What a great encounter we have in store this Saturday, when Cockburn, who are first, play the second placed Safety Bay sixteen. In fact all games have some interest, due to the various dog fights at the top and bottom of the table.
Now bitter rivals, Melville, ninth, play host to Mt Pleasant, tenth. Melville still with a chance to avoid automatic demotion, Mt Pleasant with no chance of avoiding same.
Leeming also hosting Thornlie, fourth versus fifth here.

W Tepania, P Brotherston, D Ravlich, J Wray
Marko Krajancic, J Ricci, M Zusman, G Powell
J Marevich, I Mateljak, J Ravlich, J Sgarlata
M Musulin, M Simunovich, A Edwards, B Blagaich
INS: A Edwards
OUTS: K Yakas

R Hall,     A Holmes, P Daynes, H Wilson
C Carruthers, J Radford, S Hide, S Foran
R Kennedy, C Owen, G Ogg, S Gallon
P Beaumont, A Daddow, B Taylor, S McBriar
INS: S Hide
OUTS: S Adams

The Roosters are very good at home, where they specialise in long ends, on their reasonably new synthetic. Only 9.5 points separate these teams on the ladder, but by Saturday night that could be stretched out, which will really prevent the visitors from gaining top spot.
Cockburn have great players in Willy TePania, David and Johnny Ravlich, Joe Marevich, Ivan Mateljak, Mike Zusman, Marko Krajancic, Brian Blagaich, Mick Simumovich, and Mirko Musulin, to name just some.
Whilst Safety Bay are well served by Alan Daddow, Paul Beaumont, Harry Wilson, Alan Holmes, Ron Hall, John Radford, Chris Carruthers, Chris Owen, and Ray Kennedy, once again to pick just a few.
The home ground advantage will swing this game in favour of the Roosters.
Cockburn. 7-1


W Heldt, R Bishop, G Strachan,   D Bradbury
C Watters,     S Harris, N Tulett, M Beauchamp
B Holland, C Hickinbotham, T Auckland, M Rickard
M Crabb, F Carbone, G Lynch, D Innes
INS: S Harris
OUTS: I Farley

J Bajic, K Willis, R Turner, G Annandale
R Hunter, L Garbutt, B O’Byrne, R Butler
T Simpson, C McMahon, P Stone, S Farrell
C Standley, G Dodd, G Saint, F Kuhnl
INS: R Turner
OUTS: D Wood

Both of these teams are trying to avoid the bottom four, and especially the last two team slots on the ladder. Keeping away from the bottom four will prove difficult for both of these clubs, so a win here will certainly help a lot.
The Kookaburras 7th, and the Hawks eighth, have been very unpredictable to say the least, but the Kookas playing at home on synthetic should prevail. It is probably quite some time since the Kookabuuras have been in second division, so they have a lot to play for.
Promising Skip Daniel Wood it not playing, a blow to the Hawks.
Gosnells. 7-1


T Alberti, I Ashworth, S Dobie, R Bellis
G Ford, D Clayton, G Freeman, R Lipple
K Vandersluys, P Boys, D Johnson, W Birrell
J Newton, G Burgess,     A Andersson,     D Anderson
INS: No change

G Vaughan, M Separovich, P Pohe, P Riggio
G Beckwith, N Holden, J Stean, J Thorn
G Sewell, D Dobb, I Quayle, J Mitchell
J Francisco, M White, I Rewell, A Williams
INS: J Mitchell
OUTS: T Finlayson

Another game where the two teams are not separated by much on the ladder, in fact it is only one position and eight points.
Both of these teams are reasonably evenly matched, but the advantage of playing at home on their synthetic should help the Lions overcome the Ravens. It would be a great clash should the rinks of Vandersluys and Vaughan draw each other, the Lion having only lost two games all year. But, I have noticed that Glynn has slowly settled into skipping again, and is doing quite nicely, thank. The Lions are at full strength, so they should win, and jump up a position or so on the table.
Leeming. 7-1


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J Welsh, G Thorn, K Swan, D Murray
T Maras, S Montgomery, B MacDonald, A Peters
H Booth, G Pinkus, K Robertson, M Lee
B Elliss, R McNamara, D Bodlovich, J Evans
INS: K Swan
OUTS: J Coghlan

The Magic playing at home should be too strong for their former allies. The magic hierarchy, for some reason are against the proposed, fantastic, state of the art new club at Tompkins Park. Unfortunately the Mounties are certain to be demoted down to second division, but I will bet there are some proud guys there, who will give it their best shot on Saturday.
Melville. 6-2


E Gollan, L Jervies, G Maesepp, V Andrews
A Petchell, D Price, R Mitchell, P Feszczak
R Lang, J East, W Harvey, M Hughes
D Green, R Halse, D Haddow, B Cranswick
INS: V Andrews
OUTS: P Lees

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Once again, the advantage of playing at home on their reasonably fast synthetic should help the River Rats win this game quite comfortably.
The River Rats have some very good skips, noticeably Gollen, Lang and Petchell, backed up by the steadiness of Danny Green.
Both sides are chock full of experienced campaigners, with a few up and comers to boot.
Wouldn't it be a good spectacle if the Gollen and Simms teams drew each other, both young and very promising skips.
Rossmoyne. 7-1