We get a really good look at the table after a great R12 where some teams showed how much they wanted the big win. From R12 comes the final balancing of the staggered home/away games with all teams now holding no advantage from here with everyone to play 3 home/away games each.
The table showed very little movement with the only change in Mundaring swapping spots with Yokine, everyone else remains as they were with some just expanding the buffer between spots. With 3rd and 4th spot still up for grabs, it is really between 4 teams and the way the fixtures run over the next 3 games I think it will be down to a clear 3 teams for the final 2 spots.

BASSENDEAN 98 (7.5) v DOUBLEVIEW 68 (0.5)
Revell, Rodney 19 v Nelson, Gary 19
O'Sullivan, Eugene 26 v Herriot, Guy 15
Krstic, Jovan 22 v Johnson, Edward 17
Erceg, Michael 31 v Langdon, Winton 17

The Lions continue pure domination of another good side. Bassendean got revenge for that R3 corresponding defeat and it really failed to be a contest 2/3 thirds of the way through with some big numbers going on the board in a procession against a very good Doubleview side. The changes probably did not help Doubleview and Tennant was a big loss on current form (and coincidentally ending up doing a nice job against Basso at home in PL) but unsure if the changes would of made a significant difference as the Lions were very consistent all day.
Nelson did particularly well to hold the reins on Revell and was so close to grabbing the full point but ending up sharing the spoils. Nelson's rink were superb all day with strong support across all positions so credit to them. Langdon got rolled by Erceg by 14 shots and Johnson lost late to Krstic is a well fought contest.
The surprise result here was probably O'Sullivan v Herriot. With both skipper only losing 2 games all year this had the hallmarks of an epic contest and it lived up to that for most parts. Both sides had huge bowls but the O'Sullivan rink really used the home ground advantage well in the 2nd half to pull away.
Doubleview probably won't mind playing this one again this week as the scores seem to get away from them late on but unfortunately you only get 1 chance. Basso are well into cruising mode and will look to just pick up the air miles from here.
Result: Bassendean 7.5 - 0.5 Prediction: Bassendean 6 - 2

KALAMUNDA 83 (6) v YOKINE 72 (2)
Bartlett, Arthur 23 v Kay, Anthony 10
Olive, Wayne 17 v McGillivray, Trevor 21
Gosstray, Stewart 22 v Coffey, Wayne 16
Cooper, Rodney 21 v Hunter, Paul 25

Kalamunda needed this one badly and they delivered big time. Dropping them home points would of left them in a right pickle on the run in and this now gives them a solid chance of survival. Yokine will be bitterly disappointed as a good win against the Cougars would of propelled them right into 3rd position with huge finals hopes.
Bartlett continued his superb form and not just from South Perth last week but most of the season. He has only lost 1 game since R5 defeat and he must be the unluckiest rink around as his rink has quite literally played a top level skipper most games (Bandy/Herriot/Krstic/Bear/Tee/Byres...) over the last 7 rounds so credit where it is due and well done to a great rink for another strong result.
McGillivray rink had an impressive win against Olive's crew and together with Hunter's big win against Copper, it provided every opportunity for the Doggies to pounce last for at least 6 points. However they just couldn't grind down a determined Gosstray side who have put together some big results especially the week before at South Perth.
No doubt the Doggies will see this one as a missed opportunity but the Cougars will be delighted to see a very valuable 6pts on that table to give themselves a nice sniff at pulling into the mid-table safety zone.
Result: Kalamunda 6 - 2 Prediction: Kalamunda 6 - 2

ROSSMOYNE 2 86 (7.5) v SWAN 70 (0.5)
Edson, Keith 24 v Natalotto, Tony 22
Vind, Reza 27 v Park, David 18
Beacroft, George 19 v Southern, Alan 19
Herbert, Allan 16 v Tibbles, George 11

Boy oh boy, look what the River Rats have done....again?! That's two top 4 teams in the space of 14 days. It maybe 5 weeks to Easter but someone call The Vatican as it looks like 'resurrections' have begun early this year at Rossmoyne. What a fantastic performance by all 4 rinks and it was only the Beacroft rink that pulled off a great draw denied the full compliment of points. That's 3 from 6 at home which is respectable but running 0 from 6 on the road has just killed them this year. With other results going their way it has tightened up the basement of the table with Rossmoyne now only 6.5pts off Cambridge in 9th.
Look at that Herbert rink go....what a few weeks it has been. Unbeaten for 3 weeks in a row now and playing 2 very fine skippers in those 3 games so Allan has done it the hard way. Taking Tibbles is a nice effort but holding them to just 11 shots when they are one of the higher scoring rinks around is a superb effort.
Edson was rolling back the years in a huge win against a Top 10 skipper in Natalotto by just holding on for a 2pt victory. He wasn't far off the week before against McGillivray and he's carried that through nicely here. Vind is shooting 2 from 3 against 3 top sides which is a tidy run given the rinks he was paired against. Their rink has changed much and is cruising along nicely after the changes post-Xmas. The Beacroft held strong against a fast finishing talented Southern rink.
Whether Swan showed for the game is not the point, they did not handle the surface well and gave Rossmoyne a big lead at key moments but that does not take away from the brilliant performance and current form that the River Rats are showing at the moment. Swan have beaten all the top teams at home so they will bounce back strong next week.
Result: Rossmoyne 2 7.5 - 0.5 Prediction: Swan 6 - 2

Leahy, Edward 12 v Bear, Geoffrey 22
Buckley, Stephen 22 v Cox, Rex 16
Manning, Wallace 23 v Lynch, John 21
Jones, Geoffrey 15 v Pickles, Lindsay 26

Cambridge were valiant in defeat and genuinely seemed to really want the win to kick start anything close to a late run to safety but alas similar result ensued.
The Wallace and Buckley crew did what they do best and stood tall to bang home some nice wins against Lynch and Cox. They certainly provided a nice platform to give the Knights a chance of sneaking the points here and it was very close until the last few ends.
Pickles had a wonderful result against a strong backend of Jones/Harris and that 11pt spread was probably the making of much of this result so credit to a strong all round performance from the Pickles rink who played wonderful attacking bowls all day.
Bear v Leahy was probably the matchup that Mundaring needed as that Bear rink away is never easy and hard to get any decent numbers off. Even a chance and they are happy to jump on any chance to blow the game open and they did that quite nicely.
Mundaring continue their very strong away form by only conceding 72pts against a good Cambridge side and slide into the top 4 with only 0.5pt to 3rd, while holding a 6% higher SD. Finals hope is definitely back in their hands now. Cambridge still have plenty to play for and have too much talent to still be down in 9th so I would expect them to still make it out of immediate trouble.
Result: Mundaring 6 - 2 Prediction: Cambridge 6 - 2

WANNEROO 57 (0.5) v SOUTH PERTH 94 (7.5)
Tee, Chris 17 v Roelofs, Bill 25
Anderson, David 13 v McRae, Michael 23
Nievelstein, Martin 17 v Kelly, Steve 17
Golding, Michael 10 v Bandy, Denis 29

Wanneroo probably lacked the desire to win this one and the score line is a shocker for The Roo's at home, where they have being very strong all year. Yes they had a number of changes with Turra brought up to do a job which he did for the top side and Denny/Johnson dropping back to 3rd's. However so had the Millers with some notable absentees across a few rinks. Wanneroo need something quick to pull this season together as they are slowly drifting into a very dangerous position. The Roo's have only won 1 game since R6 and they are dropping some numbers along the way so hopefully they can pull it together as they do not have the worst run home from R13.
In contrast, the Millers drove up the Freeway with real purpose this week and came to win from the very start with the Roelofs and Bandy rinks putting this away from the halfway mark. Roelofs front end gave him another armchair ride until the rink feel asleep near the end and gifted some numbers to Chris Tee, who didn't have to be asked twice to take them. Tee played very well but like the last few weeks he was under pressure for large portions of the game.
Bandy kept it tight at the start and capitalised on some midway opportunities to put distance on Golding and on came the blinkers as he never looked back. With the foot solidly on the peddle until the end and was well supported by the whole rink, this brings Bandy back into the Top 5 skippers with the biggest SD by a fair margin, tidy performance. Nievelstein had a great tussle with Kelly coming back with a big 2 on the last to nip a draw. McRae v Anderson was a very tight contest with only the minimum score each at halfway. The game broke open for both sides in the 2nd half and the Millers just edged the better heads to give McRae chances and he converted well. Anderson's rink played well and probably didn't deserve the 10 shot margin in the end.
South Perth have a home game v Cambridge next and then a daunting trip to Basso for what will surely be the most important game of the season for the whole chasing group. They are back travelling well, especially away so I fancy them to kick on from here but after next week they play no team in the bottom half of the table so they will need their A game.
Result: South Perth 7.5 - 0.5 Prediction: Wanneroo 6 - 2

South Perth12840321033822125.6764
B Roelefs101176South Perth
G Bear82052Mundaring
T McGillivray840-3Yokine
R Revell71167Bassendean
E O'Sullivan72155Bassendean
D Turra72035Wanneroo
G Herriot73148Doubleview
S Buckley73048Cambridge
D Bandy74190South Perth
M Erceg74155Bassendean
A Bartlett74124Kalamunda
S Gosstray75028Kalamunda
T Natalotto65119Swan
J Krstic51238Bassendean
A Tennant51028Doubleview
L Pickles52117Mundaring
V Santostefano5207South Perth
W Morrison53017Yokine
A Southern552-3Swan
A Kay551-18Yokine
J Lynch56113Mundaring
G Tibbles561-9Swan
W Coffey560-7Yokine
R Cox570-4Mundaring
W Langdon570-24Doubleview
A Durrant40143South Perth
D Park471-5Swan
E Johnson4806Doubleview
R Cooper480-28Kalamunda
M Cousins31027Mundaring
R Brown310-1Cambridge
E Widermanski320-8Wanneroo
D Hughes330-17Cambridge
M McRae34012South Perth
A Byres3403Cambridge
W Olive360-38Kalamunda
P Hunter20010Yokine
R Vind21014Rossmoyne
S Bartlett2109Rossmoyne
V Orchard210-4Kalamunda
W Manning221-8Cambridge
M Cook2205Bassendean
P Griffiths2201Yokine
K Toster230-21Wanneroo
A Currie240-28Rossmoyne
K Edson240-35Rossmoyne
S Denny270-41Wanneroo
A Herbert281-70Rossmoyne
G Beacroft291-57Rossmoyne
P Geus1005Wanneroo
S Kelly111-11South Perth
C Johnson111-20Wanneroo
C Tee122-10Wanneroo
C McKenna131-14Doubleview
M Golding150-57Wanneroo
E Leahy160-40Cambridge
G Nelson0010Doubleview
P Easom011-12Cambridge
K Warne010-4Mundaring
C Hickman010-9Doubleview
D Anderson010-10Wanneroo
N Blyth010-11Rossmoyne
M Carmichael010-17Rossmoyne
D Phillips010-18Cambridge
P Van Der Reest010-18Mundaring
T Reid020-6South Perth
N Strachan020-17Bassendean
M Nievelstein031-15Wanneroo
P Madigan030-36Bassendean
P White041-20Rossmoyne
G Jones060-78Cambridge