The Cockburn Roosters were beaten again in round fifteen. Two consecutive losses on grass tells me they have a long way to go to being a really top team. However they have the advantage of two home games in the remaining three games, although one of those is against the second placed Safety Bay green machine, so they should still finish on top.
At this very moment the Roosters sit 9.5 points in front of both Safety Bay and Leeming, and ten points in front of Leeming.
The good men from Mt Pleasant will definitely be demoted unfortunately. It would appear that the Melville clubs ongoing dispute with the City of Melville has cost the Mounties dearly, as it would seem that Melville have left the Mounties to there own devices.
HILTON PARK 82 (7) v MELVILLE 60 (1)
Standley, Craig 17 v Leahy, Travis 18
Wood, Daniel 24 v Regan, Dwain 10
Simpson, Travis 21 v White, Geoffrey 16
Bajic, Joseph 20 v Crabtree, Tim 16

The Hawks would be well pleased with this result, the aggregate win and seven points into the bargain. The reshuffle of both Dodd and Hunter to play as thirds worked for this fixture anyway.
Daniel Wood with Butler, O'Byrne, and Robbie Hunter as third, were the big winners with a big hiding dished out to the inconsistent Regan rink.
Young Travis Simpson giving a bowls lesson to the experienced Geoff White too, I have heard.
Travis Leahy picking up the solitary point for Melville.
SAFETY BAY 95 (6) v GOSNELLS 66 (2)
Beaumont, Paul 21 v Heldt, Wayne 22
Hall, Ron 29 v Tulett, Nigel 12
Carruthers, Chris 12 v Crabb, Maurice 25
Kennedy, Raymond 33 v Holland, Brett 7

Another good win to the home side, beating the disappointing Gosnells outfit by some twenty nine shots.
The rinks skipped by Ray Kennedy and Ron Hall having big wins of twenty six, and seventeen shots respectively.
Maurice Crabb for the visitors, beating the Carruthers rink by a good thirteen shots, and Wayne Heldt grabbing another valuable point for the Kookaburras.
Gosnells looking likely to be in the relegation play offs.
Freund, Peter 20 v TePania, William 14
Florance, David 18 v Marevich, Josip (Joe) 21
Simms, Michael 21 v Krajancic, Marko 17
Staude, Noel 26 v Musulin, Mirko 13

The Reds showing that no one can take them lightly, in beating the top side of the Roosters, quite comfortably in the end by twenty shots.
The veteran Noel Staude and his rink of Johnson, Douglas and Butler towelling up the normally good Musulin rink by thirteen shots, and this proved to be the main difference between the two sides. The rinks skipped by Peter Freund and Noel Staude also having valuable wins for the home side. Joe Marevich with Sgarlata, Johnny Ravlich and the ever reliable Ivan Mateljak, getting the only point for the visitors.
MT PLEASANT 62 (1) v LEEMING 82 (7)
Maras, Tom 15 v Newton, James 17
Welsh, Ernest 11 v Ford, Gary 29
Booth, Harry 16 v Alberti, Tyrone 10
Elliss, Barry 20 v Vandersluys, Karl 26

The Lions won this game quite comfortably, but I have heard that the Mounties pushed them hard early on, but then faded badly.
Gary Ford, assisted by Rob Lipple, Greg Freeman, and David Clayton demolished the rink of Murray, MacDonald, Coghlan, and skip Jim Welsh by eighteen shots, basically the difference between these near neighbours.
Karl Vandersluys skipping his rink of Birrell, Johnson, and Boys to another solid win, eleven out of thirteen for the season.
Mountie veteran Harry Booth gaining a point for the home side, who are probably hoping the season finishes soon. They have tried very hard, but to no avail points wise.
THORNLIE 81 (2) v ROSSMOYNE 1 83 (6)
Francisco, John 16 v Gollan, Edward 31
Sewell, Glenn 25 v Green, Daniel 13
Vaughan, Glyn 19 v Lang, Rawley 17
Beckwith, Gary 21 v Petchell, Allan 22

I believe that this tussle had everything that a game of bowls could offer, skill, luck, class, ..s, bluff, wicks, and a bit of sledging to liven things up. But, at the finish of it all, the River Rats sneaked across the line by the very slim margin of two shots.
For the visitors, Eddie Gollan, Peter Lees, Graeme Maessep and Lee Jervies were far too good for the rink skipped by John Francisco, getting there easily by a match winning twelve hots. The wily veteran for the River Rats in Alan Petchell and his rink snatching a last gasp win also.
Glen Sewell and his team of Williams, Quale and Dobb doing their best for the home side and beating the Green rink by twelve shots.
Glynn Vaughan sneaking over the line by two shots over the Lang foursome.
Safety Bay1595137.512781076118.7775.5
Victoria Park Carlisle15870301167120496.9362
Hilton Park15690231098125387.6347
Mt Pleasant151140191022133876.3823
J Marevic1210143Cockburn
K Vandersluys1120101Leeming
E Gollan113196Rossmoyne
R Hall1031111Safety Bay
M Simms104149Victoria Park Carlisle
J Newton94151Leeming
G Ford95148Leeming
G Sewell9518Thornlie
G Vaughan95013Thornlie
P Beaumont83015Safety Bay
M Crabb85048Gosnells
R Lang86155Rossmoyne
C Carruthers86132Safety Bay
B Holland86110Gosnells
D Florence87033Victoria Park Carlisle
W TePania87011Cockburn
M Musulin74266Cockburn
W Heldt7500Gosnells
G Beckwith76234Thornlie
A Petchell77111Rossmoyne
R Kennedy6810Safety Bay
T Leahy690-16Melville
D Green5520Rossmoyne
G Dodd581-5Hilton Park
M Krajancic5905Cockburn
D Wood42117Hilton Park
J Francisco441-28Thornlie
T Alberti440-4Leeming
C Standley472-49Hilton Park
G White490-73Melville
B Elliss490-80Mt Pleasant
E Welsh4101-85Mt Pleasant
R Hunter4100-51Hilton Park
D Regan4110-94Melville
A Daddow31021Safety Bay
I Rewell330-13Thornlie
M Randall351-9Melville
H Booth351-21Mt Pleasant
T Crabtree350-13Melville
T Simpson350-31Hilton Park
D Innes370-23Gosnells
R Johnson370-49Victoria Park Carlisle
T Maras3102-63Mt Pleasant
R McNamara2016Mt Pleasant
K Wylie2007Cockburn
F Carbone21015Gosnells
P Freund2107Victoria Park Carlisle
W Butler230-19Victoria Park Carlisle
N Staude241-56Victoria Park Carlisle
A Holmes10023Safety Bay
T Churcher10018Thornlie
N Staude10013Victoria Park Carlisle
S Srhoy1007Cockburn
I Ashworth1005Leeming
J Bajic1004Hilton Park
I D'Ascenzo1003Cockburn
C Watters120-14Gosnells
P Long130-15Victoria Park Carlisle
P Boys010-1Leeming
D Ravlich010-10Cockburn
L Jervies010-13Rossmoyne
G Burgess010-21Leeming
C McMahon010-24Hilton Park
G Pinkus010-37Mt Pleasant
T Close020-2Gosnells
S Dobie020-10Leeming
K Willis020-16Hilton Park
G Maesepp020-17Rossmoyne
N Tulett020-36Gosnells
J Coghlan031-36Mt Pleasant
P Dobie050-52Leeming