaring. Richard Aitken a former PL bowler himself is North Beach leading skip in one blue, playing some great bowls and his rink recorded a very good 12 shot win over the Inspector with Bertarelli making sure the Beach left
with a respectable 2 points. Congratulations to Mundaring on opening up their account. Tip – North Beach 6-2
Result - Mundaring 6-2
Mt Lawley550015465324143.5235
North Beach522110391378103.4420
M Masel50052Mt Lawley
A Kay50033Yokine
B Morrison40047Yokine
C Bessant41043Mt Lawley
R Munt41023Sorrento
L Martin41019Sorrento
W Mitchell41010Morley
M Callcott410-2Morley
M Piggott31139Manning
R Aitken31021North Beach
I Linford31020Sorrento
C McKenna31016Doubleview
G Bear3101Mundaring
A Einfeld32036Mt Lawley
J Carlsen32011North Beach
A Jones32010Mt Lawley
T Natalotto3203Swan
B Leggett320-6Joondalup
R Cox320-22Mundaring
E Johnson2101Doubleview
R Rogers2214Sorrento
J Bartorillo23017North Beach
J Buchanan2303Joondalup
B Heta2301Doubleview
D Wood2300Swan
P Daley230-8Joondalup
W Coffey230-27Yokine
L Mitten230-30North Beach
L Sanders230-30Morley
R Haring1002Doubleview
B Watts11022Doubleview
B Griffiths1108Manning
K Warne120-8Mundaring
G Ginbey120-14Manning
G Armstrong120-15Morley
W Neilson1310Joondalup
T McGillivray140-16Yokine
J Doncon140-25Mundaring
P Gillespie140-33Manning
B Pearce140-46Doubleview
L Spinks010-1Morley
G Taylor010-3Sorrento
R Dolton010-3Manning
I Cornthwaite010-3Swan
S Salamon010-4Manning
B Adams010-5Manning
A Schrauf010-6North Beach
M West010-16Morley
R Humfrey010-38Yokine
A Taylor020-20Manning
L Pickles030-12Mundaring
A Southern041-13Swan
D Park040-36Swan