1. Wendy Stower MOSMAN PARK
2 Helen Morss MANNING
Tough pairing to pick first of all, both in Premier Sides on Tuesdays for last season, finishing 1st and 2nd on the ladder. Helen is coming off a very successful season with a bag of State titles under her belt however so she is my pick for this one.

4 Julie Saville OSBORNE PARK
I'm afraid I don't know of either of these players but I know that Lea plays 1st Divison so on that basis, I will pick Lea.

5 Ronda Creyk THORNLIE
6 Carol Booker NORTH BEACH
Again a pair of players that I am not across so I guess for this one I will have to throw a dart and go for… Carol.

7 Shaan Saunders MANNING
8 Shirley Johnston VICTORIA PARK
Shaan is the defending champion so she will come to this first game fired up to do it again. Shirley is a fine second for Vic Park however I think Shaan will get over the line.

9 Shelley Radcliffe MOSMAN PARK
10 Margaret Booth MANNING
Shelley was part of the finals team in the State Fours and has been a very consistent Premier player over the years. Margaret will have her work cut out for her, however she is up to the challenge. Shelley will take this one out but it may not be easy.

11 Hailey Adams OSBORNE PARK
12 Marcia Talalla BEDFORD
Unfortunately for Marcia, Hailey will be bringing her experience in playing at the top level to this game and I think will be hard to beat.

13 Charmaine Locke MUNDARING
14 Annalyn Ricalde MOUNT LAWLEY
Another match up where I don't know the players at all so I will go for Annalyn as having the home ground advantage. Charmaine may find the slower grass greens hard to adjust to after the Mundaring super slickness.

15 Therese Hastings MANNING
16 Paye Hoad BAYSWATER
Paye was part of the State Fours team that made it to the Semi's so is obviously someone who can bowl well. Therese has just been to the Aus Indoors so I suspect she is in good bowling form. Therese for the win here.

17 Lisa Featherby MOSMAN PARK
18 Jaewyn Norton OSBORNE PARK
Two Premier players, two skips, this game will be quite a battle I reckon. I think Lisa will probably take it out, however if she hasn't quite recovered from her back issues from the Aus Indoors, then anything could happen.

19 Rosemarie Lenzo MOUNT LAWLEY
20 Karina Gale MANNING
Rose is part of the team that gained promotion to 1st Division last season and this is also her home green, however Karina is a strong Premier skipper and I expect her to take the chocolates on this one.

21 Shari Solly MANNING
22 Julieanne Summers OSBORNE PARK
Julieanne is a lead in Pennants so is comfortable with a Singles game and Shari is a solid player in any format. Quite a difficult one for me to choose to be honest. I'm going with Shari but I think it will be tight.

23 Donita Davids ROSSMOYNE
24 Toni Madigan MANNING
Yet another lead player super comfortable with a Singles game in Toni Madigan, I think her draw game will be too good for Donita.

25 Deborah Povey MOUNT LAWLEY
26 Saffronne Alden MANNING
Home ground advantage could be the key here for Deborah, either way it will be a close game. I think Saffronne might just get over the line.

27 Lorraine Warren JOONDALUP
28 Lynda Warburton MOSMAN PARK
Linda has been a force in these tournaments a lot and I think will go through this first round with no problems.  Linda for the win.

29 Valerie Still MANNING
30 Amanda Masters OSBORNE PARK
Amanda is a familiar face in this tournament and regularly gets through the first round. Valerie played here for the first time last year and got through the first round herself.  Either one of them has the skill to get through, I will go for Amanda.

31 Sally Wilke MANNING
32 Audrey Stokes MOSMAN PARK
Another familiar face to the tournament with Audrey, she has been part of these comps for awhile. Sally is no slouch in the tournament world herself, but I think Audrey will get up over Sally this time.

33 Renate Coote MOSMAN PARK
34 Rhonda Prosser NORTH BEACH
Both great players here, this is definitely a hard one to pick at the best of times.  Renate and Rhonda both bring strong bowling to this game, it will be a very tight match indeed.  Hmmmmmm, Renate, but only just.

35 Monica Huynh MOSMAN PARK
36 Brooke Newstead OSBORNE PARK
Monica and Brooke, what a match up.  They both have strengths and the ability to go far.  I will plump for Monica to forward in this round.
Wednesday 13th September
37 Debra Rhine NORTH BEACH
38 Karen Gaglia BUSSELTON
I am not across Karen at all however I do know that Debra is part of the Premier North Beach team that just missed out on a finals berth last season. Debra to win.

39 Nerrida Porteous SORRENTO
40 Lee Anne Green MORLEY
Two very competent and experienced players here, Lee Anne and Nerrida are no strangers to this tournament.  I reckon Nerrida will take the chocolates this time but not without a battle.

41 Kristina Kristic MANNING
42 Marcia Tallala BEDFORD
Kristina is always a tough draw to get and I think that she will be very hard to beat this time.  Sorry to Marcia but Kristina to win definitely.

44 Maria McCormack MOSMAN PARK
Again two competitors who are very evenly matched. I think that maybe Jennie will get up for this one, however it's certainly not very clear cut.

45 Rinske Butcher NORTH BEACH
46 Trish Cunningham MOSMAN PARK
Trish is a fine Singles player and was only just pipped at the post in the knockout rounds in the 100 Up Singles earlier in the year. Rinske is also a fine singles player so this one is a difficult one to pick. Toss a feather between them and I will go for Trish.

47 Dot Glass NORTHAM
48 Kerry Andersen MOSMAN PARK
Kerry is a very strong player for Mosman Park and has been in plenty of finals in her time.  I feel that she will also get through this round and be just too good for Dot.

49 Irene Arndt SAFETY BAY
50 Ann Smith WANNEROO
Irene has had a bumper year last year and I think will start this year off the same way.  Hard to beat and Ann will find it difficult to keep up with her.

51 Sue Hogg MANNING
52 Elizabeth Wilson BUSSELTON
Sue is always a contender in these tournaments and although Elizabeth will not make it easy for her, her steady hand will get her over the line.

54 Denise Kelly
Jan may very well have the home ground advantage here but I believe Denise is good enough to not let that bother her at all.  Denise will be successful this round.

55 Helen Heal MANNING
56 Gail Botting BUSSELTON
Helen had a spectacular State Singles run, coming runner up to Helen Morss and being very competitive with it.  She is also a fantastic leader for Manning and I believe will be able to win this one.

57 Vicki Spragg DUDLEY PARK
58 Joanne Lancaster MOSMAN PARK
I don't know enough about Joannes form however Vicki is a regular in all the State Tournaments.  Keeping with the experience theory, Vicki to win this.

59 Kerry Hutchinson SORRENTO
60 Elizabeth Jackson WANNEROO
Looks like Elizabeth has moved from Valley to Wanneroo this season to maybe pursue other avenues and Kerry is part of the successful Sorrento team. I think Kerry will probably get up for this one.

61 Bev Baker MOSMAN PARK
62 Lee Anne Bunney MUNDARING
Bev is part of the Finals making pennants team from last season and is a very competant skipper to boot. Apologies to Lee Ann but I am unaware of your abilities. Bev to win.

63 Noelene Abe CORRIGIN
64 Kay Miller BUSSELTON
Noelene is a stalwart of the Consistency Singles and she will be hard to beat this time. Noelene will win this one.

65 Susan Birch SAFETY BAY
66 Robyn Marland BAYSWATER
I have no information on Susan at all however I do know that Robyn enters in a lot of tournaments and therefore possibly has more tournament experience. Robyn for the win.

67 Jan Bryden MANDURAH
68 Noeleen Keeffe GINGIN
Jan and Noeleen, could toss a coin for these two.  I am going to go for Noeleen to take this one out this time.

69 Jenny Parker NORTHAM
70 Alexandra Harris BUSSELTON
Jenny is a regular entry into State Events and has experience with this sort of tournament. I am unfortunately unaware of Alexandra and therefore will pick Jenny for the win.

71 Liz Ritchie WANNEROO
72 Liz Matthews MANNING
The battle of the Liz's.   I think that the Liz with the surname of Matthews will get up and take this one out.

73 Shona McCracken MANDURAH
74 Helen Paganoni BUSSELTON
Apologies to these ladies but I am unsure of their abilities. I hope they enjoy the trip up and I am going to go with Helen for the win.

75 Pauline Bourne SORRENTO
76 Lee Poletti GERALDTON
Lee is a strong competitor however Pauline has her own strengths in these games. I think Pauline will come up and win this one.

Good luck to everyone in the event!
by Hattie Robbins