As is usual in pennants, we had a number of upsets in round ten, two at least, maybe three. Safety Bay dropped a few players, and that worked for this week anyway, when they won away from home.
Rossmoyne were beaten by the struggling Melville side, albeit away from home also. But probably the biggest surprise, when you look at the margin, was the thrashing that Cockburn gave Thornlie at the home of the Ravens.

LEEMING 84 (7) v GOSNELLS 61 (1)
Newton, James 17 v Holland, Brett 15
Vandersluys, Karl 24 v Innes, Doddy 14
Ford, Gary 18 v Heldt, Wayne 20
Alberti, Tyrone 25 v Crabb, Maurice 12

The Lions made a meal out of the Kookaburras, to move to third on the ladder, with the rinks of Alberti and Vandersluys carrying the day, with solid victories of eleven and ten shots respectively. Wayne Heldt grabbing a two shot victory over the Ford rink, to gain Gosnells a point, which just might help them in their quest to avoid the relegation zone.
The Leeming skips of Vandersluys, Ford, and Newton, now occupy spots five to seven on the skip ladder, which shows their consistency.
MELVILLE 90 (6) v ROSSMOYNE 1 80 (2)
Crabtree, Tim 21 v Gollan, Edward 33
Regan, Dwain 27 v Lang, Rawley 9
Leahy, Travis 28 v Green, Daniel 19
Randall, Melvyn 14 v Petchell, Allan 19

A bit of an upset here, with the Magic prevailing by ten shots on their grass surface, which obviously didn't suit the Rawley Lang rink. They were taken to the cleaners by the Dwain Regan four to the tune of eighteen shots.
Ed Gollan and his side doing their best to stop the bleeding, winning by twelve shots over Crabtree.
I am surprised though that the Melville side are able to concentrate on their bowls, as their management spend an inordinate amount of time fighting the council.
I feel extremely sorry for the four life members, and the thirty other bowlers that were forced out of their home, although I don't know them well, I believe they were marvellous people.
HILTON PARK 70 (1) v SAFETY BAY 85 (7)
Dodd, Gary 18 v Carruthers, Chris 20
Hunter, Robert 15 v Beaumont, Paul 22
Wood, Daniel 15 v Hall, Ron 27
Standley, Craig 22 v Kennedy, Raymond 16

As I said in my preview, maybe the shake up down at the bay was what was needed, seems to have worked for now at least.
Wins on three rinks with Ron Hall, Harry Wilson, Paul Daynes and third, Alan Holmes too good for the returning Daniel Wood, Hall winning by an impressive twelve shots.
Craig Standley gaining Hiltons only point with a good win over Ray Kennedy.
Hilton slipping away from top four, and very much in line for a relegation battle, while Safety Bay keep their automatic promotion hopes alive, but they trail the Roosters by eleven points.
Welsh, Ernest 12 v Florance, David 27
Elliss, Barry 15 v Simms, Michael 33
Booth, Harry 20 v Long, Phil 19
Maras, Tom 29 v Butler, Wayne 16

I thought the Mounties would put up a better fight than this, but they did manage to salvage two points to the rinks skipped by the wily veterans in Booth and Maras.
The Michael Simms rink of Kenyon, Archell and Angell winning once again, this time by eighteen shots, Simms on fire I believe, and he and his rink are now all alone at the top of the skips table, with only one loss for the year.
The Mounties still with a lot of work to do to avoid relegation.
THORNLIE 66 (0.5) v COCKBURN 93 (7.5)
Sewell, Glenn 18 v Musulin, Mirko 18
Vaughan, Glyn 20 v Marevich, Josip (Joe) 27
Francisco, John 10 v TePania, William 28
Beckwith, Gary 18 v Krajancic, Marko 20

The Ravens with nothing to crow about after this home defeat by the rampaging Roosters sixteen, who really came to play.
A big win to the rink of TePania, Brotherston, Wray and Bloomfield, ( what no iches), who beat John Francisco, White, Rewell and Riggio by eighteen shots. This proved to be the main difference between these sixteens, although the rink skipped by Josep Marevich won by seven over the great left hander in Glynn Vaughan.
Marevich has not lost in eight games as skip, a great record.
Safety Bay1064027821715114.8351
Victoria Park Carlisle1064022806795101.3846
Hilton Park1037013.572286283.7625.5
Mt Pleasant1019014.568486379.2618.5
J Marevic800101Cockburn
M Simms81161Victoria Park Carlisle
K Vandersluys71059Leeming
E Gollan72172Rossmoyne
G Ford73045Leeming
M Musulin61264Cockburn
C Carruthers63125Safety Bay
J Newton63121Leeming
D Florence63038Victoria Park Carlisle
R Hall63020Safety Bay
G Beckwith64031Thornlie
P Beaumont5103Safety Bay
A Petchell54119Rossmoyne
B Holland54116Gosnells
R Kennedy54114Safety Bay
G Sewell541-6Thornlie
R Lang55010Rossmoyne
W TePania550-5Cockburn
W Heldt4303Gosnells
M Crabb44029Gosnells
G Vaughan450-8Thornlie
G Dodd4601Hilton Park
R Hunter460-22Hilton Park
A Daddow31021Safety Bay
J Francisco310-3Thornlie
I Rewell330-13Thornlie
M Randall3414Melville
T Maras352-19Mt Pleasant
R Johnson350-17Victoria Park Carlisle
E Welsh361-53Mt Pleasant
B Elliss360-29Mt Pleasant
G White360-49Melville
M Krajancic37012Cockburn
D Innes370-23Gosnells
T Leahy370-31Melville
D Regan370-68Melville
K Wylie2007Cockburn
F Carbone21015Gosnells
W Butler210-6Victoria Park Carlisle
T Alberti2208Leeming
H Booth220-6Mt Pleasant
D Green232-9Rossmoyne
N Staude241-56Victoria Park Carlisle
C Standley251-35Hilton Park
T Simpson250-36Hilton Park
R McNamara1011Mt Pleasant
A Holmes10023Safety Bay
T Churcher10018Thornlie
S Srhoy1007Cockburn
D Wood110-8Hilton Park
P Boys010-1Leeming
R Florence010-4Victoria Park Carlisle
L Jervies010-13Rossmoyne
C McMahon010-24Hilton Park
G Pinkus010-37Mt Pleasant
T Close020-2Gosnells
P Long020-5Victoria Park Carlisle
S Dobie020-10Leeming
K Willis020-16Hilton Park
G Maesepp020-17Rossmoyne
J Coghlan031-36Mt Pleasant
T Crabtree030-29Melville
P Dobie050-52Leeming