Gee what a season so far. This round 3 of the bottom 4 teams won, only Morley didn't but that was because they played a fellow team in the bottom 4. The top 4 teams all lost which saw Manning and Cambridge drop out of the 4. Sorrento sitting 9th have won only 1 less game than Kardinya on top, highlighting how important rink wins are this season. Only 14 points separating 1st to 9th as well. Any of the 9 teams can realistically make finals, and if one of those lose a few in a row from here, might also be the team to finish 9th and drop out. It makes for an exciting run home.

Margin, Chris 18 v Perica, Slavko 22
Alden, Simon 30 v Adams, Clive 22
Rhodes, David 17 v Opie, David 15
Nicholls, Dan 17 v Strahan, Lance 20

Our Friday night game was certainly played in more enjoyable conditions than those that everyone else played in yesterday, a balmy night with a carnival atmosphere made for an great night of bowls, celebrating the life of Daniel Patterson with the awarding of the Patterson Cup to Cambridge. Despite losing, they thrashed Bassendean on the 1st leg and will hold the Cup now until next season
On to the game, and we thought our 19 second green might present a few early problems for Cambridge but it was quite the opposite, after 1 end played Cambridge were up 10-0! Bassendean clawed there way back in to the contest and at about the halfway mark found themselves 10 up. Bassendean went a little further in front to I think be up by about 18 overall and then Cambridge found the spark and resolve we all know they have and they pressed for the win with a few big ends across the board. With the final 2 ends to be played by Sam Perica and Chris Margin, Cambridge required 8 and the second last end by that rink was unbelievable bowls, but it was a delicate push of the kitty to 4 waiting Cambridge bowls that saw Perica pick up a 4 and get within 4 with 1 to play. Cambridge were holding the 4 before Margin drew close enough to force Perica to play with weight and sprung the kitty sideways. Bassendean held one but with no bowl within cooee, Mergin left his wide and Perica in a ballsy shot drove at the bare kitty and killed the end. In the replay Drew Daley for Bassendean drew close as did Ash Byres for Cambridge and it became a compact head, one which Cambridge could not open up, Cambridge got the end but lost overall.
Briefly in other rinks, the TV rink match between myself and Clive Adams was dominated by my front end of Mike Bessant and Brett Tie. Bessant in particular for the whole match had his bowls smothering the kitty and it was only the weighted shots of Adams which I guess save them about 15 shots kept them close. David Rhodes and David Opie had a ripping battle next door, again lots of quality heads and good bowls played with Rhodes the winner by 2. The final game between Daniel Nicholls and Lance Strahan was also a ripper, all square with an end to play and being held by Cambridge before a cracker by Nicholls left Strahan with only a bowl in his hand to make shot. Not only did he make shot, but moved the kitty half a foot to make 3 shots and not only win the end but also make a big dent in the overall board.
Moyle, Ryan 23 v Foy, Robert 17
Edmonds, Scott 28 v Brown, Daniel 12
Slavich, John 17 v McKay, Kevin 19
Slavich, Charles 17 v Davies, Paul 21

Doubleview have inflicted the second away loss to Kardy, but the Kats still maintain top spot on the ladder. the big win came from Scott Edmonds as he handed Daniel Brown his third loss of the year and this set up the rest of The View to win this game. The other good win was that by Ryan Moyle with a 6 shot win over Rob Foy. The replacement skipper for Dave Rankin, Danny Comrie, himself needed replacing and Paul Davies who crossed over from Leeming this year and he got the win in his first ever PL skippering job by 4 over the very hard to beat Charlie Slavich. Kevin McKay also topped off a bad day to be a Slavich with a 2 shot win over John. McKay is in really good form a might be a smoky for the state side this year.
Doubleview travel next week to Cambridge in a very interesting match up and with Kyle McIlroy returning will be close to full strength. Kardinya host Warnbro, in fact Kardy will host the current bottom 4 sides in the run home so their finals place look assured but Warnbro are proving to be a handful and will not be a game they will want to take lightly.
SORRENTO 87 (7) v MANNING 68 (1)
Eagles, Bruce 13 v Marsland, Dale 18
Loftus, Shane 22 v Mitchell, Thomas 20
Butler, Rhett 27 v Williams, Anthony 14
Taylor, Greg 25 v Knott, Shane 16

The big upset of the round, unless you predicted it of course, was Sorrento beating Manning. And while I did predict this might happen, with a side like Manning has on paper you can never really be confident of picking against them, but Sorrento did the job and a really handy win for them as the battle for 9th spot really tightens up. The big win was Rhett Butler over Anthony Williams by 13 shots. Greg Taylor filling in for Chris Lander as he deals with family doing a superb job by winning over Shane Knott by 9 and to complete the victory, Shane Loftus with a tight 2 shot win over Tom Mitchell.
The sole point for Manning was Dale Marsland with a 5 shot win over Bruce Eagles. Manning have now lost 4 in a row and back at home next week against Bassendean they will be looking for a thumping there to get there season going. Sorrento go to Osborne Park in what will be a tough game for them but they have travelled ok this year so will be looking forward to it I'm sure.
WARNBRO 114 (8) v MORLEY 63 (0)
Cole, Bradley 35 v Apps, Ewen 10
Strange, Lindsay 28 v Ingram, Travis 19
Novak, Steven 19 v Mitchell, Wayne 17
Trewhella, John 32 v Aungier, Scott 17

Warnbro have handed Morley a bit of a hiding, Morley have pushed some sides this year but this is their 2nd biggest loss of the year. The win for Warnbro saw them jump 2 spots from 9th to 7th and really tightens up the ladder no end. It was a strong effort at home but in reality a win against Morley happens weekly but what is critical for them is the 8-0 result. Rink wins are huge this year and only Sorrento and Kardinya to date have got maximum points from Morley.
Next week Morley will host South Perth and Warnbro travel to Kardinya where they got a draw last time and will be hoping for 1 more shot this time around

Warnbro report
The Wizards hosted the Mavericks looking to return to the winners’ list. As was predicted in the Bowls360 preview, there was not much difference in the aggregate in the first one-third of the game but the Mavericks fell away more and more as the game progressed. The Wizards forged ahead to win the aggregate 114-63 in a percentage booster and secure all 8 points. Here is a rundown on the four rinks: Brad Cole, Peter Cole, Connor Biddle, Paul Guelfi 35 Ewen Apps, Brian Kukich, Barry Driscoll, Warren Hinchliffe 10 The Wizard rink flew out of the blocks to lead 18-2 after only 7 ends and continued to pile the pressure on the Mavericks to increase that margin to 25 shots by game end. All four Wizards played high quality bowls in an impressive performance. John Trewhella, Alan Cowie, Dennis Nagle, Matt Trewhella 32 Scott Aungier, Peter Aungier, Barry Geikie, Ross Dunstan 17 This rink mirrored the performance of the Brad Cole rink other than the winning margin not being quite as great. They led 10-5 after 7 ends, increasing that to 22-13 after 14 ends before pulling away towards the finish to win by 15 shots. It was another excellent all-round performance by the Wizard crew.

Lindsay Strange, Kieran Cousens, George Jackson, Dave Phillips 28
Travis Ingram, Vinci Princi, Tom Dawson, Neil Minchin 19

The Mavericks were in charge of this game for the first 13 ends where they led 13-9. However the Wizards scored a healthy 5 shots to hit the lead on the 14th end and they never looked back after that. The Wizard front two were in total command and, with Kieran Cousens making a classy return to the fold, and Lindsay Strange anchoring the rink so well, it was then all the Wizards as they steadily pulled ahead. One wonders what the winning margin may have been without a great game by Travis Ingram who was the standout Maverick player.

Steve Novak, Barry Kalinowsky, Willy Tan, Darryl Wagstaff 19
Wayne Mitchell, Lindsay Sanders, Wayne Anderson, Craig Hamilton 17

This was an absorbing contest with the Mavericks in control of the game until the 19th end when the Wizards finally hit the front by 4 shots. However 3 shots to the Mavericks on the 20th end saw the Wizards enter the last end with only a 1 shot buffer. The end appeared to be going the way of the Mavericks until Killer Kalinowsky nailed the jack with his second bowl and there it stayed until the finish, thus securing the Wizards that important eighth point. Wayne Mitchell played very well and was a continual thorn in the Wizards’ side.
The Wizards face a daunting task when they travel to the Kattery when games resume in February.
Sharp, Ashley 11 v Stevens, Neville 26
Walker, Scott 26 v Packer, Cody 15
Opie, Justin 14 v Caffell, Gary 22
Durrant, Adrian 22 v Grigg, Lewis 17

A real upset here as Osborne Park travel to South Perth and get the 6 points but got them at the right time with Neale Griffin a last minute withdrawal but his spot ably filled by Adrian Durrant who won his rink, but those last minute changes can disrupt your team slightly. That is to take nothing away from Osborne Park who can only turn up and defeat the 16 they play against, and they did that really well. Neville Stevens the big winner by 15 shots over Ash Sharp and this really shaped the result. Gary Caffell again having a good season with an 8 shot win over Justin Opie. The South Perth points came from Durrant and also Scott Walker with a big 11 win over Cody Packer.
Next week sees South Perth travel to Morley in a game they should win and get points, Osborne Park host Sorrento in a game they would be favourites for but as are seeing, you take a team too lightly and they can bite you.
South Perth1073019.5753741101.6247.5
Osborne Pk1064020783745105.144
S Alden82046Bassendean
D Marsland82042Manning
S Perica82036Cambridge
S Novak72137Warnbro
C Adams72032Cambridge
D Brown73059Kardinya
R Moyle73040Doubleview
D Rankin61145Kardinya
K McKay63125Kardinya
B Cole640-4Warnbro
T Mitchell640-13Manning
G Caffell5322Osborne Pk
G Pauling53021South Perth
C Lander53013Sorrento
C Packer54134Osborne Pk
R Foy54121Kardinya
B Eagles55016Sorrento
D Opie550-25Cambridge
N Griffin41017South Perth
C Slavich45116Doubleview
J Opie45110South Perth
J Trewhella4513Warnbro
N Stevens451-6Osborne Pk
L Grigg4608Osborne Pk
S Knott460-6Manning
L Strahan460-7Cambridge
S Edmonds32029Doubleview
J Slavich3332Doubleview
C Margin3307Bassendean
A Williams34312Manning
A Sharp350-36South Perth
S Loftus361-28Sorrento
D Nicholls361-38Bassendean
R Butler360-1Sorrento
L Strange360-49Warnbro
W Mitchell370-38Morley
D Rhodes21021Bassendean
K McIlroy21016Doubleview
B Nairn220-21Bassendean
S Walker2404South Perth
T Murray10016Sorrento
P Davies1004Kardinya
G Taylor1108Sorrento
A Durrant1102South Perth
P Aungier161-62Morley
L Pike160-38Bassendean
T Ingram172-53Morley
A Cowie0010Warnbro
B Manton010-6South Perth
P Harris010-14Cambridge
D Comrie010-15Kardinya
J Armstrong010-26Morley
B Brandsma021-28Doubleview
V Princi020-16Morley
S Aungier020-30Morley
E Apps020-36Morley
W Neilson050-48Morley