Welcome to Round 7, as we start to see the real picture of what's expected in the new year. No real surprises & I'm sure we'll have some minor fluctuations but happy to punt that the table will remain relatively the same by R18.
Drum roll.......we have put all remaining 120 games into the amazing unreliable predictor machine & here's what we got:
Team Points
Wanneroo 103.5
Warnbro 100
Mosman Park 95
Safety Bay 75
Bassendean 70.5
Quinns Rock 66.5
Gosnells 66
Kardinya 59
Osborne Park 43
Warwick 41.5

There is tons of info built into the above but we can run through that over the coming weeks. And I won't even touch on the story of the century that Basso are only 1 game off Finals spot where they could go into PL through the Finals while saying hello to their team mates coming down from PL (joking but on current form it could potentially happen)?!! Obviously plenty can change over the coming months but its only for fun so lets not look into it too much. If any sides are unhappy about their potential position they should rock up on Saturday & change the outcome as that's where the power of change comes from. Good luck to all this weekend.


S Edmonds, L Beurteaux, D Adams, M Van Bemmel
D Marsland, M Robertson, S Swanson, T Massang
S Jocelyn, A Gryta, W Tan, O Dawson
C Hoffman, M Cranswick, G Hagan, T Cranswick
IN: S Edmonds, G Hagan
OUT: P Fair, R Kershaw

S Vinci, D Wood, K Stower, M Holt
N Ball, J Rochford, R McNamara, W Lee
C Stokes, C Booth, R Knapp, G Knight
W Bezant, G Fewings, B Regan, J Edgar
IN: C Stokes
OUT: G Wake

The Mossies will be flying high after a very solid performance last week & the Kats will be disappointed after dropping one they would of expected to win. Both sides coincidentally finished last week with 81-83 but unfortunately both sides finished the opposites sides of the ledger with the Mossies winning & the Kats dropping the home Agg.
Hard to see the home side not finding some way of grabbing the Agg in this match-up as they'll be keen on getting back home for a few games. Kardinya have won 2 from 3 on the road but this one will be alot tougher than the previous ones.
Mosman Park 7 - 1


C Parr, W Fairjones, L Johnson, S Newbey
R Cantrill, A Barker, T Hines, R Thomas
M Hinchcliffe, S Cooper, P Wernicke, S Cavanagh
J Berecz, B Crawford, C Bartle, S Smith
IN: S Myers
OUT: P Wernicke

K Cousens, G Watts, M Rae, T Lutey
W Baker, D Pattullo, L Kellow, J Maley
L Strange, Dr G Jackson, A Shone, D Phillips
S Mawdsley, K Bancroft, M McGloin, D Kitson
IN: P Guelfi
OUT: T Lutey

Another tough assignment for Quinns this Round as they host the high flying Wizards in a must win game for Quinns. Quinns have 3 of the next 4 games at home so it's a huge opportunity for them to hit a nice purple patch. From the predictor if they don't get the majority of points over the next few games they will likely struggle on the back end of the season. Only minor changes on both sides as the tweaking continues.
If Warnbro can get a good matchup on Berecz & Parr then they'll go a long way in controlling the outcome & it's very similar for Quinns because controlling their 2 dominants rinks in Mawdsley & Strange so interesting to see the matchups here.
Warnbro 6 - 2


E O'Sullivan, P Madigan, H Goddard, M Bessant
R Revell, A Smith, J Morss, G Stokes
J Krstic, T Lynch, W Davidson, N Kirkup
M Erceg, A Caccioppoli, R Ellis, D Snelgar
IN: J Morss, J Krstic, A Cacciopolli
OUT: L Alden J Holman, B Tie

C Owen, R Kennedy, P Daynes, Z Boddy
C Carruthers, J Radford, S Hide, S Foran
G Taylor, A Freeman, G Ogg, J Hanafee
R Hall, A Holmes, J Thorington, S McBriar
IN: No changes

Big game for both sides as both have lost 2 games on the trot so something has to give this Round. The Lions have 3 of the next 4 games at home, so it's a massive opportunity to put some real points on the board & this next 4 weeks will define their season. Its somewhat of a head scratcher to understand how The Bay are sitting 4th after only winning 2 games but this goes to show that when they win they win big. Basso probably need 1 rink to start dominating as they barely have a rink inside the top 20 on the skippers ladder. This shows a good spread of talent across the rinks but also indicates that they'll need a few to step up over the coming weeks to try & push for that blowout rink to carry the close Aggs.
Bassendean 6 - 2


G Smith, G Hinge, M Golding, D Herbert
L Hill, B McNamara, R Loran, J Konig
B Ledingham, C Boyle, K Pearce, D Dunstan
J Borkowski, A Hornby, A Henneker, I Sparrowhawk
IN: No changes

J Carter, B Boyd, A Garlick, R Clark
M Pasalich, F Di Giuseppe, M Carmichael, P Allen
C Fleay, L Bell, J Minchin, R Herbert
M Dewson, S Pasalich, B Poggi, I Bryden
IN: A Garlick, M Carmichael
OUT: A Pasalich, R Wemm

Both sides here are in a world of trouble over the first third of the season, so hopefully they can find some form & get themselves out of trouble. There's a couple of changes for the Saints with Maxi & Garlick coming in, then Di Giuseppe moving up to 3rd which could be significant. On form it's actually the Saints edging the result for me as Magpies are now running a 0-5 where as the Saints tasted victory in R5. If last season was anything to go by then Saints are also well ahead although they never got to play the corresponding fixture at Warwick with COVID.
If the Magpies lose this it's hard to not see them playing 1 Blue next year. I'll side with Warwick purely because they are desperate to win but this one will define both seasons.
Warwick 6 - 2


D Turra, E Widermanski, B Nelson, B McMurdo
K Toster, D Griffin, R Humphryson, H Whitman
H Ward, M Nievelstein, G Sarich, B Bucowski
D Triffitt, N Palmer, L Bryson, G Jack
IN: No changes

G Nicol, S Harris, N Tulett, D Bradbury
B Holland, G Lynch, T Auckland, M Rickard
E Gahan, P Gale, M Crabb, C Watters
F Carbone, P Deas, C Hickinbotham, I Farley
IN: No changes

The Roo's are rolling nicer than a Cuban cigar factory while still playing most of the top sides. Gosnells had a great start 2-0 then dropped some close games but took a great result last week to get them back on track. Running 50% now gives them a chance here but they'll need some fine bowls this Round to topple the top side at home. If Gosnells do keep it close they might have a good chance late on as Wanneroo are not really finishing teams off from the scoring perspective as 5 of their 6 games were decided by 13 shots or under.
I can see this one being close enough but I just can't see past the Roo's getting a blowout rink to define the Agg. Stranger things have happened & both sides remain unchanged across the 16 so it'll be straight shot out of focusing on beating your own man in those 1 on 1's.
Wanneroo 7 - 1