Very much a round of predictable results, with the top four teams all having big wins to keep the fight on for the top four spots, well and truly alive.
The Mossies are now 13.5 points in front of the second placed North Beach Blues, and are in the box seat to get automatic promotion, which they thoroughly deserve.
I guess the game at Ossie Park was called off due to a wet track, 4-4 being the result posted.
NORTH BEACH 1 105 (7) v STIRLING 61 (1)
Douthie, Mark 31 v Pasalich, Mark 16
Devenish, Geoffrey 15 v Marinovich, Peter 21
Kuziela, Ron 39 v Marovic, Mick 11
McGinlay, Joe 20 v Yaksich, Nick 13

Forty four point win at home to the Blue boys, who demolished the hapless Stirling Wolves.
A huge win to the team skipped by Ron Kuzelia, ably assisted by Leo Mola, Damien Moore, and the third Dick Hunter, who beat the Marinovich four by twenty eight shots.
Douthie and McGinlay also winning for the home side.
The only bright spot for the Wolves was the win of the well performed Marovic rink, who beat the Devenish team.
WANNEROO 112 (8) v NORTH BEACH 2 41 (0)
Costello, Neville 32 v Aitken, Richard 10
Turra, Darren 28 v Crosthwaite, Gavin 9
Fewster, Stephen 23 v Howe, Alan 14
Flack, Peter 29 v Schrauf, Alan 8

A massive win to the Roos, who bounced back to form with an absolute demolition over the Blue boys second team.
Big wins to all of the home sides rinks, with new skip Peter Flack taking the reigns from David Triffitt, and winning by twenty one shots.
Sixty one shots was the margin at the finish of a very one sided contest, a great percentage boost to Wanneroo. Could this win get them back on the right track?
North Beach2 with little chance of avoiding demotion, it would appear.
ARMADALE 63 (0) v MOSMAN PARK 100 (8)
Davis, Brian 20 v Hoffman, Cameron 26
Hunt, Chadd 13 v Mckenna, Christopher 21
Mckay, Hugh 16 v Walker, Paul 19
Acton, Mark 14 v Wishart, Graeme 34

The Mossies travelled the long journey out to the home of the " Storm ", and came home happy with eight points, and a thirty seven shot win.
The big winner was Rooster Wishart, Alek Gryta, Guy Hagen, and good lead Mark Robertson, who smashed the Acton rink by twenty shots.
Hugh McKay from the Stotm, as always putting up a brave fight to the Walker led rink, but falling at the last hurdle.
SPEARWOOD 70 (2) v KARDINYA 93 (6)
Nadilo, Ken 20 v Vinci, Stephen 19
Silich, Nikola 14 v Knapp, Ross 38
Perica, Ivan 15 v Fewings, Graeme 22
Unkovich, Ivan 21 v Eades, Graeme 14

The Kats scooted just down the road to Spearwood, and would be well pleased to win the aggregate by twenty three shots.
Ross Knapp, with Tony Regan, Mike Cooper and Otto Dawson, annihilating the Silich rink by twenty four shots. Kat Fewings picking up the other win for the visitors.
The reliable duo in Ken Nadilo and Ivan Unkovich, grabbing two valuable points for the losers.
Spearwood clinging to eighth spot, but not by much over the Blues second side.

Mosman Park15132045.51325961137.8897.5
Nth Beach 11510414213121062123.5484
Osborne Park1568125.5970110987.4751.5
Nth Beach 215312021.51102122689.8933.5
G Wishart1221117Mosman Park
J McGinlay123065Nth Beach 1
P Walker112162Mosman Park
R Kuziela1140101Nth Beach 1
C McKenna103186Mosman Park
S Fewster103170Wanneroo
G Devenish94217Nth Beach 1
C Hoffman96092Mosman Park
M Douthie96067Nth Beach 1
N Costello96049Wanneroo
S Vinci96035Kardinya
M Marovic861-3Stirling
G Hinge86050Warwick
D Triffitt86047Wanneroo
J Borkowski86015Warwick
L Mitten76129Nth Beach 2
B Ledingham761-17Warwick
J Post761-51Warwick
P Marinovich771-21Stirling
R Knapp770-9Kardinya
G Fewings61046Kardinya
P Augustson64018Nth Beach 2
K Nadilo66231Spearwood
I Unkovich672-17Spearwood
M Pasalich690-43Stirling
D Flintoff53032Kardinya
H McKay582-26Armadale
R Brown411-9Osborne Park
M Dewson430-3Osborne Park
R Hunter440-2Nth Beach 2
J Thorn481-33Osborne Park
G Eades3109Kardinya
K Mackay320-5Armadale
T Weir3308Osborne Park
I Perica340-9Spearwood
C Fleay351-28Osborne Park
N Silich382-62Spearwood
H Ward3816Wanneroo
N Babich381-76Stirling
D Turra20020Wanneroo
L Beurteaux2007Mosman Park
N Yaksich2103Stirling
C Stokes240-1Kardinya
J Carter250-19Osborne Park
F Digiuseppe250-54Osborne Park
A Schrauf260-41Nth Beach 2
B Yakas260-67Spearwood
M Acton270-22Armadale
B Davis2120-111Armadale
P Flack10021Wanneroo
N Ball1003Kardinya
I Barrie11010Kardinya
J Smith110-19Spearwood
R Aitken140-28Nth Beach 2
M Vitale011-15Nth Beach 2
B Poggi010-1Osborne Park
C Jones010-2Kardinya
N Fitzgerald010-8Armadale
A Howe010-9Nth Beach 2
D Black010-10Armadale
G Crosthwaite010-19Nth Beach 2
I Dragicevich010-25Spearwood
R Humphryson020-26Wanneroo
A Cocodis020-29Kardinya
G Barr041-31Nth Beach 2
S Wattleworth060-26Nth Beach 2
C Hunt070-62Armadale
D Newton080-77Armadale