A draw , an upset away win by Yokine destroyed my tips and once again I delivered 3 correct whilst The Millers dropped their first aggregate point for the season Basso and Doubleview continued on their winning way – 1 Blue once again produces another top weekend of bowls !
Cook, Mark 12 v Cousins, Mervyn 23
Revell, Rodney 16 v Cox, Rex 22
O'Sullivan, Eugene 24 v Lynch, John 15
Erceg, Michael 27 v Van Der Reest, Phillip 9

Mundaring put up a great fight in this game in the end only going down by 10 shots on the big board. Merv Cousins and Inspector Rex were good winners on their respective rinks but it was the Mick Erceg show ably assisted by Peter Madigan , Brett Tie and Mike Bessant who really were the difference in the end winning by a massive 18 shots over Phil Van Der Reest , with Eugene O’Sullivan proving to be a very good once again in the Skippers role for Basso. Great match with Basso getting the chocolates in the end and Mundaring taking a very valuable 2 points back up the hill.

Bassendean 8-0 – Result Bassendean 6 -2

DOUBLEVIEW 86 (7) v ROSSMOYNE 2 72 (1)
Langdon, Winton 26 v Currie, Alastair 15
Tennant, Andrew 22 v Herbert, Allan 14
Johnson, Edward 14 v Bartlett, Stanley 27
Herriot, Guy 24 v Beacroft, George 16

As expected, Doubleview got the job done in good style although Rossmoyne 2 did manage to grab a point which could very well be very handy come seasons end. Winton Langdon will be relieved to back in the winner’s circle for the first time this season along with Andrew Tennant and the ever-reliable Guy Herriot and team securing another win for the View. Good solid win for The View and two on the trot giving them great confidence for next week’s tough away game at Mundaring.

Doubleview 8-0 – Result Doubleview 7-1

Jones, Geoffrey 10 v Roelofs, Bill 32
Byres, Ashley 15 v Durrant, Adrian 17
Buckley, Stephen 15 v Santostefano, Vincent 26
Brown, Ryan 19 v Bandy, Denis 18

News Flash …………………… South Perth in an upset only grab 7 points, Denis Bandy try as he might could not secure the perfect 8 for The Millers going down by the narrowest of margins 1 shot to Cambridge’s Ryan Brown which in its self is not a bad effort indeed. The usual Skips were up to their normal high standards grabbing a 34-shot win across their 3 respective rinks. Well done to them on a great start the pressure is now off so that’s a look out for the rest of the comp!! The Knights cannot be that far off a win and it may well just come next week against the rampant Doggies.

South Perth – Result South Perth 7-1

WANNEROO 56 (1) v YOKINE 81 (7)
Denny, Steve 17 v Coffey, Wayne 23
Turra, Darren 13 v Morrison, William 23
Toster, Kingsley 12 v Kay, Anthony 23
Widermanski, Echo 14 v McGillivray, Trevor 12

Doggies two weeks in a row, what a great result for their club and they are sending a message that they will not be easy to beat home or away this season. Great win grabbing 7 points on Wanneroo soil is never easy. It’s a game I think The Roo’s would have expected to win but losing a few personal last season along with the PL may just be putting a little pressure on their 1 blue side at present but I’m sure they will work it out. On the flip side the Doggies will be full of confidence and looking at 3 on the trot should they get over Cambridge in R5, I won’t be tipping against them that’s for sure that’s the second time they have ruined my tips !!

Wanneroo 7-1- Result Yokine 7-1

KALAMUNDA 72 (4) v SWAN 72 (4)
Olive, Wayne 20 v Southern, Alan 22
Cooper, Rodney 16 v Natalotto, Tony 15
Gosstray, Stewart 18 v Tibbles, George 19
Bartlett, Arthur 18 v Park, David 16

Outstanding match this one as both sides threw all that had at this match to grab the aggregate, no more than 2 shots separated any rink. Hard to say who would have been happier Swan or the home side Kalamunda? I’m tipping both would be happy to take 4 points each after such a tight day. Kalamunda showed they are back to some good form and Swan also answer some questions, putting up a great fight up the hill. Both sides will be looking at getting back onto the winners list next week no doubt and I see no reason why they cannot.

Kalamunda 6-2 – Draw Result 4-4

South Perth440015381218174.7731
B Roelefs40053South Perth
A Durrant40043South Perth
G Herriot40037Doubleview
V Santostefano40023South Perth
G Tibbles30119Swan
D Bandy31044South Perth
T Natalotto31034Swan
M Erceg31028Bassendean
M Cousins31027Mundaring
A Tennant31018Doubleview
A Southern31016Swan
R Revell31012Bassendean
A Kay20112Yokine
E O'Sullivan20014Bassendean
G Bear2007Mundaring
P Griffiths2005Yokine
R Brown2004Cambridge
W Morrison21024Yokine
S Bartlett2109Rossmoyne
E Widermanski210-5Wanneroo
D Park22016Swan
S Buckley2206Cambridge
M Cook2205Bassendean
W Coffey2204Yokine
A Bartlett2203Kalamunda
J Lynch220-5Mundaring
R Cox220-12Mundaring
D Turra110-7Wanneroo
A Byres130-10Cambridge
S Denny130-11Wanneroo
R Cooper130-14Kalamunda
W Langdon130-18Doubleview
T McGillivray130-19Yokine
S Gosstray130-19Kalamunda
G Beacroft130-23Rossmoyne
W Olive130-27Kalamunda
K Warne010-4Mundaring
P White010-7Rossmoyne
E Leahy010-9Cambridge
K Toster010-11Wanneroo
M Carmichael010-17Rossmoyne
D Phillips010-18Cambridge
P Van Der Reest010-18Mundaring
N Strachan020-17Bassendean
M Nievelstein030-15Wanneroo
A Currie030-26Rossmoyne
M Golding030-37Wanneroo
E Johnson040-25Doubleview
A Herbert040-29Rossmoyne
G Jones040-60Cambridge