Don't forget to send me your club singles winners for both male and female at your club. Check out the club news area for known winners


19th Apr 19 - If you want to bowl on ANZAC day, it's not too late to enter this event at Vic Park Carlisle


19th Apr 19 - BPL qualifying is on again this year, there seems to be a reduction in venues but still plenty of opportunity to qualify and represent WA in a trip to the BPL in Queensland in November. More details can be found by clicking here, I will start to populate the BPL page with results and information in the coming weeks.


19th Apr 19 - A few draws have recently been released, including the Champion of champion singles, the Novice singles and also the Bowling Arm State Singles.


18th Apr 19 - The annual Harry Snook Pairs played at North Perth was run and woin on Sunday.


18th Apr 19 - Merriwa are hosting a dinner dance, with the proceeds going to Legacy. Full details can be found here.


18th Apr 19 - Starting to get a few more "winter weeklies" sent to me, if you are looking for a game any day of the week, be sure to check out the calendar of events to see what is on.


18th Apr 19 - If you didn't see the news article on Bowls WA about the developments at Fremantle Bowling Club, check out the link here

14th Apr 19 - Well I'm going to get in early, but it seems another really positive series for the WA Men and Women when the Sides Series wrapped up today. The Ladies finished a very creditable 3rd place, losing to Victoria, Queensland and NSW who eventually won the Trophy. The Powerhouse states were just too good, but especially the Krstic and Morss tinks who both won 5 games were very good. Helen Morss especially must have had a good series as she was adjudged the best player of the series.

The men also had a frustrating series and on face value you would think 2 wins and 6th position would be a fail, but again we took it up to everyone and had winning opportunities against Tasmania and Queensland, and despite being well down in the games against NSW and Vic, fought back and played out all 63 ends. You cannot fault their endeavour and I really do think we are not far away in both the Ladies and the Men in winning this one day soon. Cody Packer and his rink only losing 1 game and finishing 5th overall an exceptional effort. Debutant player Russell Bates outstanding with his leading and he was given the player of the series award for the Men.

Well done to all 24 players, to the selectors and coaches alike. Plenty to build on for October 2020 when the next series is played.


WA Men
WA 50 (0.5) def by SA 59 (5.5)
WA 63 (5) def ACT 57 (1)
WA 54 (2) def by Tas 55 (4)
WA 55 (1) def by NSW 62 (5)
WA 79 (6) def NT 45 (0)
WA 54 (3) drew Qld 54 (2)
WA 54 (0.5) def by Vic 64 (5.5)
SKIPS: C Packer 4 wins 2 draws, D Rankin 3 wins, J Slavich 3 wins
FINISHED 6TH OVERALL, 2 wins, 4 losses and a draw, but no loss more than 10 shots

WA Women
WA 91 (5) def SA 58 (1)
WA 67 (5.5) def ACT 49 (0.5)
WA 58 (6) def Tas 38 (0)
WA 46 (0) def by NSW 84 (6)
WA 95 (6) def NT 33 (0)
WA 54 (0.5) def by Qld 82 (5.5)
WA 50 (2) def by Vic 68 (4)
SKIPS: K Krstic 5 wins 1 draw, H Morss 5 wins, L Featherby 2 wins 1 draw
FINISHED 3RD OVERALL, 4 wins, 3 losses

9th Apr 19 - Our state side has caught the plane on their way to the Ettalong Bowling Club for the Sides Series starting on Thursday the 11th April. They will play 2 x test matches against SA for their annual cup, and interestingly will play them first up on Thursday when the real stuff starts. Bowls Australia will be showing a game live each test, not sure how many our WA guys and girls will feature in them but hopefully they can get some early wins on the board which will ensure we see more of them during the 4 days.
If you want to keep track of the scores, Perth Pennants have created a google docs sheet, which you cn click here.


10th Apr 19 - Couple of late withdrawals means there’s some very rare spots for teams available in the prestigious, exclusive, coveted Shackleton carnival this weekend! Let Kris Birch know if you can field a team and he will notify the event organisers. Accommodation can be provided free of charge


8th Apr 19 - Now that the season is over a few clubs have sent me their details for their weekly winter events. You'll find them in the tournaments tab under 'Winter Weeklies'


8th Apr 19 - I have been getting the club singles winners but happy to also let our viewers know of their club champion as well, I think most clubs would have a vote style system to arrive at a club champ so if you want to broadcast your clubs winner for the year, I'll add an extra column next to the singles winners. I have had a couple sent to me, well done to Shane Loftus who won the award at Sorrento and Dan Nicholls at Bassendean.


7th Apr 19 - A Summary of the 1st division finals can be found below:

Finals - with some reviews

All the flag winners can be found below -

1st Division Premier League - Doubleview
1st Division White - Mosman Park
1st Division Blue - Bassendean
2nd Division - Manning
3rd Division - Nollamara
4th Division - Sorrento
5th division - Claremont
6th division - South Perth


4th April 2019 - All your finals teams and games can be found here

Finals - with previews


4th Apr 19 - Joondalup and Quinns Rocks have joined forces and will be holding a junior coaching session on tuesday the 9th April. more information in the news area.


3rd Apr 19 - Scott Aungier has become a franchisee of Jims Skip Bins, always good to have someone who can get a skip bin and clean out some of that accumulating crap from your bowling club or house. Mention the site and Scotty will try and help you out in some capacity


3rd Apr 19 - A variety of events have landed on my desk including the Masters Mixed Pairs, Guilderton Mixed Fours and a reminder for the Harvey event in 2 weeks


2nd Apr 19 - A letter about how the composition of the state side could be formed in the future.


2nd Apr 19 - aaaaand some responses

2nd Apr 19 - Got a letter about the dress code of state events

RESULTS - Fremantle Bowling Club

1st Apr 19 - The result of the Fremantle Split Fours event held over the weekend


1st Apr 19 - Some country news from Wings Evans, firstly the results at the South West Bowling League and also in the club news area, the winner of the Busselton singles.

TIPPING - State Singles

28th Mar 19 - Remember them? I had forgotten about them until a gentle push by an anonymous reader reminded me that I hadn't yet posted the tipping results. So here they are!

79 shane loftus
76 Terry Cranswick
75 JEFF EATON, Jeremy Thomas
73 Murray Beaker, Andrew Foster
72 Greg Reagan, Ash Sharp, Brad Gillingham, Kellie Nairn, Greg Taylor
71 keith strahan, Nick Reagan, Pat Caffell, Rod Z, Paul Sinden, Santa Claus, PAUL GERDTZ
70 Ross Bolton, Anthony Einfeld, Blake Nairn, Gareth Hill, Mark Wunnenberg, Travis Ingram, Gary Ashworth, Bruce Fullagar, Lloyd McKay, Saffronne Alden
69 Sally Wilke, Phil Hutchinson, Mac Hughes, Gavin Faulkner, john slavich, Drew Daley, Ted Alden, robert watterson
68 Grant Nicol, robert watterson, Shane Smith, Shane Boyd, David Newton, Brad Ball
67 Simon Alden, Marty Atkins, Luke Bolton, David Park, dave stanik, Aaron Goulden, Louie Beurteaux, Nigel Minchin
66 Tyrone Alberti, Dale Marsland, Kris Birch, Scott Walker, Dave Snelgar, jack sgarlata, Corey Bessant
65 Peter Wachmer, max carmichael, Nev Stevens, Wally Harvey, Cody Packer, Cam Harris
64 Bill Fraser, Del Evans, Jamie Coghlan, Shane Anning, matt bolton, Brett Tie, Jibba , James Stewart, Phillip Park
63 Richard Aitken
62 Debby Watson, Rawley Lang, Dean Calvo
61 David Malkin, Sean C, Jovan Krstic, Wayne Olive, Arthur Bartlett, Tarquin McElvenny, Warwick Neville
60 Ron Monge, ian cornthwaite, Wayne Molloy
59 Eddy Hammond, Peter Wachmer
59 Steve Diable, Daniel Brown, Mike Bessant
58 Paul Loveland
57 Eddy Hammond
56 Michael Rickard, Joe McGinlay
55 Arthur Cousins
54 Ray Povey
53 neil minchin
51 Beau Manton
48 laurie johnson, Steve Cavanagh
46 Kirsty Brown


28th Mar 19 - The Womens Countryweek has started this week, the Fours and Pairs sectional has been completed. Singles start today at various venues. Click here for the full results


28th March 19 -

Premier League - with preview
One White - with preview
One Blue North - with preview
One Blue South - with preview


27th Mar 19 - Internations bowls is on again this year, being held at Rossmoyne on May the 4th and 5th. It is a great tournament and all funds raised over the 2 days go towards the PMH, which probably now means the new Childrens Hospital. They have a web page and Wally Harvey is asking all players involved and anyone else interested to check out the website here, check their details and also to supply a photo of themselves to use on the website. Wally can be contacted on 0425318169 or send your photo of yourself wearing your club shirt to him on that number for use on the site.


27th Mar 19 - Willetton has closed it's grass green and converting to a synthetic surface, and so they have a variety of equipment for sale. More details in the for sale area


25th Mar 19 - My table below shows that maybe I have bowls with bias, according to this letter writer


24th Mar 19 - An amazing scoreline at the Bassendean v Morley game, since my records began in 2009, and I am missing the 2016 season, but since then no-one has scored over 50 shots in a game of Premier League and no-one has won by more than the 39 shots that Dan Nicholls and his rink won by. I'm guessing the 92 shot win would have to be one of the most ever, and also the 202 shots scored in the game some sort of record as well.
( I did receive a phone call to say that they recalled a game between Cockburn and maybe North Beach where Steve Srhoy won 52 - ??. It's highly probable 54 shots scored on the weekend won't be the only occasion in history that a rink has scored 50 shots or more, but since my records began in 2009 it is. Over the Winter it is my hope to go back further and get some more years history)
Below is a table of winning margins since 2009 in the Premier League of over 30 shots, special mentions to Chris Margin and Tom Reid who scored 40 shots or more but won by 29.

SkipperOppostionGameShots ForShots AgMargin Season
D NichollsW MitchellBassendean vs Morley5415392018/19 ***
R HumphrysonR Butler (played 1 short)Wanneroo vs Morley467392017/18
R HeatonS StokesYokine vs Morley436372009/10
B AxfordJ O'DonohoeBassendean vs Wanneroo437362013/14
C PackerD ComrieOsborne Park vs Kardinya4611352017/18
E MartinJ SlavichWanneroo vs Doubleview427352015/16
D ComrieM MitchellKardinya vs Manning405352017/18
D TrewhellaA ProvostDoubleview vs Vic Park406342009/10
J BereczS DaviesInnaloo vs Stirling429332014/15
M MitchellA CocodisManning vs Kardinya397322015/16
D TrewhellaP BrotherstonStirling vs Cockburn386322013/14
M DouthieA BarronWanneroo vs Morley375322017/18
R MoyleM AbonnelDoubleview vs Kardinya398312017/18
N StevensN CostelloOsborne Park vs Wanneroo388302015/16
D TrewhellaMangellDoubleview vs Morley366302009/10
G EvansT SmallacombeOsborne Park vs Cambridge366302012/13
G EvansR HeatonOsborne Park vs Yokine355302009/10
C MarginS AungierBassendean vs Morley4112292018/19 ***
T ReidM ZusmanVictoria Park vs Cockburn4011292015/16


23rd Mar 19 - Have received a letter about the Mens 2nd division and under state events.


21st Mar 19 - Some tournaments at Sorrento, North Perth and Halls Head have been sent to me

CALENDAR - Winter Weeklies

21st Mar 19 - With the season end fast approaching, we have receieved our first Winter Weekly comp, this one at Como on a Wednesday. If you're club is goint to be having a Winter Weekly, comp send to me the flyer and some details and I'll be happy to post in this area.


21st Mar 19 - A long time Nollamara bowler has sadly passed away, also a long time Bassendean bowler has also passed away.


19th Mar 19 - New laws surrounding the bowling arm and being able to use it without the requirement of a doctors certificate means I think we may see more and more of them around. To that end, a lady by the name of Joanne Yakovina makes covers for them. More info the For Sale area

COUNTRY - South East Bowling League

19th Mar 19 - The South East Bowling League start ther final series this weekend with Narembeen Gold playing Narembeen Maroon in the 2nd semi final and Corrigin Gold play Civic Blue in the 1st semi final.

COUNTRY - Batavia Bowling League

19th Mar 19 - A report from their finals series played on the weekend, thanks to Joe Criddle for sending it through

14th Mar 19 - A great story to come out of the Batavia League

LADIES 1st Division finals

20th Mar 19 - A summary of the Ladies 1st division finals -

Premier League
Osborne Park 61 (6) def Mundaring 51 (0)
Mosman Park 57 (6) def Manning 46 (0)
Manning 65 (5) def Osborne Park 52 (1)
GF - Manning 77 (5) def Mosman Park 48 (1)

1st White
North Beach 62 (5) def Manning 56 (1)
Thornlie 66 (5) def Melville 42 (1)
North Beach 68 (5) def Melville 61 (1)
GF - North Beach 69 (5) def Thornlie 55 (1)

1st Green North
Wanneroo 84 (6) def Scarborough 40 (0)
Sorrento 60 (4) def Warwick1 53 (2)
Scarborough 59 (4) def Sorrento 51 (2)
GF - Wanneroo 63 (4.5) def Scarborough 50 (1.5)

1st Green South
Manning 73 (6) def Gosnells 50 (0)
Willetton 77 (6) def Rockingham 52 (0)
Gosnells 58 (5) def Willetton 56 (1)
GF - Gosnells 61 (5) def Manning 49 (1)


18th Mar 19 - Last week I printed a letter about the potential of the promotions to Premier League for the Ladies next year. A rumour to come from that.

COUNTRY - Avon Bowling League

18th Mar 19 - Thanks to Trevor Gerrard for sending this report of finals action in the Avon Bowling League -

The finals weekend for the Avon Valley Bowling League saw the York Bowling Club successful in both first and second division grand finals.
In the second division finals series York were the winners against Northam in the elimination final, and Beverley prevailed in the major semi against Dowerin. York good form continued,and after accounting for Dowerin in the preliminary final, fought a won a close encounter against Beverley in the final.
In the first division, a three shot win to York over Dowerin saw them leapfrog the table leaders into the grand final. Meanwhile, Goomalling hosted Northam in the elimination game. Northam were successful and set up a preliminary final. Dowerin rebounded from the semi final loss to beat Northam and earnt a rematch against York in the final.
The 8 shot victory to York was typical of the close rivalry of these two club over recent years and capped off a successful year for the AVBL and,particularly, the York Bowling Club.

14th Mar 19 - More finals action in the country, this short summary in the Avon Bowling League

RESULTS - Doubleview Masters Fours

18th Mar 19 - Cody Packer and his team of Anthony Williams, Dale Marsland and Lewis Grigg have tuned up for the sides series with a decisive semi and grand final win. Full results can be found here

RESULTS - State Single Ladies

17th Mar 19 - Another awesome display of bowls by Kristina Krstic as she wins her 3rd singles title in 4 years with a decisive 25-6 win over Noelene Abe. In the semi finals Krstic defeated Laura Merz 25-20 in which was a fast high scoring game and Abe was victorius over Lisa Featherby, I'm not sure of the score for that one yet. Krstic really has stamped herself as the best female bowler in WA and let's hope she can push for more Australian representation and hopefully Commonwealth Games in 2022.


16th Mar 19 - Mike Vitale and Otto Dawson are travelling to the Australian Open this year and want another WA pair to join them in the Fours. So if you have designs on playing in the Aus Open and also looking for some teammates, consider Mike Vitale. I'll post his number shortly.


14th Mar 19 - Thanks to Ken Pride who has already responded about this situation.

14th Mar 19 - Did receive an interesting letter during the week but wishes to remain anonymous and not to publish the letter. The contents of it are about the Ladies Premier League promotion demotion. As we all know a rule was enacted last year that prevented the Premier League in either mens or womens having more than 1 side in that comp. We see in White for the Ladies, the top 2 sides are Melville and Thornlie, 3rd and 4th placed Manning and North Beach are ineligible for promotion, and so Melville and Thornlie no matter what the result of the final achieve promotion. I proposed the question to Bowls WA about the mens, Mosman Park seem assured of promotion but what if Kardinya then earn promotion, does that mean the 9th placed side in PL gets a stay of execution? I was told no, the next best placed side in White will get that 2nd spot....continued in letters page

RESULTS - Ladies Singles Final

13th Mar 19 - It's been a while coming but "the much delayed Ladies State Singles finals will be held this Saturday commencing at 8.45am (roll up) at Yokine BC. The morning semi finals will see:

Laura Merz vs Kristina Krstic
Lisa Featherby vs Noelene Abe

The final will be held directly after these matches and be Live Streamed through the Bowls WA Facebook page.
Of course spectators are very welcome to watch what should be a great finale to the blue-ribbon ladies event."

Thanks to Ken Pride for sending this information through to me


13th Mar 19 - Have received a couple of carnivals that need some teams, what looks like a great country carnival in Harvey, and also a really interesting concept from Eaton.

RESULTS - Merriwa Senior Masters Pairs

12th Mar 19 - Finals day has been played, so who won the Merriwa Senior Masters Pairs?

6th Mar 19 - Day 1b has been completed and we have our 8 teams ready to contest the knockout stages

4th Mar 19 - Day 1a has been completed and we have the first 4 winners to compete in the knockout stage next Monday the 11th

1st Mar 19 - Thanks to Ian Edgar for sending the draw for the upcoming Senior Masters Pairs. Results will also be sent after every days play. Click here for the draw.


10th Mar 19 - Day 1 is complete and we are down to 5 teams left to win the title. Click here for the full results.

7th Mar 19 - The draw for the Bethanie Doubleview Masters Fours has been released. Only 20 teams which is a shame but I'm sure the event will grow over time and become something that people strive to win again.


10th Mar 19 - The national Australasian Fire Services Bowls Carnival was played at Halls Head and Port Bouvard, and Western Australias Bruce Walter took the singles title winning 25-24 over NSW bowler Bill Hitchcock. Well done Bruce! Also Andy Elmer and Mick Ryan rwinning the Pairs, also well done to them!

Not sure if the link will work but you can find some photos and all winners here

COUNTRY - Countryweek Results

9th Mar 19 - Countryweek has finished for another year, and what an amazing week by Justin Smith to get to the grand final in all 3 disciplines, winning 2 of them including the coveted singles title for the 2nd year in a row. A rough calculation is that he has probably played about 1500 bowls in the 8 days of competition, including the perfect game in the quarter final against Chalwell from Dudley Park 21-0 in 6 ends. Whilst I didn't see the final of the pairs or fours, the singles final against Russell Bates was a superb display of draw bowling by both players. Bates also making the final of the fours and the Round of 16 in the pairs to also have a very good week.
Smith won the pairs earlier in the day with his brother Aaron but were trumped in the final of the fours losing to the Dudley Park team of Brad Ball, Ben Garrett, Dave Appleton and Russell Bates. The Smith brothers were joined by Dad Haydn and regular Phil Jones, of course those 2 winning the state pairs this year.
Well done to Bassendean for hosting the finals, Bowls WA for staging and running the event as smoothly as possible, it makes it a long day when 1 player has got to all 3 of the finals but it all clicked along well and to all the Country bowlers for the support of this. Surely it is the hardest competition in the state to win, 168 sections in the singles alone say enough about the support the country bowlers give.
Full results can be found by clicking on the link below

1st Mar 19 - Keep abreast of all the Countryweek scores by clicking the link here.


8th Mar 19 - Perth and Tatts have asked if any bowlers out there can lend a hand marking the games at the Australian Champs of the Vision Impaired, please contact Trevor Criddle on ph 0417 903091

26th Feb 19 - The Vision Impaired and Blind Bowlers of WA are hosting the Australian Championships in late April. If you wish to help in some capacity,and all help is greatly appreciated. Click here for more details.


7th March 19 -

Premier League - with preview
One White - with preview
One Blue North - with preview
One Blue South - with preview


6th Mar 19 - Just a reminder that Morley is still looking for teams for Sunday, a tournament rich with history, this could be your year!

8th Feb 19 - The Morley Millions is on again this year in March

RESULTS - North Phil Atherton Triples

5th Mar 19 - One of the events played over the long weekend was this from North Perth, thanks to Ben Horwood for the report.


4th Mar 19 - Divisions 4 to 6 now posted

3rd Mar 19 - With 4 games to go in Saturday pennants, not only is 1st division fighting for promotions and demotions. Thanks again for the bowler who has sent this quick summary of 2nd to 3rd division, more to come.

RESULTS - Merriwa Senior Masters Pairs

4th Mar 19 - Day 1a has been completed and we have the first 4 winners to compete in the knockout stage next Monday the 11th

1st Mar 19 - Thanks to Ian Edgar for sending the draw for the upcoming Senior Masters Pairs. Results will also be sent after every days play. Click here for the draw.


3rd Mar 19 - Mannings regular mixed pairs is being held again on Easter Monday, I have played in this many times and it's a good way to spend a Monday and burn off the chocolate eggs and hot cross buns!


1st Mar 19 - Another bowler is giving fellow bowlers a great deal for their product, this time it's Jeff Post from Shut up Roller Shutters. Jeff has kindly given bowlers a 10% on his prices, a great deal for sure! So if you need roller shutters, Jeff Post is the man to contact. His details can be found in the advertisors tab


28th Feb 19 - North Perth want to advise they have 2 teams left to fill up their Phil Atherton Triples on Sunday. If you want a great day Triples bowls, give them a call and book in your team.


26th Feb 19 - The annual city vs country game to be played at Osborne Parkand the teams for both sides have been announced. Play commences at 6.30pm and is usually a night of high standard bowls with some seriousness but also high enjoyment for players and spectators alike. If you want to see a quality hitout and want to support the city side composed of 3 rinks of the state side plus some invitees, come along to Osborne Park on Thursday.

State Team
M Mitchell, D Marsland, B Brandsma, R Bates
C Packer, A Williams, K McKay, L Grigg
D Rankin, D Brown, K McIlroy, S Walker
Invitation Team
S Alden, A Sharp, B Butler, G Faulkner
AJ Heal, S Loftus, W Holt, C Harris
S Novak, D Downey, P Davis, M Whitely
M Simpson, M Ayres, G Keep, R Bates
H Smith, P Jones, G Main, R Moselle
J Sharp, M France, R Plant, R Schinzig
J Smith, M Pennington, C Russell, G Watson
P Manning, B King, T O'Brien, S O'Brien
R Tiller, B Ball, C Schell, J Cowie


26th Feb 19 - We did get a late submission for a state team, but by the time I have been able to post it, the actual state team has been announced. It seems to be a good side on paper but there is one name that everyone thought would be picked and hasn't been. I'm sure he knows the reason why, but they have a tough job and they can't select everyone.

The team as selected in rinks is as follows -

John Slavich (Doubleview), Matthew Mitchell (Emu Point), Bill Brandsma (Doubleview), Russell Bates (Dudley Park)
Cody Packer (Osborne Park), Anthony Williams (Manning), Kevin McKay (Kardinya), Lewis Grigg (Osborne Park)
Dave Rankin (Kardinya), Shane Knott (Manning), Kyle Mcilroy (Doubleview), Clive Adams (Cambridge)

25th Feb 19 - Another anonymous attempt at the make up of the state mens team to be announced today

24th Feb 19 - Someone else has sent their team

23rd Feb 19 - Craig Greenhalgh has had a crack at the state side being announced Monday.


25th Feb 19 - Club singles winners starting to come in thick and fast, the latest being Wanneroo's winner, and the club has also asked if anyone wants to play in the Geoff Gunning Memorial Pairs on the Friday 22nd March, only 9 teams left.


25th Feb 19 - I didn't even realise the Ladies Masters Singles was on over the weekend, check out the link here for full results


25th Feb 19 - The BPL starts again tonight with our very own Kristina Krstic, John Slavich and Shane Knott. The action is live every afternoon for us here in Perth on Foxtel, but you could do a 14 day subscription to Kayo Sports which has a free 14 day trial. Kayo sports replicates most of the Foxtel channels so if you like your sport then maybe Kayo would be a cheaper option anyway, but for the bowls, this could be a chance to watch the evening games for free! Click the link here for more details.

24th Feb 19 - The Blue North preview I forgot to upload on Friday, the link is now there and it's well worth the read.


23rd Feb 19 - Quinns Rocks want to let everyone know about their carnival in May


23rd Feb 19 - A member at the North Perth Bowling Club has written to me, he installs brick fencing and has a good deal for bowlers. Help out a fellow bowler if you are looking to have some fencing done to your home.
Support all my advertisors, they are all connected with bowlers and while advertising is free on my site, they all give discounts to bowlers who use their services. Support them where you can!

RESULTS - Doubleview Masters Pairs

23rd Feb 19 - A belated congratulations are in order for John Slavich and Justin Opie who have won this years Doubleview Masters Pairs 21-14 over Osborne Parks Blake Nairn and Rob Lawrence. While I wasn't able to watch the game, I did see the scores as they updated and it appeared Slavich and Opie got away to a good start and were able to maintain that lead despite some good bowls from Nairn and Lawrence.

18th Feb 19 - The quarter finals are done, what an interesting set of teams. John Slavich with Justin Opie have been doing it fairly easy by the looks of it today winning 20-12 and 27-14, Opie on both occasions defeating his South Perth teammates. They play Alek Gryta and John Morgan after they giant slayed Bill Brandsma/Chris Lander 23-17 and then McIlroy/Thorn 16-15. Not a bad effort especially Morgan who doesn't play pennants anywhere.

The other semi finalists come from the power combination known for winning State Pairs although not with each other, Blake Nairn and Rob Lawrence firstly winning 22-5 and then 22-11 so they look like they have paired together nicely and destroying their opponents. Again they take on an unlikely opposition, Joe Rollnik and Karl Vandersluys firstly this morning defeating Alan Pryce and Blake Butler 19-13 and then AJ Heal and Peter Ker 17-13.

The first round of the knockouts is in, click here for scores

Full results can be found here


16th Feb 19 - While watching the recent State Singles final I posed the question if someone had tried playing blockers against Daniel Trewhella inan effort to take away his strength, and was told the blocker is the hardest shot to play. Is it? If we take away pressure situations such as drawing shot to win a state title or external factors such as heat, wind, rain etc, what do you think is the hardest shot to play in bowls?


16th Feb 19 - A letter was sent to me yesterday about what he perceives to be an unfair home ground advantage at one of our Metropolitan venues

CLUB NEWS - Singles winners

16th Feb 19 - I have been sent the winner of the Thornlie club singles and Melville.

RESULTS - Over 60's Singles

16th Feb 19 - Lee Poletti takes out the Womens over 60's Singles event. Congratulations are also in order! The link below will give you the full results for both the men and the women

14th Feb 19 - Congratulations to Gordon King on winning this years over 60's singles defeating Gary Keep the defending champion 21-15. Full results can be found here


15th Feb 19 - The Bowls Show is on the air on 91.3 SportFM, 7am Saturday mornings with your hosts Gavin Faulkner, David Rankin, Lee Such and Steve West. This week, their phone guests are:

Gordon King, Osborne Park and Over 60's Singles - 7.20am
Scott Walker, South Perth and Reigning Doubleview Masters winner - 7.40am

They will also review last rounds pennant games (Mens and Womens) and preview the upcoming round and 2nd round Doubleview Masters Pairs

You can listen on the radio or through your computer at the link here.


14th February 19

Premier League - with preview
One White - with preview
One Blue North - with preview
One Blue South - with preview

DRAWS - Womens 100up Singles

14th Feb 19 - The draw has been released to be played next Wednesday the 20th Feb.


13th Feb 19 - For the small percentage of ladies that check the site, Kardinya are running their gala day again, this time on the 26th March


12th Feb 19 - Just a reminder that this event is closing soon, and with only a few teams needed to max it out at 36, get your favourite female bowler or your wife and head along for a fun day on the green

24th Jan 19 - The annual Quick and the Dead at Victoria Park Carlisle is on again in Feb.