Two massive upsets in this round of fixtures, to start the second lot of games, which gives this competition some life, as both the defeated sides in Mosman Park and Wanneroo were starting to get a stranglehold on the opposition, till now. Kardinya and Spearwood being the two winners, by nine and ten shots respectively. Warwick showing that they are not in this division just to make up the numbers, crushing the depleted Stirling visitors by a massive forty one shots.
NORTH BEACH 1 98 (7) v NORTH BEACH 2 71 (1)
McGinlay, Joe 29 v Augustson, Peter 19
Devenish, Geoffrey 15 v Hunter, Richard 30
Kuziela, Ron 30 v Mitten, Lee 7
Douthie, Mark 24 v Schrauf, Alan 15

The number one Blue side outfoxed their number two side, to win comfortably and reverse the first round result. North Beach1 still seventeen shots behind top of the table Mosman Park though, but who knows what the rest of the season may bring. The big winner for the number one side was the team of Mola, Ed Retallack, Damien Moore and skip Ronnie Kuzelia, who beat good club mate Lee Mitten and team by twenty three shots. Joe McGinlay, having a good year winning by ten over the well performed Auguston rink. Richard Hunter and team grabbed what could be a vital one point for the second side.
KARDINYA 79 (7) v MOSMAN PARK 70 (1)
Fewings, Graeme 14 v Beurteaux, Louie 18
Ball, Norm 23 v Hoffman, Cameron 20
Knapp, Ross 20 v Walker, Paul 13
Vinci, Stephen 22 v Wishart, Graeme 19

The Kats were purring when they cleaned up the Mossies by nine shots, to give the visitors a reminder that the season " ain't " over yet. Louie Beaurteaux, filling in for Chris McKenna, did his bit by beating Kat Fewings by four, but that was the only point the Mossies were able to get. The synthetic at Kardinya proving once again to be a problem for visitors. The Hoffman, Walker and Wishart rinks all getting snipped by Ball, Knapp and Vinci respectively. The Rooster would not have been a happy chap on Saturday evening, but I reckon he will recharge his players for future games.
OSBORNE PARK 102 (7) v ARMADALE 76 (1)
Thorn, Jason 38 v Davis, Brian 19
Brown, Ryan 24 v Hunt, Chadd 18
Weir, Tod 14 v Mckay, Hugh 18
Dewson, Michael 26 v Mackay, Ken 21

Could this be the start of the Saints revival? Young Jason Thorn and his rink of Wayne Markham, Max Carmichael and Billy Boyd getting hold of the Davis four by nineteen shots. Prickles would be a proud dad for sure. Michael Dewson( another famous name in bowls), also winning over Ken Mackay. Storm stalwart, Hugh McKay going a solitary point for the vanquished visitors. The Storm now lie last, with a 12.5 point margin to the eighth side in Stirling.
SPEARWOOD 80 (7) v WANNEROO 70 (1)
Nadilo, Ken 12 v Fewster, Stephen 19
Silich, Nikola 24 v Ward, Hugh 17
Unkovich, Ivan 22 v Triffitt, David 15
Smith, John 22 v Costello, Neville 19

It was a long drive up the freeway for the beaten Roos side, who were trumped by the tricky synthetic at Spearwood and lost by ten shots. The Silich and Unkovich rinks both winning comfortably to set up the win, with Ivan the Great and his team of Bavcevic, Bidovich, and Petkovich beating the well credentialed Triffitt rink. First time skipper in John Smith, winning by three over nifty Nev Costello, to help the cause. I believe the clash between the Fewster and Nadilo rinks was a ripper, with Fewster continuing to shine with a comfortable seven shot win at the finish. Well done Spearwood.
WARWICK 94 (8) v STIRLING 53 (0)
Hinge, Geoffrey 21 v Babich, Nick 7
Post, Jeffery 26 v Marinovich, Peter 7
Ledingham, Brian 23 v Marovic, Mick 21
Borkowski, Jon 24 v Pasalich, Mark 18

What a thumping that the newly promoted side in Warwick have given the demoted Stirling sixteen.
Eight points, with a margin of forty one shots to go with it, you would take that scoreline any day of the week.
The Hinge and Post rinks winning by fourteen and eighteen shots respectively, to really set the day up. Jeff Post( son of Ron I think), Kevin Humfrey, Ivan( the bird) Sparrowhawk and the great veteran in Johnny Mather, were in front all day I am told and they were able to set up the big and confidence boosting win well. Not sure how old you are John, but I hear you are playing as well as ever. It goes to show that in bowls, being older is no barrier to being able to still bowl well.
Stirling now have a lot of work to do to avoid the dreaded relegation zone. Whilst Warwick have really put themselves in the frame for a top four spot.
Mosman Park1082031895652137.2763
Nth Beach 11054124814766106.2746
Osborne Park104601769680586.4633
Nth Beach 2103701777380895.6729
G Wishart81169Mosman Park
P Walker81141Mosman Park
S Fewster72137Wanneroo
C McKenna72055Mosman Park
D Triffitt73062Wanneroo
N Costello73026Wanneroo
J McGinlay7305Nth Beach 1
M Marovic63133Stirling
C Hoffman64074Mosman Park
G Hinge64049Warwick
R Kuziela64024Nth Beach 1
J Borkowski64022Warwick
P Augustson64018Nth Beach 2
S Vinci64017Kardinya
K Nadilo53245Spearwood
G Devenish53211Nth Beach 1
J Post541-24Warwick
L Mitten55012Nth Beach 2
M Douthie5508Nth Beach 1
D Flintoff43024Kardinya
H McKay44211Armadale
I Unkovich442-23Spearwood
R Hunter440-2Nth Beach 2
P Marinovich451-27Stirling
B Ledingham451-35Warwick
R Knapp450-15Kardinya
R Brown310-11Osborne Park
N Silich341-14Spearwood
C Fleay341-16Osborne Park
J Thorn351-14Osborne Park
H Ward36117Wanneroo
M Pasalich370-29Stirling
M Dewson210-3Osborne Park
K Mackay220-7Armadale
F Digiuseppe230-39Osborne Park
M Acton24023Armadale
C Stokes240-1Kardinya
J Carter250-19Osborne Park
B Yakas260-67Spearwood
N Babich271-61Stirling
L Beurteaux1004Mosman Park
N Ball1003Kardinya
J Smith1003Spearwood
I Barrie11010Kardinya
G Fewings110-3Kardinya
T Weir120-6Osborne Park
A Schrauf120-11Nth Beach 2
I Perica120-18Spearwood
B Davis180-74Armadale
M Vitale011-15Nth Beach 2
B Poggi010-1Osborne Park
C Jones010-2Kardinya
N Fitzgerald010-8Armadale
D Black010-10Armadale
S Wattleworth020-6Nth Beach 2
A Cocodis020-29Kardinya
G Barr041-31Nth Beach 2
C Hunt040-30Armadale
D Newton050-52Armadale