The Kardy Kats have put a dent in the Wanneroo Roos chances of the coveted top spot, beating them at home by the slim margin of just six shots.
The North Beach Blues now sitting second, but still fourteen points behind the Mosman Park Mossies.
Armadale Storm now virtually assured of demotion unfortunately, sitting in last spot, some thirteen shots behind Stirling Wolves in eighth spot.

KARDINYA 92 (7) v WANNEROO 86 (1)
Eades, Graeme 24 v Costello, Neville 22
Fewings, Graeme 26 v Humphryson, Reginald 11
Knapp, Ross 14 v Fewster, Stephen 35
Vinci, Stephen 28 v Triffitt, David 18

A big win to the Kat Fewings rink over the wily master Reg Humphryson, was the main difference between these two sides, fifteen shots the margin at the finish.
Steve Vinci also winning comfortably over the Triffitt rink, who have lost their way a little bit lately.
Wanneroos Steven Fewster and his team of Bryson, Palmer and Turra, having a great win over the evergreen Ross Knapp and his team, winning by a whopping twenty one shots. Normally that winning margin would be enough to carry the aggregate, but is was not to be this time.
MOSMAN PARK 83 (6) v STIRLING 73 (2)
Beurteaux, Louie 22 v Marovic, Mick 19
Wishart, Graeme 13 v Marinovich, Peter 20
Hoffman, Cameron 16 v Pasalich, Mark 20
Mckenna, Christopher 32 v Babich, Nick 14

The Wolves put up a great fight against the Mossies, picking up two valuable points in the process, but losing by only ten shots at the finish.
Maybe the Mossies were a bit complacent, Walker out, probably didn't help a lot either.
But the big surprise was the Peter Marinovich rink from Stirling, who comprehensively outplayed the Rooster Wishart four, winning by seven shots at the finish.
Chris McKenna and his team of ex Scarborough and Dalkeith player in Pete Collins, Keith Manton, and Pat Daley, demolished the Babich four from Stirling, and that really was the difference.
Good to see the Pasalich family four have a win for Stirling.
NORTH BEACH 1 101 (8) v ARMADALE 52 (0)
Douthie, Mark 26 v Davis, Brian 12
McGinlay, Joe 27 v Mckay, Hugh 9
Devenish, Geoffrey 23 v Newton, David 21
Kuziela, Ron 25 v Hunt, Chadd 10

The Blue boys certainly demolished the Storm from Armadale, and in the process sent them on the long journey home with not a point to carry.
The Rinks of Douthie, McGinlay, and Kuzelia all having very comfortable victories, with Devenish narrowly toppling Dave Newton.
The Blues now sit second on the ladder, as mentioned, a good second half of the season so far.
WARWICK 79 (7) v NORTH BEACH 2 74 (1)
Hinge, Geoffrey 19 v Aitken, Richard 22
Borkowski, Jon 21 v Mitten, Lee 17
Ledingham, Brian 15 v Schrauf, Alan 12
Post, Jeffery 24 v Wattleworth, Steven 23

The home side narrowly beating the second last team by only five shots at the completion of eighty four ends.
But the drama was certainly there at Warwick as they managed to pick up a four on one rink right at the finish to clinch the aggregate.
Apparently a big crowd was cheering the home side on, and this certainly helped them over the line.
Borkowski, Ledingham and Post all recording victories albeit narrowly. Borkowski and Post having good seasons for the home side.
Richard Aitken gaining the visiting sides only point with a narrow three shot victory.
SPEARWOOD 73 (1.5) v OSBORNE PARK 74 (6.5)
Perica, Ivan 22 v Thorn, Jason 11
Silich, Nikola 18 v Brown, Ryan 18
Unkovich, Ivan 16 v Weir, Tod 26
Nadilo, Ken 17 v Dewson, Michael 19

The Saints continuing their revival with a magnificent come from behind win, away from home on the tricky synthetic at Spearwood.
The home side would be bitterly disappointed with their late fade out, especially when they only lost by one shot after eighty four hard fought ends.
Ivan Perica with new recruits Bob Bavcevic and Kenny Gavranich, and well supported by Anthony Stojan, comfortably beat young Jason Thorn and his team, but that was not enough to carry the aggregate.
The match winning rink for the Saints was skip Tod Wier, with Taboni, Poggi and evergreen Colin Fleay, who beat the Unkovich rink by some ten shots.
Spearwood now with some work to do to avoid the bottom four.
Mosman Park121020361070773138.4276
Nth Beach 112741321006885113.6762
Osborne Park1266021.584594789.2345.5
Nth Beach 2123901992796895.7631
G Wishart92188Mosman Park
C McKenna92079Mosman Park
J McGinlay93024Nth Beach 1
P Walker82134Mosman Park
S Fewster83149Wanneroo
R Kuziela84048Nth Beach 1
S Vinci84029Kardinya
G Devenish73217Nth Beach 1
M Marovic74139Stirling
C Hoffman75089Mosman Park
G Hinge75053Warwick
D Triffitt75051Wanneroo
M Douthie75032Nth Beach 1
N Costello75020Wanneroo
J Borkowski75020Warwick
P Augustson64018Nth Beach 2
J Post651-49Warwick
L Mitten66020Nth Beach 2
D Flintoff53032Kardinya
K Nadilo55240Spearwood
H McKay552-5Armadale
P Marinovich561-22Stirling
B Ledingham561-51Warwick
R Brown411-9Osborne Park
R Hunter440-2Nth Beach 2
I Unkovich462-35Spearwood
R Knapp470-48Kardinya
M Pasalich480-41Stirling
G Fewings31015Kardinya
T Weir32020Osborne Park
I Perica3202Spearwood
M Dewson320-4Osborne Park
K Mackay320-5Armadale
C Fleay341-16Osborne Park
N Silich352-16Spearwood
H Ward3717Wanneroo
J Thorn371-34Osborne Park
N Babich381-76Stirling
L Beurteaux2007Mosman Park
F Digiuseppe230-39Osborne Park
M Acton24023Armadale
C Stokes240-1Kardinya
J Carter250-19Osborne Park
B Yakas260-67Spearwood
B Davis290-85Armadale
N Ball1003Kardinya
J Smith1003Spearwood
G Eades1002Kardinya
I Barrie11010Kardinya
R Aitken1101Nth Beach 2
A Schrauf140-22Nth Beach 2
M Vitale011-15Nth Beach 2
B Poggi010-1Osborne Park
C Jones010-2Kardinya
N Fitzgerald010-8Armadale
D Black010-10Armadale
R Humphryson010-15Wanneroo
A Cocodis020-29Kardinya
G Barr041-31Nth Beach 2
S Wattleworth040-10Nth Beach 2
C Hunt060-54Armadale
D Newton060-54Armadale