I guess that this weeks games panned out pretty well as expected, with the Roosters just getting over the line though against a plucky Magic side. The Cockburn Roosters now on top of the ladder by the whopping big margin of sixteen and a half points. Thornlie still sneaking up the ladder of late, and the River Rats putting up a brave fight at the home of the a Kookaburras, and getting four valuable points in a drawn encounter. The Mounties rolling over meekly to the Hawks, a bit of a surprise.
Alberti, Tyrone 22 v Florance, David 20
Vandersluys, Karl 32 v Simms, Michael 10
Newton, James 32 v Long, Phil 11
Ford, Gary 20 v Butler, Wayne 14

The end margin was definitely the surprise here, with the Lions really sinking their claws into the meek Reds. Fifty one shots and eight points has really helped the Lions in their quest for a top four berth. The Reds would have hoped for a point or two, but it wasn't to be, as the home side never gave the visitors a chance, with the result never in doubt from the first ends. The big surprise for me was the thrashing that Vandersluys, Boys, Johnson, and Birrell gave the normally well performed rink of Kenyon, Archell, Angell, and Simms. Twenty two well earned shots at the finish of twenty one ends, is a big win, but I have been lauding Karl Vandetsluys for some time, a very accomplished skip. The Newton ring also having a big win over the Long foursome, by some twenty shots.
THORNLIE 81 (6.5) v SAFETY BAY 73 (1.5)
Sewell, Glenn 25 v Kennedy, Raymond 19
Francisco, John 19 v Hall, Ron 19
Beckwith, Gary 15 v Beaumont, Paul 19
Vaughan, Glyn 22 v Carruthers, Chris 16

A pretty tight contest at the home of the Ravens, saw them creep up the ladder a little further, they now sit in fourth spot, only three and a half points behind the visitors, who are second. The rinks of Sewell and Vaughan were the stars for the Ravens, both with six shot wins over Kennedy and Carruthers respectively. Paul Beaumont and his team grabbing a valuable point for the Green machine, with the rinks of Francisco and Hall drawing after a see saw encounter.
MELVILLE 80 (2) v COCKBURN 82 (6)
Crabtree, Tim 26 v Ravlich, David 16
White, Geoffrey 20 v TePania, William 24
Regan, Dwain 12 v Marevich, Josip (Joe) 24
Leahy, Travis 22 v Musulin, Mirko 18

The Roosters were without two of their star players in Marko Krajancic and Steve Shroy, but they still managed a narrow two shot win over Melville. Joe Marevich continuing his fine season, with the assistance of Sgarlata, Armstrong, and Ivan Mateljak, winning by twelve shots over the Dwain Regan rink. The Marevich rink with the perfect ten out of ten record, well done boys. Geoff White losing once again, this time to the TePania rink. But the talented Travis Leahy was able to top the Musulin rink, a great effort.
Welsh, Ernest 19 v Dodd, Gary 28
Elliss, Barry 18 v Hunter, Robert 17
Booth, Harry 18 v Wood, Daniel 26
Maras, Tom 15 v Standley, Craig 24

The Hawks really enjoyed the slick grass at the home of the Mounties, and grabbed eight valuable points in the bid to avoid automatic relegation. But they still face a big battle to avoid the demotion play offs.
The rinks of Dodd, Wood, and Standley all having solid victories for the visitors. Whilst the rink skipped by Ellis had a morale boosting one shot win over the Robbie Hunter four.
The Mounties with a big battle to avoid automatic demotion unfortunately.
GOSNELLS 71 (4) v ROSSMOYNE 1 71 (4)
Heldt, Wayne 12 v Lang, Rawley 20
Watters, Colin 10 v Gollan, Edward 19
Holland, Brett 23 v Petchell, Allan 18
Crabb, Maurice 26 v Green, Daniel 14

I heard through my contact at the home of the Kookaburras, that this contest had plenty of drama, and had the home side spectators cheering loudly for their team.
The rink skipped by Maurice Crabb, with the returning Frank Carbone at third, Lynch playing second and the very reliable Doddy Innes leading, far too good for the Danny Green four. Rawley Lang and his rink cleaning up the Heldt rink by eight shots. Eddie Gollan and his crew, winning again, to sit second on the skips table.
Safety Bay1275031.51008853118.1759.5
Victoria Park Carlisle126602394599295.2647
Hilton Park1248018884103185.7434
Mt Pleasant12111016.5811107275.6520.5
J Marevic1000124Cockburn
E Gollan92191Rossmoyne
K Vandersluys82080Leeming
M Simms83131Victoria Park Carlisle
G Ford84040Leeming
P Beaumont71013Safety Bay
M Musulin72280Cockburn
R Hall73153Safety Bay
C Carruthers74139Safety Bay
J Newton74132Leeming
B Holland74129Gosnells
G Beckwith75035Thornlie
W TePania7500Cockburn
R Lang65118Rossmoyne
G Sewell651-11Thornlie
G Vaughan6505Thornlie
D Florence66029Victoria Park Carlisle
W Heldt5404Gosnells
M Crabb55032Gosnells
G Dodd56110Hilton Park
R Kennedy5616Safety Bay
A Petchell5616Rossmoyne
J Francisco4110Thornlie
E Welsh471-60Mt Pleasant
M Krajancic47022Cockburn
B Elliss470-61Mt Pleasant
R Hunter480-33Hilton Park
T Leahy480-36Melville
A Daddow31021Safety Bay
D Wood3108Hilton Park
T Alberti330-10Leeming
I Rewell330-13Thornlie
D Green3429Rossmoyne
M Randall351-9Melville
R Johnson350-17Victoria Park Carlisle
C Standley361-56Hilton Park
T Maras372-48Mt Pleasant
D Innes370-23Gosnells
G White370-53Melville
D Regan390-88Melville
K Wylie2007Cockburn
F Carbone21015Gosnells
T Crabtree230-10Melville
W Butler230-19Victoria Park Carlisle
N Staude241-56Victoria Park Carlisle
H Booth240-20Mt Pleasant
T Simpson250-36Hilton Park
R McNamara1011Mt Pleasant
A Holmes10023Safety Bay
T Churcher10018Thornlie
S Srhoy1007Cockburn
C Watters1104Gosnells
P Long130-15Victoria Park Carlisle
P Boys010-1Leeming
D Ravlich010-10Cockburn
L Jervies010-13Rossmoyne
C McMahon010-24Hilton Park
G Pinkus010-37Mt Pleasant
T Close020-2Gosnells
S Dobie020-10Leeming
K Willis020-16Hilton Park
G Maesepp020-17Rossmoyne
J Coghlan031-36Mt Pleasant
P Dobie050-52Leeming