Round 10 had an above average amount of resting touchers which possibly could be attributed more to prickly heat chafing than actual great shots....wasn't it hot?! With some close games and some surprising upsets, this Round provided some pointers for finals aspirations.
Reports of a great game played at Wanneroo with a good win for Basso. Statistics may not get you promoted but the Lions will be now quite bullish. Its hard to see anyone outside of South Perth, Swan and Doubleview coming near them. I'm discounting Yokine and Mundaring on the fact they have already lost 5 games and Basso have only lost 2 so far. So I just can't see Basso dropping 4-5 games from 8 and Yokine/Mundaring still have to play each other in R16. Obviously still a long way to go from R10 to R18 with some very interesting results tightening up the bottom of the ladder with only 4.5pts between 7th and 9th. Maybe next week we will start a finals review and pick one team each week to discuss, if time permits.

ROSSMOYNE 2 79 (5.5) v SOUTH PERTH 78 (2.5)
Beacroft, George 15 v Kelly, Steve 16
Edson, Keith 20 v Bandy, Denis 24
Vind, Reza 24 v McRae, Michael 18
Herbert, Allan 20 v Roelofs, Bill 20

Had to double check and clean the glasses to re-read this result! What a fantastic result for a defiant Rossmoyne. even more impressive was the feedback that Rossmoyne actually controlled the game for very long periods holding +10-15pt margin and with some late scoring it probably looked tighter but South Perth were not without a chance. From the sheets it again looked like the Millers had some late personnel adjustments losing 2 players to the PL team. New additions or not they'll probably need to settle some of these rinks down and find consistency if they wish to go far in finals.
Beacroft and Kelly had a solid tussle all day with Kelly coming home strong to nip a few late on with some big bowls from Skuza. Vind seemed to have the measure of McRae early as they raced out to a huge lead with a dominant front end piling on the pressure. Credit to McRae's rink they won 10 of the last 11 ends but just couldn't bridge that early damage and that probably was the difference on the day. Edson had Bandy for most of the day but putting him away became increasingly difficult. Bandy lies second on the skippers ladder for good reason, he's hard to beat. Only losing 3 games all season and the most by only 3 shots shows fighting character in a rink that seems to have regular changes. We believe Bandy collected 4 on the last so no doubt Rossmoyne had further opportunity to collect 6.5pts.
Herbert and Roelofs played 2 different halves with Herbert shooting out to a decent lead at halfway. Then the Roelofs rink stepped through the gears and won the next 5 ends and took the lead. Word is Herbert was immense, down 6 on the 20th end and with a quick check across the rinks it had Millers up in the Agg and 2nd win of the season seemed in serious doubt. He played an absolute 2nd shot stunner through the pack picking up the kitty to his 3 near the ditch. And with that 9 shot turn around came a big win for Rossmoyne. Herbert also had Roelofs on the ropes on last end for his first skippers win of the season, only for Bill to draw 2nd shot on a tight measure to half the rink honours. Well done to Rossmoyne, great performance by all.
Result: Rossmoyne 5.5-2.5 Prediction: South Perth 6-2

SWAN 83 (7) v YOKINE 68 (1)
Natalotto, Tony 17 v McGillivray, Trevor 20
Park, David 20 v Griffiths, Philip 17
Southern, Alan 23 v Coffey, Wayne 14
Tibbles, George 23 v Kay, Anthony 17

Another solid day at the office for Swan with back to back wins at home. All credit to the McGilliray's rink for grinding out a very good result against Natalotto. I don't remember Trevor losing a game since the surprising R5 lose to A.Byres so he's running v.hot at the moment and the rink is well settled which helps when they were taking on the 2nd best rink in the competition.
Park having had his chances the previous week, held the hard chase of Griffiths with some telling bowls to hand Phil his 1st defeat as skipper. The Southern rink made amends for last week loss in some style. Having made some minor rink changes from last week it seemed to work a treat. And with Tibbles coming through a tough game against a very good Kay's rink, it provided a good day out for Swan. Swans have really come good after getting a toweling from Cambridge in R6. They have built well on a very impressive win against Basso in R7 and have won 3 of the last 4 with no sign of slowing down. Finals surely await.

Manning, Wallace 21 v Herriot, Guy 21
Hughes, David 20 v Langdon, Winton 33
Leahy, Edward 20 v Johnson, Edward 24
Easom, Peter 19 v McKenna, Christopher 19

In a high scoring game, Cambridge came out swinging and it took some time for The View to get control of this game. It was a big game for both teams and now bring Doubleview right into the serious side of finals chat. Credit to Cambridge for embracing the significant changes needed to their backends and it's certainly showing promise. Wallace Manning had a proper tug of war against Herriot and fought hard to hold the draw at 21-21. Some telling bowls by both sides. Similar was evident with Easom v McKenna with Peter so very close to his first skippers win this year against a solid McKenna rink that probably hasn't got the wins it has deserved over the last few Rounds. Easom had good support with Pieter Harris playing as his 3rd so McKenna dug deep to split the points for a 19-19 draw.
Hughes and Leahy posted good numbers but just came on the wrong end of some big numbers, probably at the wrong time. Langdon provided the icing with that 13pt win that allowed The View is stretch over the line for a big win. Unsure if it would of carried the gap but I feel Cambridge might of reversed this score having the missing Buckley and Byres. Cambridge have the talent and will come good just hopefully it will be in time to get them out of trouble.
Result: Doubleview 7-1 Prediction: Doubleview 6-2

Bartlett, Arthur 16 v Bear, Geoffrey 20
Orchard, Victor 23 v Cox, Rex 17
Cooper, Rodney 19 v Lynch, John 18
Gosstray, Stewart 14 v Pickles, Lindsay 18

I did have a head v heart moment picking this result and indeed it was an epic neighbourly tussle. The result was close and was the same as R1 where the away team took the bragging rights. Kalamunda have probably just failed to lock down that home advantage this year and that's landed them in a pickle at the wrong end of the table. The fortress walls are not what they used to be with Kalamunda only winning 1 of 5 from home. However in fairness, most of the home games from here are against the lower half of the table so I would expect Kalamunda to go 4 of 4 on the home track from here.
Bear had a great result over Bartlett and is travelling well at the right time of the year. Bartlett is travelling very well himself and will always be hard to beat so this win probably helped lay a solid foundation for the final result. Orchard had a very good win over Cox, where they just built better heads and had a slightly more polished execution.
Cooper bounced back well after last weeks defeat to hold back Lynch who's playing solid bowls over the last few rounds. Small margin but could be an important point come the end of the season. In the Pickles v Gosstray matchup, Lindsay did the job and did it well against Stewart, who I think had only dropped 1 game since R4 so big performance at a vital time for Lindsay Pickles.
Overall a great result for Mundaring. Probably the difference between this time last year and this year is those numerous close games. Last year they carried to close ones and this year they just marginally missed some so it's good to see them take a close one here. Both teams still have alot to play for from here.
Result: Mundaring 6-2 Prediction: Kalamunda 6-2

Turra, Darren 20 v Erceg, Michael 13
Johnson, Colin 21 v O'Sullivan, Eugene 21
Denny, Steve 16 v Revell, Rodney 28
Tee, Chris 17 v Krstic, Jovan 17

Game of the Round probably lived up to expectations with a huge result for Basso to complete the double over the Roos. Darren Turra giving the Roos every chance for the win with a strong performance against a good Erceg who is travelling well. Turra's now 6 of 8 skippering which vindicates selectors decision to get him back skippering and he's controlling the games well.
Johnson and O'Sullivan had good ding dong all day with good performances all around. The draw was probably the fairest result. Similar can be said for Tee v Kristic who played it tight with little given by both sides. Denny had a tougher day against a red hot Revell. Hard to point the finger against anyone playing Revell at the moment as he's not just winning, he's smashing home big numbers. Another plum decision to get him skippering again after a gap from R4. That's 3 in a row with 2 of those played away, totaling an eye watering +48pt SD!!!
Generally I dislike these long predictions but as mentioned in the preview if the Lions took this I just can't see them caught (hope I'm very wrong & the rest can seriously up their game). With only 8 games left and they have a mere 3 away games to play with none of those against a top 4 side, it's going to take something special to hold them back.
Result: Bassendean 6-2 Prediction: Bassendean 6-2

South Perth1064026.5854687124.3150.5
B Roelefs81161South Perth
R Revell61060Bassendean
G Herriot62142Doubleview
S Buckley62045Cambridge
G Bear62031Mundaring
D Turra62027Wanneroo
D Bandy63174South Perth
T Natalotto63128Swan
T McGillivray640-11Yokine
E O'Sullivan52135Bassendean
V Santostefano5207South Perth
W Morrison53017Yokine
M Erceg54138Bassendean
A Southern54115Swan
A Bartlett5418Kalamunda
G Tibbles5411Swan
S Gosstray55010Kalamunda
A Durrant40143South Perth
L Pickles41114Mundaring
A Tennant41021Doubleview
A Kay441-15Yokine
D Park45121Swan
J Lynch451-3Mundaring
W Coffey450-2Yokine
W Langdon460-15Doubleview
R Cooper460-17Kalamunda
R Cox460-29Mundaring
J Krstic31232Bassendean
M Cousins31027Mundaring
R Brown310-1Cambridge
E Widermanski320-8Wanneroo
D Hughes330-17Cambridge
A Byres3403Cambridge
W Olive350-34Kalamunda
E Johnson370-7Doubleview
V Orchard20011Kalamunda
S Bartlett2109Rossmoyne
P Griffiths2102Yokine
M Cook2205Bassendean
K Toster230-21Wanneroo
A Currie240-28Rossmoyne
S Denny260-30Wanneroo
G Beacroft280-47Rossmoyne
C Tee10216Wanneroo
C Johnson10111Wanneroo
P Hunter1006Yokine
R Vind1006Rossmoyne
P Geus1005Wanneroo
S Kelly1001South Perth
W Manning111-9Cambridge
C McKenna131-14Doubleview
K Edson130-33Rossmoyne
M McRae140-13South Perth
E Leahy140-21Cambridge
M Golding140-38Wanneroo
P Easom011-12Cambridge
K Warne010-4Mundaring
C Hickman010-9Doubleview
N Blyth010-11Rossmoyne
M Carmichael010-17Rossmoyne
D Phillips010-18Cambridge
P Van Der Reest010-18Mundaring
T Reid020-6South Perth
N Strachan020-17Bassendean
M Nievelstein030-15Wanneroo
P Madigan030-36Bassendean
P White041-20Rossmoyne
G Jones040-60Cambridge
A Herbert081-76Rossmoyne