Round 10 looks a little tricky, some high quality games and even the bottom 2 play each other. Could be a bit of a ladder change at the completion of the round.


Our Friday night fixture in recognition of Daniel Patterson for the Patterson Cup is a big game both on and off the field. The points are extremely important for us at Bassendean to continue to space the 9th spot, but equally important for Cambridge to get that win and solidify their spot in the 4. With the other games being played this is a big round to win your match and grab some vital points. A skippers draw has been done and I'll try to be the best of my neutral ability to analyse each game. The game starts at 6.30pm, food is available at the club and it will be live streamed through the Bassendean Facbook page from about 7pm onwards.

D Nicholls, N Smith, R Ellis, P Harber
L Strahan, C Harris, N Bolton,     A Byres
A Good match up here, Dan Nicholls a young player with loads of ability playing Lance Strahan back in the game and playing well despite not winning his rinks. It's a familiar story for Nicholls who has been playing well and not winning.

C Margin, R Kenyon, J Morss, D Daley
S Perica, N Lewis, D Jones, G Allen
Chris Margin has been a find for us and there is great energy in that rink and he plays Sam Perica who has only lost 2 games this year. I'm hoping this gets the TV rink, it will be a great display for the cameras of driving, drawing and chiselling shots.

D Rhodes, L Pike, A Elmer, M Simpson
D Opie, S Rushforth, A Foster, D Leeson
Another really good match up for both sides I think, both skippers have deft touch and not a real big drive, and a front 3 that's a very solid draw bowling team. I'm sure it will be the biggest crowd that young Marcus Simpson has been in front of, I think this will be a close game, not a blowout.

S Alden, D Von Horn, B Tie, M Bessant
C Adams, R Bolton, C Wooldridge, L Bolton
Clive and I lock horns again, he towelled me up first game of the year, I have a brand new rink and he has exactly the same, so it will be good to see if I have improved my line up. Both Clive and I have strong drives, which could be telling at the end of the game.

INS: N Smith
OUTS: T Alden

INS: G Allen
OUTS: H Christensen


R Moyle, B White, T Whitfield, G Faulkner
C Slavich, C Bessant,     G Nelson, L Thorn
S Edmonds, B Brandsma, S Cerff, B McNamara
J Slavich,     A Tennant, R Haring, J Barry
INS: T Whitfield
OUTS: A Wetzler

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Another big game in the scheme of things, Kardinya travel again and they would not want to drop 2 games away from home in a row and place their top spot in jeopardy. Doubleview did what they need to last week against Morley but they will really want to solidify their credentials for the year with a win here. They have won their last games and sit in 5th equal on wins as third placed Cambridge. Kardinya are still missing Dave Rankin, Doubleview still miss Kyle McIlroy so they nullify each other out in terms of absences. On paper the sides line up really well, the rink draw will be pivotal to the result.
Kardy need to win this and I think they will hit Doubleview hard. Can Doubleview resist? Gonna be a great game but I'll go the visitors just.
Kardinya 6-2


    G Taylor, A Barron, B Gunson,     P Morgan
R Butler, T Murray, B Lucas, M Burton
S Loftus, R Cunningham, I Linford, M Browne
B Eagles, M Hulbert, P Crow, G Murray
INS: M Burton
OUTS: P Murray

A Williams, AJ Heal, P Kelly, M Kemp
T Mitchell, S Patterson, B Butler, A Lil
D Marsland, L Such, S Collins, N Rees
S Knott, P Ker, N Jones, M Ellis
INS: B Butler
OUTS: P Herbert

Manning have such a good squad on paper but they have been so inconsistent this season, winning 4 in a row and then dropping the last 3. They really need to get their season back on track and they travel to the tricky Sorrento who racked up 3 good wins in a row but dropped their past including a 3 shot loss last week to South Perth. Young Patrick Murray has gone off and got married, congratulations young man and hope it all goes well for you, and I will tip an upset of sorts here and think your teammates will do it and win against the highly fancied Manning Eagles. Don't get me wrong Manning will be pumped but have only won 1 game on the road this and that against Morley. Look for Sorrento to win in an upset
Sorrento 6-2


J Opie, N Reagan, T Kinnane, M Cranswick
N Griffin, B Manton, M Petrich, M Biglin
G Pauling, S Walker, T Antonio, F Anderson
A Sharp, D Downey, A Durrant, K Pride
INS: A Durrant
OUTS: J Percival

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Don't know the changes to Osborne Park but South Perth have made the 1 change, out goes John Percival and in comes Adrian Durrant. Another really good contest here, Osborne Park will want to win and probably move into the top 4 with a win here, South Perth only 3.5 points clear of 3rd even with 2 wins more than that team, highlighting again the crucial nature of rink wins even when winning, they have won the same number of rinks as Bassendean in 7th and even Warnbro in 9th, and yet they sit 2nd. Wins are important, but rinks are just as important. They lose here and they could easily drop out of the 4. They are at home and play their own surface so very well, look for them to win in another tight contest
South Perth 6-2


J Trewhella, A Cowie, D Nagle, M Trewhella
L Strange, K Cousens,     G Jackson, D Phillips
S Novak, B Kalinowsky, W Tan, D Wagstaff
B Cole, P Cole, C Biddle, P Guelfi
INS: K Cousens
OUTS: D Pattullo

E Apps, B Kukich, B Driscoll, W Hinchliffe
T Ingram, V Princi, T Dawson, Neil Minchin
W Mitchell, L Sanders, W Anderson, C Hamilton
S Aungier, P Aungier, B Geikie, R Dunstan
INS: No change

Our final game is the bottom 2 teams, but Warnbro as pointed out above could quite rightly argue they are right in this season up to their necks. The same rink wins as second placed South Perth and yet 4 more losses. If we analyse their wins, two of them have been away, Morley and Sorrento so their home ground advantage which I thought they might have some of has not proven true so far this season. 4 home games for a 1-3 record. They should win and improve their record and if Bassendean or Sorrento lose they will over take them, but even a win will see them catch up with some teams above them on the ladder. Morley have been trying hard and again last week pushed a side for the first half of the game before falling away. I suspect it will be the same story here, will be gallant in defeat but will ultimately fall away at the end
Warnbro 7-1