Another big weekend of games ahead,the top 3 sides jostle for position and try and reach that top spot in games they will probably win, Kardinya have the toughest job when they go to Manning, and the 3 sides trying to avoid demotion probably playing games they are expected to lose. If any of those sides can win this weekend it will almost ensure their survival. The middle 3 teams trying to reach that coveted 4th spot and a finals appearance and with Cambridge guaranteed a win over Morley, it's up to Osborne Park and Manning to show they want that 4th spot. An interesting round ahead.
SOUTH PERTH v WARNBRO - Friday 6.30pm

J Opie, B Manton, T Kinnane, K Pride
N Griffin, A Durrant, T Antonio, M Biglin
S Walker, N Reagan, T Reid, F Anderson
R Bresland, A Sharp, D Downey, M Cranswick
INS: A Sharp
OUTS: D Mortley

J Trewhella, A Cowie, D Nagle, T DeBrouwer
L Strange, K Cousens,     G Jackson, D Phillips
S Novak, B Kalinowsky, W Tan, D Wagstaff
B Cole, P Cole, C Biddle, P Guelfi
INS: T DeBrouwer
OUTS: M Trewhella

The last of our Friday night games for the year and for mine Warnbro will be the ones wanting a positive result more. If they can win they will almost ensure survival but it's a tough ask as not many teams beat South Perth at home, especially at night, and couple with they have lost Matt Trewhella who I believe has been one of the better leaders in the State for a while now. His consistency up front crucial to setting that rink up and he is a loss. Ash Sharp also back for the Millers as Doc Mortley drops back. So on face value South Perth stronger and Warnbro weaker with the team changes.
I think South Perth will win quite comfortably. A horrendous Saturday last week where they didn't get a point and gave up top spot will drive them to achieve a big win this week and put the pressure back on Kardinya the next day to win and stick with them. Doubleview with a harder winnable game so I would expect even a 7-1 result will see them top of the table after this round. Warnbro haven't travelled well this year, 2 wins 5 losses so far, but those losses have come at an average loss of 28 shots. They need to rise to the Friday night occasion, but in reality their big game for the year is next weekend against Sorrento at home.
South Perth 7-1


A Williams, AJ Heal, S Collins, G Quann
T Mitchell, S Patterson, M Kemp, A Lil
D Marsland, L Such, P Kelly, N Rees
S Knott, P Ker, M Allen, B Butler
INS: M Allen
OUTS: N Jones

D Brown, D Golem, B Henley, S West
K McKay, D Radford, D Flintoff,     J Galipo
R Foy, M Abonnel, K Stower, D Wood
D Rankin, D Comrie, P Davies, C Vinci
INS: K Stower
OUTS: C Stokes

Match of the round status I would think here, 1st playing 4th and a tough game for 1st placed Kardinya to win and shore up top spot. Craig Stokes unavailable and so Ken Sotwer comes in. Also Nathan Jones with Australian coaching duties with the softball side is absent and Matt Allen comes in.
Mannings story is an interesting one, 7 home games for 6 wins so they love playing at home but away from home they have really struggled. So this home game for them will be one they will expect to win over Kardinya who's away record is 2 wins, 4 losses and a draw. Those 4 losses have been the last 4 away games as well, so it's hard to mount an argument for a win, a side with a very good home record playing a side with a not so good away record. If Kardinya want to be considered flag favourites they need to win a game away from home and on grass which is where the final will be played. This has to be the game they win to test that out.
I'm still going for Manning though, a win to them may actually see them drop to 5th as Cambridge play Morley but it keeps them in touch with that top 4 spot. It's a great side on paper, a finals hardened team and if they make it then they could do some damage
Manning 6-2


E Apps, B Kukich, W Hinchliffe, P Jones
T Ingram, K Nazareth, W Barker, Neil Minchin
W Mitchell, L Sanders, P Leyland, C Hamilton
S Aungier, K Perks, P Aungier, R Dunstan
INS: K Nazareth, W Barker, P Leyland, P Aungier
OUTS: T Dawson, V Princi, W Anderson, P Lawlor

S Perica, N Lewis, D Jones, H Christensen
C Adams, P Harris, C Wooldridge, L Bolton
D Opie, S Rushforth, A Foster, D Leeson
L Strahan, C Harris, N Bolton, R Bolton
INS: No change

Is this Morleys last chance to grab an aggregate win this year? Playing at home, against a non-grass club? Unlikely, but it shows the character of Morley who gave Peter Lawlor a game in the PL last week. Lawlor is a long time servant of the club and he loved his shot in the top flight, well done to Morley for giving him that chance. Morley have approached this season with lots of energy and pluck but they just haven't been good enough in the end across the 16 blokes and they will go ok in White next year.
Cambridge have an unchange line up and they will be looking for 8 points here and a spot in the 4 at the end of the round. I doubt Manning will get 8 points from Kardinya so big opportunity here for Cambridge to nab that 4th spot with 2 games to go. With 2 big games to go for them, this game can be launching pad to big finish and finals action.
Cambridge 7-1


B Nairn, D Rowland,     M Rollings, P Potts
G Caffell,     S O'Neill, E Martin, I Lilburne
C Packer, K Pickering, R Lawrence, G Nicol
N Stevens, L Grigg, R Brown, G King
INS: No change

D Nicholls, N Smith, D Von Horn, P Harber
C Margin, T Lynch, R Kenyon, D Daley
D Rhodes, L Pike, A Elmer, M Simpson
S Alden, R Ellis, L McKay, M Bessant
INS: T Lynch
OUTS: J Morss

We travel to Osborne Park in a huge game for both clubs. A win to Osborne Park while it probably see them enter the 4th spot, it will keep them in touch with the top 4 and they play 2 of the bottom 4 sides so they have a good run home, but need to win this game to set it up. A loss here and they may find it hard to get to finals, but also a loss and suddenly they need to look over their shoulder a little bit at that 9th spot. I think they have enough points to avoid that but they wouldn't want to have 3 losses and jeopardise that. No changes made for their side this week.
For Bassendean the opposite is true. A loss and that dreaded 9th spot comes in to play dependent on other results around the place but a win, coupled with 2 more wins and suddenly an unlikely finals spot is a mathematical possibility. Unlikely though but we are focussed on just winning this game and doing the best we can against a very good Ossy Park outfit. Travis Lynch comes in for his first game of the year at the expense of John Morss.


C Lander, T Murray, B Gunson,     P Morgan
R Butler, P Murray, M Burton, F Tyson
S Loftus, R Cunningham, I Linford, M Browne
B Eagles, M Hulbert, P Crow, G Murray
INS: F Tyson
OUTS: G Taylor

R Moyle, B White, G Faulkner, T Whitfield
C Slavich, C Bessant,     A Tennant, L Thorn
S Edmonds, B Brandsma, S Cerff, B McNamara
J Slavich, K McIlroy, R Haring, J Barry
INS: No change

Our final game and probably the best chance that one of our bottom 3 teams has to win a game and save themselves from demotion. Sorrento probably have one of the worst home records and one of the better away records in the competition. Doubleviews away record isn't good though, 2 wins and 5 losses, so it's a battle really about who wants the win more. Doubleview can move up a spot if Kardy trip up, Sorrento can save their season and plan for next year in the PL. I think this game will be the one most other clubs will be keen to know the result of at the end of the day.
Doubleview 6-2