With the wash-out at Yokine, the true impact of this round has not materialised but with Yokine picking up a very valuable 4 pts, the rain Gods have probably done them a big favour. A very brave Doggie could say they potentially dropped another 4pts but the reality is that even if they won it would be maybe a 6-2 at best, so dropping 2pts i(if they won?!) or picking up a free 4pts (if they lost played and lost 0-8) is probably a win for them and keeps them right in the mix for playoffs.
Calling who's going to make playoffs is down to the next 2 rounds with South Perth playing DB, DB playing Yokine, Yokine playing South Perth....enough to make your head spin. The golden key for playoffs seem to revolve around one team, South Perth. Their next 2 games are away against both DB and Yokine so finals destiny is firmly in their own hands. Let's see how much they want it. Eitherway we are in for a thriller last few rounds. Nothing like final type bowls before finals bowls!!
ROSSMOYNE 2 91 (6) v WANNEROO 62 (2)
Vind, Reza 18 v Denny, Steve 19
Beacroft, George 13 v Buchholz, Chris 17
Edson, Keith 24 v Widermanski, Echo 13
Herbert, Allan 36 v Anderson, David 13

Look at the River Rats go......completely different team emerging in 2019. We called it with reasonable confidence but definitely thought this would of finished closer, so credit to Rossmoyne2 for winning by nearly 30 shots.
It was Herbert's chance this week to share the load for the team by knocking together a blistering 36 shots on Anderson for a huge 23 shot win which covered most of the Agg. That's 1 from 4 for an experienced Anderson rink but they are really struggling to contain the bleed by dropping a -44 shot margin over those 3 loses.
Edson knocked off Echo by 11 shots for a solid win. From R10 he's won more than he's lost and that gets more impressive when you see the following match-ups he's had to contend with; McRae, McGillivray, Natalotto, Gosstray. Great support work by Brown, Horiman & Currie/Sadler.
Denny v Vind was a great game with Denny just falling over the line but Vind can easily count himself unlucky after having a few chances to close this one out. Buchholz came good for the Roo's with a strong 4 shot win over Beacroft. Those 2pts might not seem much now but I think come R18 they'll be huge.
Result: Rossmoyne2 6 - 2
Prediction: Rossmoyne2 6 - 2

Bandy, Denis 25 v Bear, Geoffrey 15
McRae, Michael 28 v Cox, Rex 12
Roelofs, Bill 21 v Lynch, John 19
Petrich, Max 22 v Pickles, Lindsay 19

Coming into this round the Millers had 1 win from the last 5 games so the Red Tails knew they have a chance of another big away win but just couldn't get there in the end. Reports are the 30 shot margin was certainly not there until very late in this game as Mundaring got off to a flying start with Bear putting 7-0 on Bandy and Pickles had similar on Petrich. However both South Perth rinks responded with ample fire power in the 2nd half with Bandy holding Bear to just a single end from the last 10 ends as they closed down Bear's rink time and time again. Bandy gets the double on Bear this season which nobody else has achieved but the surprise is the margins of +15 and +10 shots. Bears rink has only lost 3 all season and 2 of those are to Bandy. No loss there really as Bandy's rink is running very well all season.
McRae played Inspector Cox and provided Rex with a thorough 'inspection' with a huge 16 shots win that defined the Agg and really made the big win a certainty over the last 6 ends as he pulled right away. Very good game by Keeffe, Skuza, Negus and McRae who are running a nice 4 from 5 with a huge +51shots.
Roelofs didn't get the dream matchup with Bear but did get an in form Lynch, who pushed him hard all day. Roelofs had an easy early lead and was cruising with +10shots only to let Lynch right back into the game. Lynch's rink took the lead late and only for some magnificent bowls by the Roelofs rink on the last end, they took a very tight 2 shot win, for 21-19.
Petrich had a similar high level tussle with Pickles on his skippering debut this season but was well up for the task. Pickles had only dropped 3 games all season, so the Petrich rink knew they needed some quality to get the big win and that was evident with Pickles racing out to a nice early lead. Petrich's rink edged the ends and gradually popped their head in front but as soon as they got a few shots ahead Pickles would play a bomb and get the Red Tails ahead again. All square on the last where Petrich's rink narrowly played the better bowls and the Millers add another close point to the Agg for a well needed 8pts.
Mundaring were very unlucky not to pick up at least 2 pts for their efforts but 2 of the next 3 games at home will set them up nicely for a late run.
Result: South Perth 8 - 0
Prediction: South Perth 6 - 2

SWAN 83 (6) v CAMBRIDGE 68 (2)
Southern, Alan 20 v Manning, Wallace 15
Natalotto, Tony 16 v Jones, Geoffrey 22
Tibbles, George 17 v Leahy, Edward 20
Park, David 30 v Buckley, Stephen 11

Swan come swinging back into the winners circle and they will be quite content to get another 6pts on the board. Swapping positions with Kalamunda and back into the safety of 6th is critical for them. Kalamunda are only 2 pts behind them and will be breathing down their neck for the final few rounds. Considering who they play over the final 3 rounds this win was very important for Swan.
Southern held tight for a good win against Manning which nullified the Natalotto loss to Jones and Tibbles loss to Leahy. Surprising to see Natalotto dropping 8 games already this season after the heroics of last year but it does go to show how difficult it is to maintain that top skippering range and inturn, probably highlights the understatement of what Roelofs has done this year in maintaining that top level of bowls and more so consistency.
So it really just came down to the Park v Buckley match-up which to many wasn't the close game expected from these 2 solid skippers. Park's rink was great and gave him ample opportunities for numbers all day and Buckley's rink was somewhat the opposite as they struggled to control the head and stem the bleed. Pretty sure no one has put more than 10 shots on Buckley all season so what a time for Park to deliver the goods by 19 shots. Big congrats to Weppner, Malaspina, Park and Park.
Overall good points for Swan and they will need that confidence going into R16 where they play their neighbours Basso and surely do not want Basso to clinch the 1 Blue title against the local rivals.
Result: Swan 6 - 2
Prediction: Swan 6 - 2

Bartlett, Arthur 16 v Herriot, Guy 28
Wooltorton, Dwayne 11 v Nelson, Gary 20
Coyle, Peter 22 v Langdon, Winton 16
Gosstray, Stewart 25 v Johnson, Edward 18

This game just slipped through the Cougars hand late on and they will be disappointed to hand over the another Agg at home. Only winning 3 games at home is going to give any team a headache and Kalamunda are right back in that dreaded 7th position. However, still only 2 behind Swan with a slightly easier run home will give them confidence of getting into the safety zone. They won't get any free points from here to time to pull up the sleeves and get focused.
I think we looked for that Bartlett or Gosstray match-up for Herriot and Bartlett got it but just couldn't control Herriot rink to the end and that 12 shot margin pretty much summed up the 8 shot Agg loss. It was never going to be an easy task but Bartlett's crew did have the talent but giving some big numbers away to Herriot's rink is never advisable and the day gets even longer when you are chasing him for numbers. Guy has probably only dropped 3 games all season and without those 2 draws might be top skipper and they can easily put up some big scores when given the chance.
Wooltorton had a similar story v Nelson and just couldn't get traction on Nelson's rink for most of the day and lost by 9 shots. Like the above result it is very hard to look too far into this result for Wooltorton as Nelson is unbeaten over the last 4 rounds since he took over as skipper and reality is whether it's Nelson, or Tennant or really anyone, this rink of Williamson, Leed/Whitfield and McKenna very rarely lose when playing in that format.
The big plus for the Cougars was the great performance Coyle applied to Langdon for a well deserved 6 shot win with Gosstray doing what he does best against Johnson's rink, knocking home another 7 shot win to close out a valuable 2pt pickup going into the last few games. Kalamunda will maybe rue the 8 shot margin as the big win would of propped them up into a very comfortable 6th spot on the ladder. Although a few games to go, I do think that just might be where they finish after R18.
Result: Doubleview 6 - 2
Prediction: Kalamunda 5 - 3

South Perth159603912591051119.7975
B Roelefs122170South Perth
T McGillivray104011Yokine
S Gosstray105069Kalamunda
R Revell91182Bassendean
G Herriot93268Doubleview
G Bear93163Mundaring
D Bandy95188South Perth
E O'Sullivan82257Bassendean
M Erceg85142Bassendean
S Buckley85029Cambridge
J Krstic71257Bassendean
D Turra72035Wanneroo
W Morrison73030Yokine
A Bartlett7716Kalamunda
T Natalotto7714Swan
L Pickles63221Mundaring
A Kay661-22Yokine
A Southern672-30Swan
W Coffey6709Yokine
D Park68129Swan
G Tibbles681-16Swan
W Langdon690-36Doubleview
A Tennant51028Doubleview
V Santostefano5207South Perth
M McRae55036South Perth
J Lynch591-6Mundaring
E Johnson5100-6Doubleview
R Cox5100-39Mundaring
A Durrant40143South Perth
W Manning43110Cambridge
K Edson450-16Rossmoyne
S Denny480-44Wanneroo
R Cooper490-32Kalamunda
G Nelson30141Doubleview
M Cousins31027Mundaring
R Brown310-1Cambridge
R Vind33013Rossmoyne
D Hughes330-17Cambridge
E Widermanski330-19Wanneroo
A Byres360-16Cambridge
W Olive370-54Kalamunda
A Herbert3101-68Rossmoyne
P Coyle20015Kalamunda
P Hunter20010Yokine
S Bartlett2109Rossmoyne
C Buccholz2100Wanneroo
V Orchard210-4Kalamunda
M Cook2205Bassendean
P Griffiths2201Yokine
K Toster230-21Wanneroo
A Currie240-28Rossmoyne
E Leahy260-37Cambridge
G Beacroft2121-78Rossmoyne
P Geus1005Wanneroo
M Petrich1003South Perth
C Johnson111-20Wanneroo
D Wooltorton110-7Kalamunda
C Tee122-10Wanneroo
C McKenna131-14Doubleview
S Kelly131-33South Perth
D Anderson130-36Wanneroo
M Nievelstein141-13Wanneroo
M Golding150-57Wanneroo
G Jones180-75Cambridge
P Easom011-12Cambridge
K Warne010-4Mundaring
C Hickman010-9Doubleview
N Blyth010-11Rossmoyne
M Carmichael010-17Rossmoyne
D Phillips010-18Cambridge
P Van Der Reest010-18Mundaring
T Reid020-6South Perth
N Strachan020-17Bassendean
P Madigan030-36Bassendean
P White041-20Rossmoyne