A number of massive and possibly exciting contests will be played this Saturday, the results just might give us a clearer picture for possible finalists in this competitive division.
The games that could produce surprises are Rockingham versus Cockburn, with the clash at Kalamunda being another one. In fact all games look mighty interesting, with other possible surprises.


B Roelefs, D Bandy, T Percival, J Percival
M McRae, M Petrich, G Reagan, M Hughes
S Kelly, D Calvo, R Negus, L Moretti
V Santostefano, A Durrant, J Galipo, B Owen
INS: A Durrant
OUTS: I Rennie

T Krajancic, D Golem, B Ciccotosto, J Trigwell
B Coote, M Lindsay, M Gill, A Hocken
S McCormack, J Stewart, B Wright, B Sumich
P Wachmer, M Ngui, K Bowden, J Chessell
INS: B Wright
OUTS: J Townsend

These sides are sitting third and fourth on the table, so on paper they are close together, but I think that this contest just might prove the undoing of the visiting Mariners.
South Perth are a confident side and they play on their synthetic surface in a controlled manner, proving very hard to beat at home. Both the Roelofs and McRae rinks having fine seasons, with the other fours very capable units. The Mariners normally rely on the Krajancic rink to carry the day, but last week the rink skipped by Barry Coote held sway I see. I think the home side will be too solid for the port side, especially with the addition of Adrian Durrant who is a class act.
South Perth 8-0


W Olive, R Pringle, H Clifford, M Thomas
B Brandsma, R Cooper, T Price, T Mountford
D Wooltorton, I Quayle, G McDonald, M Clancy
A Bartlett, P Townsend, B Farrant, V Hughes
INS: G McDonald
OUTS: A Burt

N Shannon, A Anderson, D Clayton, D Cleal
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
G Ford, J Bowden, B Eather, R Bellis
J Newton, G Burgess, A Andersson, P Hickey
INS: No changes

The Cougars versus the Lions, in this enthralling contest to be held up at Kalamunda in the foothills of beautiful Perth. We know who should win this contest in the wild, but who will win at the sedate and peaceful home of the Cougars?. The Lions didn’t get their kill last week, so they will be mighty hungry, but the Cougars went tantalisingly close at the port. Will they go one better this week? Two classy players in Brandsma and Vandersluys could clash, that would be interesting to watch. A hard one to pick, however if the Cougars carry on their good form from last week, they just might sneak across the line.
Kalamunda 6-2


S Hutchinson, K Tremlett, L Atkins, D Poole
B Edwards, M Peters, T Threlfall, G Roberts
M Devenny, P Villa, S Wales, J Laukkanen
R Costello, J Lethlean, M Wilson, T Rubery
INS: G Roberts
OUTS: F Smith

M Simunovic, M Musulin, D Gurr, D Dobb
J Marevic, I Mateljak, M Krajancic, A Edwards
W Tepania, D Ravlich, S Srhoy, B Blagaich
K Wylie, J Ricci, M Zusman, D Topine
INS: No changes

This game to be played down south at windy Rockingham, could just tell us if the Roosters are up to the task ( pardon the inference ). Both teams suffered losses last week, so they will be keen to reverse that happening this Saturday. It appears to me that both teams have very similar line ups this week, which means stable rinks. Will the visiting sixteen travel better than previous weeks? Time will tell.
Even though the Roosters sit second on the ladder, compared to the Rams in sixth spot, I am going to boldly predict an upset here.
Rockingham 6-2


M Piggott, S Adams, B Connell, P Barrow
A Pryce, D Mcllheney, S Salamon, M Ellis
M Carey, G Hogg, A Lill, S Lambert
G O'Brien, W Heldt, N Rees, M Hoskin
INS: M Piggott, B Connell
OUTS: B Griffiths, A Taylor

J Stean, D Innes, N Holden, J Mitchell
M Yates, G Beckwith, D Slade, M White
G Vaughan, G Collier, C Penaluna, A Williams
P Pohe, M Separovich, J Thorn, P Riggio
INS: G Vaughan
OUTS: I Rewell

1st. Versus 9th here, so you would think that the Eagles would fly sky high wouldn’t you. But i sniff a possible upset looming, with the Eagles forced to make a number of changes to their normally stable sixteen. A big loss, with skip Alan Pryce missing, has prompted the selectors at Manning to reshuffle the decks big time. Mcillwhenny and Piggott to skip for the first time in 1st Blue South, both accomplished players though. Glynn Vaughan back for the Ravens, a big inclusion if fit and healthy. The inclusion of Yates for the visitors, has certainly add some flair to the already noisy Ravens.
I am going to go for the Ravens, a big call I know.
Thornlie 6-2


I Unkovich, N Silich, B Yakas, B Bavcevic
K Nadilo, N Sokol, B Dropulic, T Fiamengo
D Tomasich, T Mathein, T Gimblett, M Krajancic
I Perica, B Vidovich, J Stojan, I Dragicevich
INS: No changes

C Standley, K Willis, B Smith, T Maxwell
T Simpson, Dave Newton, S Ivory, R Fortini
R Foy, G Dodd, L Onley Jnr, R Butler
H McKay, C McMahon, I Gray, S Farrell
INS: H McKay, C McMahon
OUTS: Daniel Newton, R Hunter,

10th versus 7th in this game to be played at Spearwood on Saturday. Will the Hawks be able to handle the slick synthetic? I note that there are three big “ outs “ for the visitors Kevin McKay, Daniel Newton and Robbie Hunter, two skips and a third. They still have class players in Simpson, Dodd, Standley, Hugh McKay to name a few. The home side had a surprise win last week. Can they produce an upset here? Maybe, me thinks. Spearwood were able to win at Thornlie, even without the Unkovich rink prevailing on the day.
I think that the home ground advantage, plus the outs for the Hawks, might be just enough for the home side to win.
Spearwood 6-2