Another absorbing round of results in the Premier League, now only 8 points separating 45th to 9th and only 1 win. The top 3 seem set now, Doubleview in 3rd now 6.5 points clear and in this topsy turvy year it's not really safe but you's think they are home, but 4th spot is still anyones. Even Sorrento who sit 9th if they string wins in their last 3 games gives themselves an opportunity to get there.
The skippers table is also interesting. Daniel Brown sits on top and has ben the standout skipper all year but out of the top 9 skippers, they come from 8 different clubs. Only Warnbro who sit 7th on the ladder has a multiple skipper in that list, being Brad Cole and Steve Novak. Morley obviously don't feature but interestingly also Osborne Park. If you drill down to the top 20 though, Kardinya then you can see why they sit atop as they have all 4 skippers in the top 20. Doubleview and Cambridge have 3 and most of the others have 2. Manning and Bassendean which have 2 of the top 3 skippers in Dale Marsland and Simon Alden then don't feature again in the top 20.
Rhodes, David 21 v Loftus, Shane 15
Margin, Chris 13 v Eagles, Bruce 24
Alden, Simon 21 v Butler, Rhett 15
Nicholls, Dan 25 v Lander, Christopher 17

After all the rain we experienced in the Metro area since Thursday and especially Sat morning which saw a handful of clubs close their greens our greens were still very playable. I thought our home ground might be dissipated but our guys were great and really controlled the game from the outset. My rink set the tone getting out to an 18-1 lead over Rhett Butler but the Sorrento boys really knuckled down after that and pegged it back to a game score of 21-15, winning the last 6 ends and ensuring the overall results wasn't a complete whitewash. My leader Mike Bessants game was fantastic and really set us up. For Morley I thought Mal Burton had the best game over the whole 21 ends but everyone chipped in at some stage.
Elsewhere though the games were tight early, Chris Lander was marginally in front of Dan Nicholls and Shane Loftus were about square after a handful of ends, but both of those rinks then pulled away and put some space to both win handsomely. Rhodes by 6 and Nicholls by 8.
Sorrento's point came from Bruce Eagles and Chris Margin had his boys firing and were up 13-6 but didn't score another point as Eagles and also Murray Hulbert who looked like he had a super game won their last 9 ends to win by 11 and give their club a shot overall. In the context of the season it was a win Bassendean needed to give themselves a shot at staying in the top flight. A loss it was probably curtains for the club. For Sorrento also a win would have spaced them with Bassendean but a loss isn't curtain fr them. The Round 17 game against Warnbro is pivotal to the fortunes of both of those ckubs now, with Bassendean to play Morley at home and a game they would be expected to win, that clash has huge implications. Of course if any of those 3 clubs can win one of the other 3 games they play then that is safety. Interestingly Sorrentos percentage see them 4th in the League, which may come into play at seasons end.

Bassendean: Osborne Park away, Morley home, Kardinya away
Sorrento: Doubleview home, Warnbro away, South Perth home
Opie, David 17 v Nairn, Blake 14
Adams, Clive 17 v Caffell, Gary 20
Perica, Slavko 24 v Packer, Cody 11
Strahan, Lance 22 v Stevens, Neville 14

a 21 shot win to Cambridge has given them a real shot at playing finals this year as they are now equal with 4th placed Manning on points. It looks the decisive margin on the Sam Perica rink over Cody Packer was the deciding factor in a clash of the two skippers in the top 20. Perica is having a superb year and really stepped up to the plate when asked at the start of the year when Pieter Harris couldn't commit to the start of the season. Harris is back now with Clive Adams and they had a slight 3 shot loss to Gary Caffell to give Osborne Park their only point for the day. Lance Strahan in a good 8 shot win over Neville Stevens and David Opie a 3 shot win over Blake Nairn in a tight tussle.
As mentioned, the win to Cambridge puts them 5th and equal points but Osborne Park only 2.5 points away and with Bassendean this weekend which they would be expecting to win might also see themselves nestled in the top 4 after the games coming up. Manning play Kardinya in a tough contest and Cambridge face Morley which they should win so Osborne Park with a decent run home could be the smokie to sneak into that 4th spot on the ladder. Cambridge though after Morley have 2 tough games, a win in either of them and they may the 4th placed team.

Cambridge: Morleyaway, Kardinya home, Manning away
Osborne Park: Bassendean home, Doubleview away, Warnbro home
Edmonds, Scott 26 v Durrant, Adrian 8
Slavich, Charles 25 v Walker, Scott 15
Slavich, John 22 v Opie, Justin 17
Moyle, Ryan 31 v Griffin, Neale 9

What an amazing scoreline, whilst 8-0 may have been on peoples radar for a Doubleview win, especially at home, the size of the win probably was not. 55 shots is a hiding really with 3 rinks double figure margins and it is a healthy percentage booster, 6 percent better than 4th placed Manning but also 8 percent better than 2nd placed South Perth. Could doubleview sneak in to the coveted double chance, they are only 4 points behind top placed Kardinya, so they may even get that top spot and home finals, especially if Cambridge get in to 4th spot, being the only grass club and of course finals are always played on grass gives them a decided advantage come finals time.
I didn't hear much about the game itself but having played at Doubleview it would be fair to say the rain affected the green and obviously not South Perths fancy. Maybe their achilles heel is a slow surface, will we see clubs watering their greens now when playing South Perth at home? It's probably an isolated incident and the Millers still sit 2nd and 10 points clear of the pack chasing them so they will play finals. Thye will put this game behind and go back home next week and try and chalk up a win.

Doubleview: Sorrento away, Osborne Park home, Morley away
South Perth: Warnbro home, Manning home, Sorrento away
KARDINYA 108 (7) v MORLEY 52 (1)
Foy, Robert 27 v Apps, Ewen 8
Rankin, David 18 v Ingram, Travis 20
McKay, Kevin 29 v Mitchell, Wayne 19
Brown, Daniel 34 v Aungier, Scott 5

Pretty much an expected result here as Kardinya give Morley their 4th consecutive 50 shot defeat but they did grab a point this time when Travis Ingram defeated Dave Rankin by 2 shots. Ingram has been the best of the Morley skippers this year and may well be their only highlight to come out of the year. When they play White next year they will be a lot more competitive I would think. Kardinya with the win coupled with the pointless South Perth sees them sit back on top of the ladder but with Doubleview and South Perth having a good run home, the top 3 positions still aren't really set positionally.

Kardinya: Manning away, Cambridge away, Bassendean home
Morley: Cambridge home, Bassendean away, Doubleview home
WARNBRO 92 (7) v MANNING 71 (1)
Strange, Lindsay 28 v Marsland, Dale 24
Novak, Steven 16 v Knott, Shane 19
Trewhella, John 26 v Williams, Anthony 8
Cole, Bradley 22 v Mitchell, Thomas 20

Warnbro have won again at home and given them a small amount of breathing room with the demotion position of 9th but also like other sides if they can string 3 more wins together then they give themselves a shot at playing finals. Their significant home ground has given them the edge and they showed it again Saturday albeit only 1 rink really showing the way, that of John Trewhella winning by 18 over Ant Williams. Brad Cole having a great year winning again by 2 over Tom Mitchell and Lindsay Strange in a high scoring encounter by 4 over Dale Marsland. Shane Knott the sole winner for Manning with his 3 shot win over Steve Novak
So how does the future look for these sides. Warnbro have the crunch game against Sorrento in Round 17 and my predictor excel sheet suggests the loser of this game is looking down the barrle unless they win a game outside of Round 17. Warnbro play South Perth and Osborne Park away from home, which would be a tall order but nothing this season is impossible, but based upon two losses there their home ground game against Sorrento looks a tipping point. Manning currently in 4th don't have the luxury of a game against Morley like Cambridge does and they have a tough run home, Kardy home and South Perth away but the Round 18 game against Cambridge looks like it might be the winner gets in to the finals. Being at Manning surface is to their advantage. Manning have to try and find a win against the sides currently sitting 1st, 2nd and 5th. It looks beyond them.

Warnbro: South Perth away, Sorrento home, Osborne Park away
Manning: Kardinya home, South Perth away, Cambridge home
Warnbro report

The Wizards hosted the Eagles on what was the first occasion on which the roof cover came into its own on what was a very wet day down at Warnbro. The Wizards were hoping to repeat their good home form displayed against the View two weeks ago, and were aware of the poor away record of the Eagles this season. The Wizards took the early ascendancy and, after 35 ends with all rinks ahead, they led the aggregate by as much as 50-21. Much of the dominance was on the John Trewhella-led rink.
The Eagles gradually cut down the aggregate to an 11 shot difference as they fought back on three rinks before the Wizards again gained the ascendancy to run out 21 shot victors and gain 7 precious points in what is rapidly becoming a cut-throat competition. John Trewhella was in complete control of his game against Anthony Williams, restricting the Eagles to a mere 8 shots for the game. Lindsay Strange led Dale Marsland’s crew for much of the day. However, dropping one end by 7 shots let the Eagles back into the game, before the Wizards edged ahead at the end to record an impressive win against the second placed rink on the Skippers list. Brad Cole led Tom Mitchell for the whole game in what was a fairly tight affair. The Wizards went in to the last end leading by 3 shots and held on to win by 2 shots despite Tom Mitchell’s brave attempt to gain 4 shots with his last bowl.
Shane Knott was the only Eagles winner over Steve Novak where the Eagles overhauled the Wizards on the last few ends.
The Wizards visit the Millers next Friday night for a clash with the joint League leaders in what will be a very tough assignment.

South Perth15114031.511741124104.4575.5
Osborne Pk1587030.511691112105.1362.5
D Brown1140100Kardinya
D Marsland114071Manning
S Alden105035Bassendean
G Pauling93057South Perth
B Cole9417Warnbro
C Lander94045Sorrento
S Novak95140Warnbro
S Perica95119Cambridge
R Moyle96029Doubleview
D Opie960-14Cambridge
J Slavich83337Doubleview
D Rankin84149Kardinya
G Caffell85218Osborne Pk
R Foy86128Kardinya
K McKay86117Kardinya
C Adams86041Cambridge
B Eagles87017Sorrento
S Edmonds73048Doubleview
C Packer76232Osborne Pk
N Stevens7617Osborne Pk
J Opie77135South Perth
C Slavich77133Doubleview
S Knott77112Manning
D Nicholls771-11Bassendean
T Mitchell780-18Manning
S Walker65022South Perth
A Williams6634Manning
J Trewhella6722Warnbro
L Strahan681-13Cambridge
N Griffin550-6South Perth
C Margin560-7Bassendean
S Loftus582-6Sorrento
L Grigg580-7Osborne Pk
L Strange470-47Warnbro
R Butler41003Sorrento
D Rhodes3327Bassendean
A Sharp350-36South Perth
W Mitchell3110-73Morley
K McIlroy21016Doubleview
B Nairn220-21Bassendean
T Ingram2112-110Morley
T Murray10016Sorrento
P Davies1004Kardinya
K Cousens1111Warnbro
G Taylor1108Sorrento
B Nairn1207Osborne Pk
A Durrant120-16South Perth
P Aungier161-62Morley
L Pike160-38Bassendean
E Apps160-79Morley
A Cowie0010Warnbro
B Manton010-6South Perth
P Harris010-14Cambridge
D Comrie010-15Kardinya
P Cole010-15Warnbro
L Sanders010-16Morley
T Dawson010-19Morley
J Armstrong010-26Morley
B Brandsma021-28Doubleview
V Princi020-16Morley
W Neilson050-48Morley
S Aungier060-100Morley