I thought I would run a tipping competition for the upcoming World Cup of Soccer (football for our English friends) and so have joined a site and created the comp. Something to do for the Winter. If you want to be a part, cost will be $10, payment to be made to PayID 0414485521. The link to join the site and the comp is here

Prizes will be distributed as a Round 1, Round 2, Round 3 and Finals, with an overall winner as well. Information will be distributed using the website and not through this site, this will be the only time I spruik it here. Competition name is Bowls 360 and the password is Bowls360!

The World Cup starts on June 14


20th May 18 - The Australian Open is on again next month, the draws have been released and this year they have not provided the state, so if you are going or know of a fellow WA player that is going, please let me knoe and I can track them next month.

Mens SinglesLadies SinglesMens PairsLadies PairsMens FoursLadies FoursMens O/60 PairsLadies O/60 Pairs Under 18 Boys Singles


20th May 18 - More BPL action over the weekend, this time from Osborne Park and Pinjarra. Doubleview the only venue next weekend, and they had some great grass greens during the season and with the weather looking good, a great opportunity to try and qualify for this great event


20th May 18 - We have our winners, all the scores can be found below. A bit of an odd scoreline with Warren Holt who decided to play the section and then forfeit, but well done to the Mens qualifiers Shane Knott, Clive Adams and Cameron Hoffman, and for the Ladies is Irene Arndt and Shirley Johnston. I think the Indoors is played about August, we wish our WA qualifiers the best

19th May 18 - The Indoor singles qualifying commences today and finishes tomorrow, where we will see 3 men and 2 women try and get spots to Tweed Heads in August/September. Scores can be found here


19th May 18 - Some more games where you can play in the Winter, Doubleview commencing a pairs on the 2nd June and Bassendean starting up a pairs midweek on Wednesday. Not many spots on a Wednesday if you are looking for a game midweek


19th May 18 - An interesting story coming out of SA overnight - they have started a SA Super League, made up of 8 franchised zones including the country areas in a 7 week competition. The article is currently behind a paywall but it had a lot of similarities to what I proposed in January about the city zones playing each other in a weekly competition to determine the best city zone. The article is posted in the Bowls SA Facebook page (the article was written for the Adelaide Now newspaper), when I see it appear on their website free to read I will provide the link here. It will be interesting to see how it goes, how the franchise system works and how the country bowlers feel about it, but certainly due to our isolation from other states and the cost factor involved in playing test matches against them, we need something similar to improve our bowlers from within.


16th May 18 - BPL at Mt Lawley on June 3

We are on track to host this event and wish to advise we will play on grass. Our greens are in very good order.
We welcome further nominations.

Ray Povey
Club Captain


15th May 18 - Mosman Park Bowling Club are a club on the rise and want to be known as a destination club, a club where you can bowl to improve your game and improve with the team as they push for Premier League promotion in the coming years. If you feel that's you and want a new change to a club with the best views in Perth, ring Rooster Wishart on 0408088257


14th May 18 - The Police bowlers have returned from their sides series in Swan Hill and with some trophies in their kit bag


14th May 18 - I have been sent details of the upcoming event at Leeming


14th May 18 - The Indoor Singles draw has been released for both men and women being played this weekend at Stirling, offical draw can be found on the DRAWS or you can view my thoughts, odds and my draw on the results page.


13th May 18 - Not hearing good things coming from Melville. With the construction of the new facility at Tomkins Park and the merger of Mt Pleasant and Melville to this new $9.4 million dollar facility but it appears both clubs wanting to contest the move and the merger and stay where they are. A recent meeting at Melville got very heated and a vote taken went 36-31 in favour of staying, that vote results was a catalyst for 14 or so people leaving Melville and have sought other clubs, half of them from the top side of Melville last season. Manning and Fremantle look to be the main beneficiaries of the departing players.

It is a story brewing and I'm sure we will hear more in the coming months.


13th May 18 - We now know where Justin Opie will end up


13th May 18 - More games were played yesterday, up north in Wanneroo and Joondalup. It seems to be growing in popularity as more teams entered at both venues, and some familiar names won through to the next round. Unfortunately I don't have the full teams, hopefully someone from those venues can fill in the gaps.

Results of all the BPL's played to date can be found at the bottom of the BPL page.


13th May 18 - Glenn Pauling and Lee Poletti are the State Mixed Pairs champions of 2018. A call out of the blue from Poletti to Pauling enquiring of his availability was met with a very quick yes and it has paid dividends for both of them as they take the title. They did not lose a set on the way to victory, so fully deserving of their win.

It was a long day finishing at around 10pm, but I and most people who played in it enjoyed the format and the experience and let's hope the event continues for many years to come.

Full results can be found here

12th May 18 - The State Mixed Pairs commenced last night with it winding up today, the big upset came when the Gatti pair upset the Madigan pair in straight sets. Clive Adams needed to draw to the ditch in the tie breaker to overcome Brad Gillingham, Thorn/Anderson were untroubled in both games, Jeff Hewton powered through their first game and won a nail biter in the second and Wayne Mitchell / Leeanne Gray were pretty dominant in both games.


13th May 18 - We had 2 tipsters correctly guess the winning combination, well done Stewart Kerr and Brett Tie. And a swag of people getting 29 tips out of 40, a very good ratio, but no-one could crack that 30 wins. The top few are listed below -

Pat Keeffe29
Phil Hutchinson29
Roy Chivers29
Brad Ball29
Greg Reagan29
Saffronne Alden28
Sally Wilke28
Stewart Kerr28
Gavin Faulkner27
Wayne Molloy27
Jim Stewart27
Glenn Pauling27
Russell Tyrrell27
Bruce Fullagar627

9th May 18 - I've now jotted down my thoughts on the Mixed Pairs

8th May 18 - Hattie has sent her thoughts on the mixed pairs, and the tipping is now open if you want to test your mettle. Shuts Friday night, the first game is at 6pm


Last chance to enter for this weekends BPL qualifying. Venues are Osborne Park, Wanneroo (5 entries), Gingin (2 entries) & Joondalup (4 entries). Entries close is tonight so if you arent playing in the Mixed Pairs this Saturday and you have some interest in playing in this fast paced different format, enter now! Follow the links above to the BPL page and then the link to the entry screen from there

7th May 18 - Big days of news today, had a full working day to find a plethora of information in my inbox

Firstly we have some NEWS from Internations where the Rest Of The World saluted, well done to them. A short review of the weekend written by a member of the ROTW team found in the NEWS

The Sides Series has certainly generated some commentary, thanks to Martin Swift on Facebook who laid a pile of wood and lit the match and a stack of others kept throwing wood onto it and turned it into a raging bonfire. While I don't this site to become a slanging match and a personal commentary around players, selectors or others, I did get this LETTER from Rod Revell

We have another SPONSORS, Patrick Keeffe has a tree lopping business and if you ring him and mention you are a bowler and mention the club, he will certainly look after you.

We have the State Mixed Pairs coming up this weekend, I will get some tipping up for everyone soon but for now I've had a reader frame a market for the event, click the TIPPING page to view and check back again soon for tipping and comments from me and Hattie

We have some RESULTS from Wonthella

Did get this RUMOURS a week or so ago and it clean forgot my mind! Sorrento in the top flight for the time grab some more of the departing Morley players

And don't forget the CALENDAR is being updated all the time, we have new events from Stirling, Leeming and Bassendean


6th May 18 - Bassendean have completed the next BPL qualifying, 4 teams trying to get to the next stage and it was the team of Simon Alden, Brett Tie and Dave Snelgar who won a tight contest over Darren Rowland, Shaan Saunders and Amanda Masters. The feedback I got from the players was they enjoyed the format, so hopefully it will build in the coming months as other clubs host the event as Innaloo, Sorrento and Doubleview all failed to get the 4 teams required to conduct the event. The next round is next weekend, but with the State Mixed Pairs being held the same day, we may see some more cancellations

4th May 2018 - Another venue sees another round of qualifying this weekend, 4 teams at Bassendean are vying for that spot in the regional finals in September. It looks like Innaloo, Sorrento and Doubleview all have had to cancel this weekend due to poor numbers.

It's too early to tell if the format is on the nose or people just enjoying other things at the moment, looking at other states though, Modbury in SA had only 4 entries and Pakenham in Victoria also 4 entries, so it's an issue not only associated with WA. We'll see how it progresses in the coming weeks with more venues hosting qualifying.


6th May 18 - OVERALL - Overall on paper it reads very similar to prior years, 6th position for the men and 5th position for the ladies. But I think this doesn't take into account how competitive we were against states with more well known bowlers. If Wilkie had missed that shot we would have beaten Qld and with 4 wins would have finished 4th, so it highlights how close we were again. The ladies were 5th, the same number of wins as 3rd placed Qld, again very close to a higher position. The ladies skippers were Krstic 4.5 wins in 9th place, Morss 2.5 wins in 16th and Abe 2 wins in 18th and for the men, Cody Packer with 5 wins finished in 4th spot, a maginificent effort for him and his inexperienced rink (compared to the other rinks), Slavich with 3 wins in 16th and Mitchell 3 wins in 18th spot on the skippers table

I wasn't there so hard to say, but I have seen the rhetoric on other sites and all I will say as a Western Australian was to be extremely proud of their efforts, apart from Game 1 against Tasmania when they were never really in it (this is the men I'm talking about) they were extremely competitive against the other states. The ladies was a similar story, only 1 bad game against NSW where it looked like they were never in it, the remaining 6 games were extremely close and it won't take much to win those games next time around. Watching the scores fluctuate on Google docs for most of the games also showed the teams never gave up and fought out games right to 21 ends. Disappointed yes not to finish higher on the ladders but I'm sure not as disappointed as the players involved, well done to them, they represented us with distinction and we just have to try again next year and rise higher

6th May 18 - So the afternoon game was against South Australia, last years winners for the men and sitting 2nd after 5 games, for the women SA were below them on the ladder so we would have been hopeful of a good win. Well, didn't we finish with a bang, proof again that we fight it out to the end despite the game really being meaningless apart from pride, but pride we have in spades in this state and it was a crushing performance for our guys and girls.

Overall WA 82 (6) vs SA 40 (0)
Mitchell 34 vs Ruediger 13
Slavich 28 vs Thulborn 12
Packer 20 vs Kleinig 15

Overall WA 67 (6) v SA 37 (0)
Abe 25 vs Callisto 11
Krstic 23 vs McGorman 11
Morss 19 vs Hutchinson 15

6th May 18 - The morning game against Queensland a heartbreaker, our teams were so close! The lead chopped and changed all game, and for the men with 1 end to go had the match by 3 but Brett Wilkie had a 1 bowl target which he removed for 5 shots to snatch the game away from the guys. The ladies as well were in front, then behind and were coming hard at the end but ran out of ends. A solid effort against a strong state

Overall WA 52 (1) vs Qld 54 (5)
Mitchell 17 vs Sherriff 18
Slavich 17 vs Wilkie 25
Packer 18 vs Rice 11

Overall WA 60 (0.5) v Qld 66 (5.5)
Abe 21 vs Keegan 22
Krstic 21 vs Millerick 21
Morss 18 vs Clarke 23

4th May 18 - The afternoon was promising before falling away badly against the powerhouse NSW team. It is a squad packed with names we are all familiar with and it was always going to be difficult, 3 rinks lost by monster scores but the other 3 rinks can take something away from the contest. Hard to say much when you aren't there to see the games but with the final day tomorrow, still plenty to play for and get 2 good wins against strong teams and finish the series on a positive note

Overall WA 47 (1) vs NSW 69 (5)
Mitchell 13 vs Wilson 33
Slavich 16 vs Twist 19
Packer 18 vs Ferguson 17

Overall WA 33 (0) v NSW 89 (6)
Abe 8 vs Murphy 44
Krstic 15 vs Scott 20
Morss 10 vs Cottrell 25

4th May 18 - Today started awesome for our team playing the ACT, who were winless after 3 games. For the men, Tom Mitchell and John Slavich had good wins with Cody Packer a narrow loss. For the ladies, another big win by Kristina Krstic who is having a rippewr tournament saw that rink carry the aggregate with 2 small losses to Helen Morss and Noelene Abe

Overall WA 72 (5) vs ACT 47 (1)
Mitchell 30 vs Craven 13
Slavich 26 vs McLean 14
Packer 16 vs Watts 20

Overall WA 63 (4) v ACT 50 (2)
Abe 14 vs Bacchetto 17
Krstic 32 vs Moore 15
Morss 17 vs Gillespie 18

3rd May 18 - The afternoon saw the WA team lock horns with NT the host side, and it would appear their mojo came together. I did hear that Clive Adams and Shane Knott swapped positions and it appears to have done the trick for that rink, in fact all rinks Men and Women winning, beating NT 6-0. The overall ladder sees WA in 6th for the men and the ladies sit 3rd. Big day tomorrow as we play ACT and NSW

Overall WA 70 (6) vs NT 42 (0)
Mitchell 25 vs Kitto 16
Slavich 17 vs Smallacombe 13
Packer 28 vs Maher 13

Overall WA 68 (6) v NT 52 (0)
Abe 18 vs Aumann 16
Krstic 29 vs Orr 19
Morss 21 vs Chandler 17

3rd May 18 - The morning game was a bit frustrating for our team, it was neck and neck for about 50% of the game where we saw both the Victorian Mens and Ladies sides pull away to a good lead, but to the teams credit they fought back. They showed a lot of steel, which is heartening and something WA people always have - to let others know they are in for a contest. Cody Packer had his first win as a state side skipper and Helen Morss came from a long way back to get a draw.

Overall WA 55 (1) vs Vic 64 (5)
Mitchell 20 vs Lester 26
Slavich 15 vs Ellul 17
Packer 20 vs Fisher 19

Overall WA 53 (0.5) v Vic 65 (5.5)
Abe 13 vs Brodie 18
Krstic 18 vs Krizanic 25
Morss 22 vs Shannahan 22

2nd May 18 - Bit of a rough start for the Men and a winning day for the Women in the first game of the Sides Series on Darwin. Scores are below -

Overall WA 37 (0) vs Tas 64
Mitchell 9 vs Schraner 18
Slavich 16 vs Sims 18
Packer 12 vs Nitz 28

Overall WA 61 (4) v Tas 59 (2)
Abe 16 vs Van Asch 20
Krstic 25 vs Sesara 16
Morss 20 vs Hodgetts 23

If you're having trouble finding the results page, click it here

Stay up to date with the WA results progressive scores here


3rd May 18 - April has been and gone and with the State Triples results plus a couple of others, the leaders haven't moved at all.


2nd May 18 - The State Mixed Pairs draw has been released and features 80 sides. Interestingly there are more females playing in this event than the State Singles, which is interesting in itself. It's a great initiative by Bowls WA and one that I think all competitors will enjoy playing in. There is an alignment game Friday night and then it completes on Saturday night at 7.30pm. Not sure if Bowls WA will be live streaming at any stage but will keep readers in the loop. It is knockout all the way, 3 bowl pairs.

Hattie and I will be posting our thoughts and if I can find enough hours in the day will also do a tipping for everyone.

The draw can be found here and in the draws link above.


1st May 18 - Bowls WA have released a list of all the events where you can get a game in the off season. Its a little more comprehensive than the calendar I am currently filling. You can find it here


30th Apr 18 - This weekend see another 3 venues hosting qualifying for the BPL, Innaloo (0 entries) on Friday night 6pm, Bassendean (4 entries) for 10.30am and Sorrento (1 entry) for 1.30pm and Sunday at Doubleview at 9.30am. This weekend sees Internations, Sides Series in NT, RSL bowls in Qld and Police Bowlers in Swan Hill, so this weekend is never a better time to use these venues and try and qualify. You can try and qualify more than once but once you have qualified in a team that's it. Click the link in the BPL page to register your team


28th Apr 18 - Also leaving the state are the WA Police Bowlers Association to play in Swan Hill.


28th Apr 18 - The RSL bowls are travelling to Tweed Heads and they have put together a good list of names that are representing WA in their yearly event.


28th Apr 18 - Have also been sent the results of the Batavia League CoC Singles.

26th Apr 18 - Great to see some country news coming in, this one the results of the CoC triples in the Batavia League.


26th Apr 18 - A couple of letters received about the BPL completed tonight in New Zealand. Our Perth Suns started well on Day 1 but by Day 4 had only been able to win one more game. It was certainly not an indication of the quality of bowls played by the Suns, but more it showed up how good the opposition was. Well done to John, Clive and Helen for giving it 110%.


26th Apr 18 - Wonthellas carnival is on next weekend, so if you aren't at the Internations or trying to qualify for the BPL at Innaloo, Bassendean or Sorrento, perhaps a trip to the country might be the go...


25th Apr 18 - The Internations Bowling Carnival is on again on the 5th and 6th May at the Yokine Bowling. Bowlers don't play for money but donate all monies raised from auctions, raffles and entry fees to the PMH. The carnival is in its 40th year and raised well over $100k for that charity. It's a great cause and a fun day for all involved, if you want to check out the program click the link here or even better, head out to Yokine, donate some money and watch some bowls.


25th Apr 18 - Warnbro have sent details of their best and fairest count, the Mark McGowan medal, and it was a close affair


24th Apr 18 - The State u/18 championships were played at Stirling over the weekend. For full results you can click here


23rd Apr 18 - Osborne Park are having a Mixed Fours event on the long weekend in June. Vic Park have also sent details of an event coming up in May.


23rd Apr 18 - Wanneroo has sadly lost a great bowler and a great guy


23rd Apr 18 - Melville could have a few ins for next season, but we know of one out


22nd Apr 18 - The real BPL starts tomorrow morning, our very own Dyenamic Perth Suns will be taking on NZ first up at 7.30am. For those with Facebook accounts, I have been reliably informed the game will be shown live on the Bowls NZ facebook account. You can find the link here. Bowls Australia will also be showing various games during the week, and of course Foxtel will be showing all games live in HD from 2pm Perth time. The Suns game are all the last played of the night, which will be about 5.45pm our time.

Good luck to John Slavich, Helen Morss and Clive Adams, coached by Therese Hastings. We will all be cheering hard for your success.


22nd Apr 18 - Our first BPL has been run and won, and it was a nailbiter!


21st Apr 18 - With the season over we start hearing rumours abound, some crap and some with substance. @ have reached my desk that i've heard from a couple of places so may have some semblance of truth


21st Apr 18 - We have been sent a report for the season just past from the Melville Bowling Club


20th Apr 18 - We have our first draw for the BPL Cup being played on Sunday at South Perth. 5 teams only entering which I'm sure organisers will be disappointed with but a great opportunity for those teams who have a good chance to be the 1st qualifiers.

The link to the draw and results can be found here


19th Apr 18 - With the expected thunderstorms this weekend, Warnbro have delayed their carnival due to be played this weekend. With the roof installation coming up, the event will be re-scheduled when that is complete.


18th Apr 18 - Anyone want a cold? I've got one going cheap. Uggh, feel awflu, but not much news at the moment anyway, we do have results of the St Ives held at Cambridge though, where history was made!


18th Apr 18 - More history made over the weekend with only the 2nd time a player has won both the State Mens and Champion of Champion singles in the same year (the other was Harry Snook back in the 40's). Well done to Warren Holt on that achievement, and also to Bev Scott for the Ladies winner, Del Evans for the Mens Novice winner and Marjorie Blake for the Ladies Novice winner

15th Apr 18 - The Champion of champion results for the Men, Women and Novice can all be found here


16th Apr 18 - I have created a drop down link in the tournaments for the BPL stuff coming up this Winter. All the information you will need will be in there

10th Apr 18 - A flyer detailing all the clubs is here for the WA qualifying. South Perth is first cab off the rank, entries are limited to 16 teams per qualifying so if you desire the chance to represent WA, you could start next weekend. Entries only accepted online at the link below

8th Apr 18 - The details of the BPL cup were released on Friday. We have 37 opportunities in WA to qualify your team from now until mid August. Details of the event are to be found here. Basically it is a 2 bowl triples format, with a power play, 2 x 5 end set with a 1 end tiebreaker if required. Each host club is only permitted 16 entries maximum, and it is knockout right away. Cost is $60 per team, and yur team can only consist of players from 1 club (no composite teams allowed). You must prebook using the portal only, not directly to the club. The winners of each section will then play off in the regional finals late August, with the winner of that representing WA in the BPL Cup help in November at the same time as the Perth Suns. Read the conditions of play for more details.


15th Apr 18 - The Champion of champion results for the Men, Women and Novice can all be found here


12th Apr 18 - Swan thought they had found their Greenkeeper but with a last minute change of mind he took another offer with a club just around the corner from where he lives - If you know of anybody or are looking for a new opportunity to take on a couple of great greens please contact Mick Eckett on ‭0438 999 070‬


12th Apr 18 - More late changes, Judy Toey will be the Fremantle rep and the male rep for Fremantle will not participate. And in huge news, Kristina Krstic will also not be able to participate. Massive out that completely opens up the Ladies draw.

10th Apr 18 - Some late changes coming through, Irene Leahy from Boulder and the Fremantle lady is out, also Shaun Donohe and Keith Guelfi have also withdrawn.

9th Apr 18 - The Champion of Champions singles is being played this weekend, some good names spread throughout the draw so whoever wins we will be well represented. Again we'll run a tipping competition, so if you want to have a crack by all means try your hardest.


10th Apr 18 - Neville Friedman, a retired lawyer of Friedman Lurie Singh and D'Angelo wants to keep his hand in and so has a special deal for bowlers. He has sent me details here and here.


10th Apr 18 - The Morley Bowling Club committee have sent a letter to clarify to one and all about the situation surrounding Morley this season


9th Apr 18 - Tipping results are in, thanks to the 52 brave people who had a crack, 28 sections and we averaged 16.7, so that's pretty good, we must be getting better at this! In equal second spot with 20 correct tips was Nigel Minchin and John Morss, but our tearaway winner with 22 tips, meaning only 6 incorrect, was Gavin Faulkner! Well done Gav, all that bowls talk this year has paid in dividends, you have bragging rights now until next season.


8th Apr 18 - What a topsy turvy but great game of bowls and in the end it was Scott Walker, Glenn Pauling and Dale Marsland, the poker boys who were able to win the Mens Triples 23-22. The Ladies was a little more one sided, Kristina Krstic, Laura Merz and Robyn O'Brien winning that game 22-4. A great job by the runners up though, an exceptional effort to get that far - Tom Mitchell, Shane Knott and Cody Packer for the Men with Renata Coote, Maureen Cooney and Shelley Radcliffe for the Ladies. Well done again to Bowls WA for displaying the game live on their Facebook page, it didn't look like a big crowd but there was certainly a few watching the game on the computers.

7th Apr 18 - Keep up to date with the scores from the State Triples with the sheet here from Bowls WA


7th Apr 18 - SEBL held there Champion of Champion singles over the weekend representatives and a very familiar name came out on top


7th Apr 18 - Keep up to date with the scores from the State Triples with the sheet here from Bowls WA


6th Apr 18 - Last chance for the tipping and Hattie has sent her thoughts as well for the Ladies sections

2nd Apr 18 - For what it's worth I have penned my thoughts on the upcoming Mens State Triples an the latest tipping

31st Mar 18 - As mentioned below the State Triples are on next weekend, and here is your chance to win some credibility with tipping, 28 sections covering the Mens and Womens competition. See how you go!


5th Apr 18 - I am trialling a calendar courtesy of Timely as a way for our readers to view any upcoming event. I have received some details from clubs for their Winter Events but I may expand it to include all upcoming events if I like how it looks and remains easy to find for readers.

Click the calendar for a list of upcoming events in the off season


5th Apr 18 - Not much activity in the month of March for big events but a little bit of movement


5th Apr 18 - Halls Head are needing some teams for their event in mid April


4th Apr 18 - The Easter Fours was played on the weekend, results here