D Brown, D Golem, B Henley, S West
K McKay, D Radford,     J Galipo, O Dawson
R Foy, M Abonnel, C Booth, D Wood
D Rankin, D Comrie, P Davies, C Vinci
INS: B Henley
OUTS: D Flintoff

S Perica, N Lewis, D Jones, H Christensen
C Adams, R Bolton, C Wooldridge, L Bolton
D Opie, A Foster, S Rushforth, D Leeson
L Strahan, C Harris, N Bolton,     G Allen
INS: No change

Our first game is probably the match of the day although there are a couple of good ones littered amongst the games tomorrow. Kardinya host Cambridge, Kardy have started the year strong and play a fellow artificial surface club they will be keen to put the Knights to the sword and enter the Xmas break on top of the ladder.
One change for Kardy as Brad Henley returns, no changes for Cambridge. Apart from their hiccup of 2 losses, Cambridge have exceeded my expectations and they will bring a good game on Saturday. I think it will just fall short, but look for a close encounter.
Kardinya 6-2


A Williams, AJ Heal, P Herbert, M Kemp
T Mitchell, N Jones, S Patterson, A Lil
D Marsland, L Such, S Collins, N Rees
S Knott, P Ker, P Kelly, M Ellis
INS: No change

J Opie, N Reagan, T Kinnane, M Cranswick
N Griffin, B Manton, A Durrant, M Biglin
G Pauling, S Walker, T Antonio, F Anderson
A Sharp, D Downey, J Percival, K Pride
INS: T Antonio
OUTS: M Petrich

Another ripping encounter, South Perth starting to get their mojo together winning their past 3 games and Manning 4 of their past 5, so 2 teams here that are in form, playing well and solid line ups across all the lines. What a game our skippers have, no easy matches here, Tom Mitchell looks like he is hitting his straps now, but Dale Marsland has dropped the last 2 and will be looking to return to the winners stall. Neale Griffin originally a stand in skipper looks like the rink is his now with 3 wins from his 3 games, with the Glenn Pauling rink super strong with Scott Walker playing as 3rd.
No changes for Manning and Tom Antonio returns, Max Petrich drops back to the 2nds. So who to choose? Another toss of the coin game, both teams have people selected in what appears to be their natural positions, good players, strength on all the lines. As is usual for me, when hard to toss then go for the home team. Manning in a close game
Manning 6-2


W Neilson, E Apps, M Robinson, W Hinchliffe
T Ingram, V Princi, T Dawson, Neil Minchin
W Mitchell, L Sanders, B Driscoll, C Hamilton
P Aungier, S Aungier, W Anderson, R Dunstan
INS: No change

D Nicholls, N Smith, R Ellis, P Harber
C Margin, R Kenyon, J Morss, D Daley
D Rhodes, L Pike, A Elmer, M Simpson
S Alden, D Von Horn, B Tie, M Bessant
INS: R Ellis
OUTS: R Revell

Our third game is probably not a ripping encounter, 9th vs 10th, played at Morley though and this will be the game they will look at as a winning opportunity. A settled side at Morley with no changes, Bassendean welcome back Russell Ellis with rod Revell dropping back to skipper the Blue team.
It’s been an unsettled year for Bassendean and I’m hoping we can settle with this line up and start stringing some wins together. Morley haven’t been pushovers for lengths of their games and against Manning nearly pinched the win, but across 84 ends they have just been found wanting. At home they will again be tough to beat.


N Stevens, B Nairn, D Rowland, P Potts
G Caffell, E Martin, T Weir, I Lilburne
C Packer, K Pickering, R Lawrence, G Nicol
L Grigg,     S O'Neill,     M Rollings, G King
INS: G King
OUTS: M Dewson

R Moyle, B White, T Whitfield, G Faulkner
C Slavich, C Bessant,     G Nelson, L Thorn
S Edmonds, B Brandsma, S Cerff, B McNamara
J Slavich,     A Tennant, R Haring, J Barry
INS: S Edmonds, T Whitfield
OUTS: C Hickman, R Castledine

When you mention Osborne Park vs Doubleview you think this is match of the day status automatically, but Doubleview have struggled a bit lately while Osborne Park have been pretty strong but patchy. The inclusion of Blake Nairn has given the Neville Stevens rink some steel and he won his past 2 games. With Cody Packer and Gary Caffell in fine form and Lewis Grigg a star of the future, it’s a good line up of skippers.
Doubleview welcome back Scott Edmonds, and that changes the whole complexion of their 16. Tom Whitfield also coming in with Chris Hickman and Ryan Rastledine dropping back, it means Bill Brandsma can drop back and be the wonderful 3rd that he has been for so long. I feel his return gives their 16 some balance and looks stronger.
It is at Osborne Park, but I just feel Doubleview won’t like dropping their past couple and only 1 in their past 5 games. Look for huge improvement from them
Doubleview 6-2


C Lander, A Barron, B Gunson, M Hulbert
R Butler, T Murray, B Lucas, P Murray
S Loftus, R Cunningham, I Linford, M Browne
B Eagles,     G Taylor, M Burton, G Murray
INS: No change

J Trewhella, D Pattullo, D Nagle, M Trewhella
A Cowie,     G Jackson, D Wagstaff, D Phillips
S Novak, K Cousens, B Kalinowsky, W Tan
B Cole, P Cole, C Biddle, P Guelfi
INS: D Pattullo, D Wagstaff
OUTS: L Strange, R Philpott

Our final game is the battle between the promotes, Sorrento at home hosting Warnbro. Last year and with vastly different lineups mind you, Sorrento won their game 7-1 while Warnbro won their home fixture 8-0, so it would appear that a home ground advantage is in play here. Sorrento are nearly the form team of the comp winning their past 3, but 2 of them away from home so they may even find themselves in the 4 with a win here, considering most of the other top sides are all playing each other. A good win here and they enter Xmas in the 4.
No change for Sorrento while Warnbro see Dennis Pattullo and Daryl Wagstaff in the side, Lindsay Strange must be absent for Xmas holidays and Ryan Philpott also not playing, 2 players that make a huge difference to this team. Warnbro have been very competitive at home but struggled a bit away, Alan Cowie covers for Strange and Steve Novak has had a great year to date sitting 4th in the skippers table.
Sorrento should be too strong at home
Sorrento 7-1